The time has come friends and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll be as pumped as we are. FuFu is now open in Mermaid Beach and all the Chinese American diner dreams you didn’t know you had have been brought to life.

The eclectic space is exactly the kind of unlike-anything-you’ve-ever-seen magic you’ve come to expect from FuFu’s owner Morgan Walsh who also created Poke Poke, Bonita Bonita and BonBon Bar (they’re all twice as nice).

It’s a vibrant, in-your-face colour pop of epic proportions with pink velvet booths, an old-school servery complete with levered windows, pastel painted signage and splashes of greenery to bring it all to life.

A whitewashed stone walkway, lolly jars on display and pretty peach wallpaper bring home a retro chic vibe that your interior-loving, selfie-obsessed ahhh self will absolutely adore. There are neon signs with feel good messages and we would like to move in now please.

The building has been absolutely transformed since it’s Burger Fuel and Ashy Bines days. Cruising through Mermaid you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d been teleported back in time to 1950’s California. Which is definitely a place we’d like to go if any of you can sort that out.

As you’d expect from Morgan and the team, the food is both tasty AF and a little bit different from anything else you’ll find on the Coast. The idea was to move away from the share plate phenomenon while still offering eats that are affordable for all. Hooray.

They’ve dubbed it American Chinese-ish food and that is just fine by us.

The most fun things to try are the boxes which are a combo of all the best Chinese things (omelet, prawn crackers, a meaty/vegetably dish, rice etc.) or, if choose your own adventure is more your style, build your own box and let the good times roll.

Of course, there are also stand-alone dishes including CHEESEBURGER SPRING ROLLS (for goodness sake), Moreton Bay Bug Bao, Hot Dogs and BBQ Pork Mac N Cheese to name a ridiculously delicious few.

Asian-style cocktails are oh so tasty – we loved the Let That Mango for both personal and flavour combination reasons. It’s got sake, jelly and mango and it’s a real good time (as is doing the thing the name suggests FYI).

Also, you can get glass bottles of Coke and the like which can be made into spiders and our inner 12 year olds are having the time of their lives.

There aren’t enough words for how much we love this place. Not to be dramatic but we are eternally thankful for creative, unlike-anything-else spaces to which we can happily hand over all of our money.

LOCATION: 2375 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach
HOURS: 12pm to late Wednesday to Friday and 7am until late weekend.

Words by Kirra Smith



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