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  • Hinze Dam Visitor Centre, 100-200 Advancetown Rd, Advancetown QLD 4211


  • PRICE: Free


    8.00AM – 5.00PM





Waterlines is a contemporary cultural experience, exploring the vitality of water through artistic storytelling and placemaking. The exhibition aims to gently awaken the spectacular landscape of Hinze Dam through land art, eco art experiences, artist talks, long table feast, edible garden tours, yoga, bushwalks and more.

SWELL Sculpture Festival Co-Founder and Artistic Director Natasha Edwards says Waterlines invites the intergenerational public to be inspired through engagement with impressive sculptures, performance art, and creative programming within the stunning environment of the Gold Coast Hinterland.

SWELL Sculpture has been inspiring audiences for 21 years, connecting people, art and place through transforming Currumbin Beach into a magnificent outdoor sculpture exhibition.

“The Gold Coast Hinterland offers a picturesque backdrop for the presentation of sculptures and cultural experiences, providing an ideal next destination for people to explore and enjoy” says Ms Edwards.

“The exhibition features world renowned artists Marcus Tatton, Shannon Best and Corrina Bonshek & Collaborators, who are creating monumental land artworks, responding to the curatorial rationale which is underpinned by the SWELL Sculpture ethos of connecting people, art and place,” says Ms Edwards.

Hinze Dam (image supplied)
Hinze Dam (image supplied)

Built across the Nerang River, 30 minutes west of Burleigh Heads, the industrious and picturesque dam is also the main source of drinking water for the Gold Coast region.

“Curating large, monumental land art sculptures for Waterlines at the Hinze Dam within the stunning Gold Goast hinterland using locally sourced materials is a testament to our connection with nature and the preciousness of our water resources,” says Ms Edwards. “The presence of water serves as a reminder of our interconnectedness and the daily inspiration drawn from nature. The Hinze Dam provides an unparalleled canvas for sculpture curation, and witnessing this vision come to life fills me with immense joy. Creating land art sculptures with artists Marcus Tatton, Shannon Best and Corrina Bonshek has been inspirational. The overwhelming support from the community further underscores the significance of this endeavour,” adds Ms Edwards.

Gold Coast City Councillor Glenn Tozer says: “For more than two years now we’ve been working on diversifying the beachside event, into Division 9 and the west. Our smaller Westerly SWELL activities over past years have been really well received and we’re excited about expanding programming more permanently and attracting the attention of visitors and locals alike, along with other sponsors to grow Waterlines into a major Art and Culture event for the hinterland.”.

“We’re on a mission to create more hinterland eco-tourism experiences and SWELL’s Waterlines is just the start of a bigger campaign to grow and expand low-impact, high-value tourism offerings in and around our world-heritage-listed Gold Coast hinterland. Waterlines was funded in part by the Division 9 Local Area Works budget,” says Cr Tozer.

Hinze Dam (Image by Leximagery)
Hinze Dam (Image by Leximagery)

Highlights of the free 11-day event include:

Oasis: A Land Art Installation using locally sourced firewood, Marcus Tatton’s Oasis stands as an effigy to our collective aspirational mind. Within a wood canopy, a continual ebb of water droplets and environs of greywacke rock, observers are met with a place of serenity and refuge. Waterside Park, Hinze Dam. 8am-5pm. 26 April-6 May.

Nature Spirit Soundscape: Take delight in sound and the spaciousness it can create inside you on this guided kayak listening experience crafted by composer Corrina Bonshek & Collaborators. This is a unique opportunity to experience something very special through movement, sight and sound. Western Boat Ramp, Hinze Dam. Four sessions; 8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am & 11:30am. Weekends, 27-28 April & 4-5 May.

Ballún Muñal Buńdan: This land art installation with greywacke rock is led by Shannon Best. In the heart of Yugambeh country, where the Nerang River flows, Ballún Muñal Buńdan — a Yugambeh term for “River Rock” — weaves through time. The installation captures the essence of this sacred river, featuring a central piece crafted from a river rock, symbolising the lifeline of the Traditional Owners. Waterside Park, Hinze Dam. 8am-5pm. 26 April-6 May.

Planter & Seedlings Workshop: A free hands-on workshop where you’ll decorate recycled flower pots and plant seedlings to take home. Get creative with materials like buttons, fabric scraps, and bottle caps to personalise your pot. Waterside Park, Hinze Dam Visitor Centre. 10am-3pm. 26 April-6 May. Free.

Drawing From Life: Set amongst the Hinze Dam’s natural beauty and the Waterlines sculptures. Easels await you with pencils and paper. Let the landscape and larger-than-life sculptures inspire you. All are welcome to explore your creativity through this pop-in experience. Waterside Park, Hinze Dam Visitor Centre. 10am-3pm. 26 April-6 May. Free.

Curated Sculpture Talk: An artistic expedition as guest curators provide insight and perspective into each of the land art sculptures. Be given an opportunity to delve into the soundscape listening experience aswell. Waterside Park, Hinze Dam Visitor Centre. 10am. Weekends, 27-28 April & 4-5 May. Free.

Introduction to Qi Gong: An immersive experience into the ancient art of Qi Gong, a holistic practice rooted in Chinese medicine and philosophy. Discover the power of gentle movements, breathwork, and meditation as we guide you through the principles of cultivating Qi, the vital life force energy. Waterside Park, Hinze Dam Visitor Centre. 9am. Saturday 27 April & Saturday 4 May. Cost: Free

Feast in the Forest: An unforgettable culinary experience set within a magnificent private pine forest. Evoking conversation, inspiring connection and learning through storytelling, this exclusive experience will celebrate people, art and place, amidst the stunning landscape of the Gold Coast Hinterland. The Bower Estate. 12:30pm-5pm. Sunday 5 May. Cost: $220 pp + booking fee.

Silent Disco in the Park: Join the dancing gang from Lights Out And Dance and Best Silent Disco for an unforgettable hour of music and dancing at our special pop-up event Waterline Silent Disco in the Park. Waterside Park, Hinze Dam Visitor Centre. 3-4pm. Saturday 27 April. Cost: $10 + booking fee.

SITELINES, Waterlines (Image by Leximagery)
SITELINES, Waterlines (Image by Leximagery)
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