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Say yes to stress-free recruiting

Let the ETC team handle your hiring process.

Enterprise and Training Company (ETC) GC Recruitment Team (image supplied)
Enterprise and Training Company (ETC) GC Recruitment Team (image supplied)

Ask any business owner the pain point of their business and recruitment is sure to rank highly (alongside a hearty disdain for uncooperative technology… we’re looking at you, printer poltergeists).

And whether you’ve had it up to here *insert impassioned accompanying gesture* or just need a helping HR hand with hiring staff on the Gold Coast, it may be time to consider engaging some local experts, enter – the highly equipped team at Enterprise and Training Company (ETC). A name that has been in the biz of supporting businesses with their staffing needs for some 30 years now.

With six locations across the Coast, you might already be familiar with the ubiquitous red and blue ETC cropping up around the place, but perhaps less so with the array of benefits on offer for both employees – and employers.

ETC Gold Coast Recruitment Team (image supplied)
ETC Gold Coast Recruitment Team (image supplied)

Not unlike our own staffing services fairy godmother, ETC is here to help us through the realm of all things recruitment, calling upon their pool of local talent and prowess as seasoned employment matchmakers to find the best fit for your business.

Though with a name that encompasses all things ‘employment, training and community’ (et cetera)… ETC is a more than simply connecting employers with suitable candidates, offering a one-stop shop of services to assist businesses on a broader basis with their hiring needs.

ETC is also able to handle pre-employment processes, such as assessment, interviewing, and background checks to provide qualified candidates. All of which offers untold time and money savings which will absolutely be music to any busy business owner’s ears.

So with those very beneficial advantages of working with ETC established, let’s get familiar with the local Gold Coast team of friendly faces, shall we?

ETC Gold Coast Recruitment Team (image supplied)
ETC Gold Coast Recruitment Team (image supplied)

Ilona Tulia
Regional Recruitment Manager, based in the Gold Coast
Covers the Gold Coast and NSW North Coast
Ensuring the Gold Coast ETC network runs like a well oiled machine, Ilona boasts a stacked CV of her own with 14 years of experience in the employer engagement arena.

As one of the big kahunas, Ilona plays a pivotal role at ETC: overseeing the passionate and enthusiastic team of recruitment specialists, while also working with national employers to deliver her signature specialty – a “holistic recruitment approach”.

Adele Tasi
Recruitment Account Manager, based in Southport
Covers the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads
If you’re seeking someone passionate about a community-focused approach to engaging with businesses and job seekers alike – hellooo… it’s Adele you’re looking for.

As a highly experienced Youth Worker, Recruitment Adviser and Mother of four – Adele, aka the busiest of bees, has channelled her unwavering passion for helping people into a rewarding career in recruitment services, after previously working with region’s most High-Risk Youth in residential homes.

Michelle Bissett
Recruitment Support Manager, based in Nerang
Covers the Gold Coast and Brisbane
Meet Michelle, a Recruitment Support Manager with over 10 years experience in employment services, bringing to the team her wealth of knowledge from across multiple sectors within recruitment and training – with certificates and certifications out the wazoo to prove it.

Michelle is the ETC expert closely liaising with local Jobs Program facilitators, providers and local community organisations – also channeling her prowess into leading pre-employment programs with the PA Hospital, the QEII Hospital and ETC’s Training team.

ETC Gold Coast Recruitment Team (image supplied)
ETC Gold Coast Recruitment Team (image supplied)

Sean Nicholson
Recruitment Advisor, based in Nerang
Covers the Northern Gold Coast
Sean is just one of ETC’s resident Recruitment Advisors, tasked with providing the pivotal service of connecting job seekers and employers across the Northern Gold Coast.

Equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and 24 years experience across multiple employment and training services sectors, Sean’s knack for exploring the hidden job market and matching skills with employer needs, is second to none.

Stav Giouzelis
Recruitment Advisor, based in Southport
Covering Southport, Miami, Palm Beach and Tweed Heads
Venturing a little further from the border, connecting candidates and opportunities across the Southern and Central GC is in Recruitment Advisor Stav’s expert hands.

With a background as an Educator and Youth Worker, Stav’s penchant for helping others is now being put to work helping people find pathways to success through employment opportunities. As a cheerleader for her clients, she advocates for them to never give up on their dreams.

ETC Gold Coast Recruitment Team (image supplied)
ETC Gold Coast Recruitment Team (image supplied)

Tracy Coster
Recruitment Adviser, based in Nerang
Covering the Gold Coast
Northern GC based Tracy is another friendly face among ETC’s team of passionate Recruitment Advisors. With industry experience spanning 15 years, Tracy has a rock solid reputation for working with businesses to help enrich their workforce by presenting potential candidates who would be a great fit for their business.

