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Emilly Hadrill

Interview with the owner of Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions

Emilly Hadrill (image supplied)

Entreprenuers are alive and well on the Gold Coast. One Gold Coast local exceeding in the hair and beauty industry is Emilly Hadrill, owner of Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions. Starting her first salon on the Gold Coast in 2007 the business has now grown to include four salons nationally and more than 40 staff. While some industries struggled through 2020, Emilly has seen this as her biggest growth year with plenty more to come. We recently caught up with Emilly to chat about how her business has evolved, what you need to know about hair extensions and her favourite places to visit on the Gold Coast.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local? 
I moved to the Gold Coast in 2006 from Tasmania.

What do you love most about living here? 
The temperate climate, the convenience of it being a smaller city but still with plenty to offer, great restaurants, and of course the beautiful beaches.

Tell us about your business Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions.
I started Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions in 2007 when noticing a gap in the market for a hair salon offering specialised service of hair extensions. This grew to a heavily booked Gold Coast salon with clients coming from Brisbane and other cities for our extensions services. As the demand grew, I made the move to open a small Brisbane salon which we quickly outgrew, so we made the decision to expand to a larger salon space short time later. From here, we started creating pop up salons in Melbourne to test the market and there was huge interest, which led me to open our Melbourne salon, following by the Sydney salon in 2018 to meet the demand of the enquiries we were receiving.

What’s been your journey to get to where you are today? 
I’ve really been learning as I go, I started Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions at 19 so it has been a constant rollercoaster of learning curves. Growing the business from working on my own, to having a team of more than 40 has been a big journey.

Emilly Hadrill Brisbane salon (image supplied)

How did you go from being a local Gold Coast business, to a nationally recognised brand?
We built a strong presence and reputation for quality work here on the Gold Coast, which really laid the foundation for us to become a nationally recognised brand. As more clients began to travel from far and wide for our services over competitors who were in much closer vicinity’s, we realised the opportunities to grow and expand our salons to make Emilly Hadrill services easily accessible to more women. Our growth has always been a response to the demand of our clients, so we’re really lucky to have so many incredible women who have backed Emilly Hadrill to get us to where we are today.

Tell us about your proudest business moment.
I couldn’t put this into just one moment, but I am very proud to have created a business that has supported so many hair stylists, especially through COVID. COVID proved how robust the business is, which was really special after 13 long years of building it.

Talk us through your favourite trends for the upcoming season..
I’m always a long hair lover, but I do absolutely love the new bold move of Ellie Gonsalves’ pixie cut. It looks incredible on her (but then again, what wouldn’t?) and I think others should follow her lead in doing with their hair what they’ve always wanted to do but might have been afraid to do as it doesn’t fit the typical mould. And for when one wants it longer again, hair extensions are here!

What do we need to know when considering getting hair extensions? 
We always recommend that your natural hair is at least shoulder length to achieve the most natural results, if you’re aiming to add length and thickness to your locks. It’s also really important to find out what hair quality the salon you’re visiting is using, not all hair extensions are created equal and great quality hair will completely change the look and feel of your hair. Our salons offer complimentary consults for new clients to ensure all of your questions are answered and to help you determine the most suitable extension method for your hair and lifestyle needs.

Emilly Hadrill's Sydney Salon (image supplied)

What advice do you have for anyone looking to start their own business? 
Make sure it’s something you’re passionate about, that doesn’t feel like work. Having a business is extremely hard work – both mentally and physically – so you need to love what it is otherwise you might not want to do it long term.

What does 2021 look for you? 
Hopefully an end to COVID! 2020 was a tough year, so we are all hoping 2021 is a little easier and people can live without any more lockdowns. We have a big year planned with some salon renovations, new packages, lots of beautiful hair, and possibly even another location- but you’ll have to stay tuned on our instagram for updates! 😉

Tell us your favourites on the Coast:
Restaurant for dinner: Gemellini in Nobby Beach
Cafe for breakfast: Tarte Cafe in Burleigh
Coffee spot: Tarte Cafe in Burleigh
How does your weekend usually look: I have a 7 month old son so my husband and I will usually take him out for breakfast, then spend the day looking after him for his naps, and spend the in-between going to the beach or catching up with friends.

