4 famous music videos filmed on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is famous for fun. Current events aside, we’re a pretty good time and everybody knows it. We’re the theme park capital of Australia, our beaches are unrivalled, blockbuster movies are filmed here, fun times everywhere.

Perhaps the most fun thing of all, that’s been done on theGold Coast over the years is the making of music videos and honestly, why wouldn’t you famous people?

Here’s a little list of a few you’ll definitely know that have been filmed on our sparkly shores.

Hollow Coves – Moments

Local twosome Hollow Coves are all about cruisy tunes that’ll speak to your soul.

The indie folk band is made up of Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins from Brisbane, who now live on the Gold Coast and recently filmed a music video for their song ‘Moments’.

Shot out in nature where bird sounds, insects, water and waves can be heard amongst the sweet melodies.

Sneaky Sound System – UFO

Good time gang Sneaky Sound System have had many a hit song in their time.

In case you don’t know, they’re an Aussie dance group that formed in 2001 and have been entertaining the world with their quirky, upbeat ways ever since.

One of their most popular songs, UFO was filmed on the Gold Coast (at Miami Shore Motel) and features a local lad you’ve no doubt seen around a bit – the one and only Claudio Kirac.

It’s a chaotic, good time and you can see it for yourself below.

John Farnham – Two Strong Hearts

The man himself, Australia’s favourite and one of the strongest voices to ever come out of this country is John Farnham – king of the rock ballad.

He holds the second highest-selling album in Australian history, Whispering Jack and an absolute slew of hits besides.

Two Strong Hearts is one you no doubt already know and love and the music video was filmed right here on the Coast (back when we called him Johnny).

You’ll see the old Miami Ice building (miss you) and now we’re claiming Johnny as our own.

Australian Crawl – Errol

The much-loved Aussie rock band was formed in the 1970’s and fun fact; they were named after the front crawl swimming style (now known as freestyle).

Their music touched on social issues such as materialism, alcoholism, car accidents and cautionary tales of romance.

The five-piece band filmed their music video Errol on the Gold Coast in parts and you might spy a sneak peek of Grundy’s waterfall which was around in the 80s.

See, we’ve been fun forever.

Go the Gold Coast.

Words by Kirra Smith



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