Espresso Moto

If there could be an Espresso Moto in every suburb that would suit us just fine thank you very much. For now though, we’ll settle for the two that make our lives infinitely better (and more caffeinated). The OG in Palmy and now, a fresh little newbie in Coolangatta.

Yes it’s true; the much-loved venue has opened a second venue on Dutton Street where That Blue House once lived. It’s a huge gain for the Cooly locals because a. All Press Coffee is life and b. the EM crew are some of the best folks around.

The team swung open their second set of doors a couple of weeks ago and the space they’ve occupied is the perfect blend of cool for their vibe. Which is of course, all of the motorbike memorabilia. If you’ve visited the Palmy site you’ll know the space boasts a bike workshop in the back dedicated to restoring classics.

Down south you’ll find shelves stacked with helmets, oil cans and various other bike-related things Dad won’t be happy I don’t know the name of.

The menu and feel of the newbie is the same but both venues are getting a menu revamp in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, head down there and try these goodies before they leave our lives forever.

Healthy ones first and this is a D E L I C I O U S dish while also helping with that shredding for summer thing people do. Hooray? It’s called Fresh Avocado Salsa and it’s house-made corn, basil and almond pesto tossed through spinach leaves and topped with pepitas on, get this, house-baked activated charcoal ciabatta toast. It’s a mouthful in every sense of the word.

The Eggs Benedict are some of the best around with fresh house made hollandaise (love you), house-baked ciabatta and definitely go the smoked salmon.

Last but absolutely not least is BANOFFEE FRENCH TOAST and be still our hearts. It’s a tower of sweet, sweet goodness served with all of the fresh caramel sauce and if you licked the plate we would never judge.

As mentioned, Espresso Moto serve All Press Espresso out of New Zealand (because they’re good at everything) and it’s definitely a fave.

So there you have it, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll make a date with Cooly this weekend.

LOCATION: 5 Dutton Street, Coolangatta
HOURS: 6am to 1.30pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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