Gold Coast Watersports

Picture this: the wind in your hair, the sun on your back and a huge smile from ear to ear – all while you’re flying through the air on the back of jet ski.

If that sounds like your idea of a good time, Gold Coast Watersports have you covered.

Jet ski tours are a popular option and involve an instructor leading a group through the Broadwater, past South Stradbroke Island and into the mangroves.

It’s a scenic, speedy and exhilarating adventure tour that sees you weaving around islands and over boat wakes as fast as your little heart desires.

There is certainly some airtime and the occasional spray in the face with a stream of water, if you’re lucky a dolphin or two and plenty of laughs as you get the hang of the beast beneath you.

Gold Coast Watersports offer plenty of other activities too. Parasailing – similar to parachuting but behind a boat – is a favourite as is the reasonably new Fly Boarding which involves water shooting out of a boot-shaped board propelling you out of and through the water.

They say it’s similar to both flying like a bird and swimming like a dolphin.

There’s also jet boating, which as the name suggests, involves driving at high speeds and the equivalent of burnouts in a boat.

Each activity is the perfect way to experience the adventurous nature of the Gold Coast with the added bonus of an adrenaline rush or two.

In case you’re wondering, the instructors have over 20 years of experience with a variety of watersports so you’re in good hands.

Go get wet it’s practically a rite of passage.

HOURS: 8am to 5pm daily.
ADDRESS: Sea World Resort, Sea World Drive, Main Beach (at the back of Seaworld Resort).

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.



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