Tracy diligently works with businesses to understand a potential employer’s business in-depth to present suitable candidates even when there is no job but who would be a great fit for their business (Culture fit + skill match).

Aileen Wallace
Work Experience Coordinator
Covering Tweed Heads to Coomera and Wivenhoe
Another invaluable asset to the team, seasoned employment pro Aileen has been part of the ETC furniture for some 8 years now. As one of the Work Experience Coordinators, Aileen’s passion for helping people on their career path has largely been dedicated to working within the Work For the Dole (WfD) program alongside Not for Profit organisations, by providing participants and assisting them in the wider Gold Coast community.

Words by Kellie Leader.


Meet Rachel Kelly

Rachel Kelly, owner My Mermaid Home (image supplied)
Rachel Kelly, owner My Mermaid Home (image supplied)

Rachel Kelly is the Licensee and owner of the boutique Real Estate Agency, My Mermaid Home. An industry professional with extensive property management and sales experience she has been helping clients with their real estate needs for over 10 years on the Gold Coast. We chatted with Rachel about the unique way she broke into the real estate business and what she loves about the Gold Coast.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
13 years on/off. I first came in 2009 after falling in love with the city after schoolies. Life had some other plans and I went to then do a brief stint in the mines, a Euro gap year to find myself and then migrated back down to the Coast from Central Qld in 2012 and have been here since.

What do you love the most about the Gold Coast?
As a child from a small town that didn’t have much going on I love the fact there is always something to go on the Gold Coast.  Whether it’s the various free festivals across the city over the year or going to sit on Burleigh Hill with a beer and watch the ocean, or dinner at an amazing restaurant.

Rachel Kelly, owner My Mermaid Home (image supplied)
Rachel Kelly, owner My Mermaid Home (image supplied)

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I had an interesting start to my real estate career, where back in my hometown of Hervey Bay after travelling Europe I came back to no job. My Dad told me to go down to the local pub and talk to Bull the local real estate Guru & agency owner. Into the Torquay hotel I went and pulled up a stool next to Bull and said “Bull, I want a job”, and he just turned around and looked at me and goes “You start tomorrow my girl”. Now nearly 11 years later I am running my own agency.

With that being said and what I learnt from Bull I take on every interaction with people showing no judgement and I will always give someone a go. I try to take on every day with a friendly and laid-back attitude which resonates with many Gold Coasters. I am straight forward when it comes to both my personal life and my professional life. To put it simply I am not afraid to have those tough conversations and ask for what I want (clearly I started my career walking into a pub and asking for the job I wanted), which is a trait I believe you need your real estate agent to have. You might see me cruise around in a linen set and some sandals and not suited up like many other agents, and it’s for that reason my clients love me, my expertise is second to none and I try and make clients feel comfortable in every environment.

For those who don’t know tell us about My Mermaid Home?
My Mermaid Home is a boutique Real Estate Agency based in Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast. Offering both sales and property management.

Rachel Kelly, owner My Mermaid Home (image supplied)
Rachel Kelly, owner My Mermaid Home (image supplied)

How did My Mermaid Home come about?
My Mermaid Home actually was & still is a renovation blog turn Real Estate Agency. I purchased my first property and managed to turn it into my home, which is My Mermaid Home, and I took people on that journey with me via my renovation Instagram, sharing DIY tips and tricks, reno advice and styling tips & tricks. People may have seen my hacks and DIYs shared by Kmart, Big W, Bunnings and more.

2022 came and I thought it was time to expand and use my expertise & experience in Real Estate and my love all things property & home related to create My Mermaid Home Real Estate, to help people find a house they could call a home like I did.

What is My Mermaid Home known for and what do you specialise in?
We are a boutique Real Estate Agency offering all aspects of real estate but specialising in Property management. I wanted to start the business and come into the industry and break the stigma around property management. The stigma that you can only get bad service & that’s property managers don’t really care. I want to prove the value in having an expert agency looking after your biggest investment.

Rachel Kelly, owner My Mermaid Home (image supplied)
Rachel Kelly, owner My Mermaid Home (image supplied)

What do you love most about running My Mermaid Home?
I love the people I get to meet, and the clients that turn to friends. The relationships I’ve been able to build with clients, tenants, and trades has been phenomenal, there are so many legendary people out there willing to help and support you as long as it’s reciprocated and it’s so great to be apart of.

What should customers expect as the standard My Mermaid Home experience?
Other than exceptional service and the knowledge base of everything Real Estate that I have, they can always expect me to have their best interest and what’s best for their property front of mind. All my clients know I am only a phone call or text away even if it’s just for a friendly convo or a catch-up beer.

