Find vintage threads and organic coffee at Burleigh newbie

Here’s a little feel good story involving a few of our favourites things, namely excellent coffee and vintage clothing.

It comes with the opening of a new Burleigh space called Front Yard Collective, where vintage clothing, excellent coffee and plenty of good vibes are exactly what you’ll find.

On Ern Harley Drive, the newbie has been open for a few short weeks and it’s a warehouse-style situation with a little coffee bench at the front, a few high benches for coffee drinking purposes and at the back, the glorious vintage clothing section.

It’s decked out in white and with a few pops of greenery throughout, high ceilings and lots of space for all your friends. Not to mention a barbershop should your mate need a spruce up while you shop. Genius.

Front Yard Collective is the work of nearby Elevation Church who created the space to generate profits to give back to the myriad of charities they work with slash built themselves.

For example, purchasing coffee and vintage threads will assist in supporting disaster relief projects relating to the ongoing bushfire crisis plus not-for-profit organisations like BlazeAid, Shed of Hope and Samaritans Purse.

Not only that, their own organization Besor Home and Besor Ranch offer sanctuary to those who need a temporary home plus the ranch is a retreat-style spot where those who stay can soak up the benefits of country living including immersing themselves in nature, participating in an obstacle course and kicking the footy around. Sounds perfect to us.

Basically the entire point of Front Yard Collective is to help these organisations financially and to give back to the Gold Coast and wider communities.

Which is really the only reason you need to go grab yourself a coffee and some new threads.

The coffee is by Joy Beans, organic and locally roasted and there is also food. Of the banana bread, danish, almond croissant and bliss ball varieties so you may snack, sip and shop. How good.

So you see, people doing good things for the world while also supplying excellent coffee and quality second hand clothing are our kind of people.

Get in there and show them some love.

LOCATION: 3A/9 Ern Harley Drive
HOURS: Coffee from 6.30am until 1.30pm, vintage apparel from 9am until 3pm and haircuts from 9am until 5pm Monday to Thursday.

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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