My Mermaid Home is soon to celebrate its 1st year. Tell us what you’ve achieved so far and of your future plans.
In Feb 2023 we will be 1. With the growth we have experienced over the first 12 months you will see some more staff come on board that have a passion for property as much as I do. Along with a bigger space that we will hopefully be able to host client events along with workshops and DIYs all property related. Watch this space.

Rachel Kelly (and Bruce), owner My Mermaid Home (image supplied)
Rachel Kelly (and Bruce), owner My Mermaid Home (image supplied)

What are your Gold Coast favourites…
Café/Coffee spot
: Espresso Moto, Mermaid Waters.
Restaurant: Mexicali
Bar or place for a drink: Nobby Surf Club
Beach: Nobbys

How do you choose to spend your days off?
I’m not sure there are such a thing as days off as a business owner haha, but you’ll no doubt find me doing something very active if I do get some spare time. Whether it be a sunrise run, F45 class with the Broadbeach legends, playing one of the many sports I do, or watching the GC Titans play at Cbus. And if you can’t find me at any of those places, you’ll find me down the beach with Bruce having a well-deserved beer.

5 reasons a buyer’s agent can be a #gamechanger

Hunters Buyers Agents (image supplied)
Hunters Buyers Agents (image supplied)

Scoring ourselves a real estate bargain may at times feel like a ship that has well and truly sailed, but that need not be the case. Did you know that getting your hands on a good buyer’s agent can be a #gamechanger when it comes to adding significant value for any buyer irrespective of whether you’re on the hunt for your first abode or an investor looking to grow your portfolio?

To get the low down on just what invaluable perks a buyer’s agent can offer, we chatted with two names in the know, Sharon & Douglas Vincent of Hunters Buyers Agents. With thousands of property negotiations and 30+ years expertise under their belts, they’re as equally placed to walk us through the extensive list of advantages as they are to handle all your property browsing, buying and bidding needs.

House with a key (image via Unsplash)

And as it turns out, there’s a whole lot more to the picture than those glimpses that bulk Home Hunters binge sessions would have us believe (y’know, the one where Cathy and Bob are looking for their dream 11 bed beach house for precisely 30k #tellhimhesdreamin’).

Here are 5 reasons buyer’s agents can be a game changer in all your property pursuits:

Lifestyle shot of family enjoying Tallebudgera Creek (image via Destination Gold Coast)
Lifestyle shot of family enjoying Tallebudgera Creek (image via Destination Gold Coast)

They’re in your corner
Just as the real estate agent represents the seller, a buyer’s agent works in reverse – representing you as the buyer and your best interests when you’re on the hunt for your sweet new digs.

Guidance in ensuring your investment is safe as… houses
It’s not (just) about landing that dream kitchen, a buyer’s agent can help you consider all important factors like strategies, local areas, positioning, zoning, capital growth, sub division, depreciation… and yep, anyone else suddenly feeling very out of their depth?

Ultimately, they’ll help you understand the pros and cons of a purchase, and avoid costly implications by ensuring it aligns with your goals from the outset.

Aerial view of the Broadwater (image via Destination Gold Coast)
Aerial view of the Broadwater (image via Destination Gold Coast)

Tap into invaluable knowledge and experience
Unless you’re one of those high rollers we see snapping up apartments left, right and centre on The Block come auction day, most people haven’t had a lot of experience in the world of property wheeling and dealing. Buyers agents understand the ins and outs of the biz and, armed with years of experience in negotiation up their sleeves, they can land you the best possible outcome.

 Most of us are no strangers to calling in the pros when we’re out of our league – lawyer, financial advisor –we wouldn’t be investing a substantial amount in the stock market without getting advice from a stockbroker. So when you think about it, the same applies to real estate. It’s low-key unhinged, winging it with what’s potentially the most cash we’ll ever splash.

Interior of house (image via unsplash)

Exclusive listings
A buyer’s agent has the inside intel that scores you access to exclusive off-market properties, giving buyers a head start in finding the perfect property. These hidden gems fly under the radar of the usual avenues available to us mere mortals, often offering unique features, better pricing, or less competition #score

They know ins and outs of the process
Finding ‘The One’ is only just the beginning, then suddenly it’s paperwork out the wazoo with property inspections and due diligence and legal matters to be navigated…  phew, our heads are already spinning at the thought. Like your personal tour guide to step you through the complexities (read: stress) of the real estate process, a buyer’s agent helps ensure smooth transaction all round, often saving thousands of dollars. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

To find out more, head here.

Words by Kellie Leader.


Aerial view of Gold Coast (image via Destination Gold Coast)
Aerial view of Gold Coast (image via Destination Gold Coast)
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