Before & after Emilly Hadrill extensions (image supplied)

Former Paddock owners open Tarte Bakery & Café in Burleigh

Tarte Bakery (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

So it seems the best news of 2020 comes out of our very own Burleigh Heads and you guessed it, involves the very best of baked treats and a few familiar faces.

We’re talking about the opening of Tarte Bakery & Cafe, which is happening Wednesday August 19th and if there is one thing you absolutely must do this year, it’s head in there and eat absolutely everything.

Tarte Bakery & Cafe entrance (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

Tarte is the stunning new baby of Gold Coast hospitality royalty Chloe Watts, former owner of Paddock Bakery and an absolute magician when it comes to creating a world-class venue. It can be found on a sunny corner block in the heart of Burleigh, where Vecchia Roma once lived and look, you won’t miss it, there’ll be hordes of people (socially distanced obviously) wanting to get in for the rest of time.

The space has been entirely redone with the front façade being pulled out and put back in again to create a Soho, West Village (NYC) vibe that’s perfectly at home amongst the surrounding greenery. It’s all cool whites and calming blues with a huge open window overlooking the street, perfect for that Parisian-inspired people watching we all love while sipping coffee and downing baked goodies.

Tarte Bakery (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

As you’d expect from Chloe, the space is beautifully put together – an antique bench was brought in from a rural NSW movie theatre (circa 1940’s), the door handles are over 100 years old, a luggage rack from an old train holds the bread behind the counter and Chloe’s Dad built a bench seat at the back.

Our favourite detail are the little gold cups Chloe bought from a London flea market years ago when she first decided she wanted to open a café and has been saving for this very moment ever since. Oh and the fact that she (and her builder) hand-chiselled 5,000 tiny black tiles into the floor. A labour of love indeed.

We could go on but let’s chat eats shall we?

Tarte Bakery (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

First things first, the sweet baked treats will absolutely blow your mind. Every single one of them.

A Gold Coast first is the Cookie Cup which is indeed a cup made out of cookie mixture and served with warm vanilla bean milk (cold in summer). Yep, that’s a (very amazing) thing.

There are also Chocolate Praline Tartes, Cannoli with whipped ricotta and choc chips, a Rhubarb Custard Tarte, the list goes on. Many of the items are vegan and some are gluten-free but all are absolutely mind-blowing. We’ll let you discover the rest for yourself.

In terms of cooked dishes, there are some life changers and you’re going to want to sample them all. Starting with the Turkish Eggs with whipped Greek yoghurt, two poached eggs and Turkish spiced butter and served with white sourdough. Chloe has wanted to put that one on her menu for a while now and we are so very happy she did. There’s also Miso Scramble, a packed Breakfast Burrito and BAGELS in many epic flavours.

Turkish Baked Eggs, Tarte Bakery (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

You should also sample the Roasted Grape Tartine, the Toastie (best in the world) and Cauliflower Burger because they are all some of the tastiest things we’ve ever eaten, hands down.

Every dish on the menu is thoughtfully created and balanced with intricate flavours and look just really yummy honestly. Best get down there and try them all for yourself hey.

Tarte Bakery & Cafe is sweet and sophisticated, warm and welcoming and the absolute perfect addition to Burleigh’s dining scene.

Mushroom Tartine, Tarte Bakery (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

Things are looking up Gold Coasters, how good.

LOCATION: 2 West Street, Burleigh Heads

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Tarte Bakery (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

4 new Gold Coast beauty experiences

Emilee Hembrow and Amy Hembrow in SSKIN (Image by Jazna Creative via Instagram)

If you’re anything like us, over the last few months taking care of yourself has become VERY high on your to do list. Things like exercising more, eating well and looking after our skin are the new black and we’re all about it.

Not to mention winter has left the building and bulk sunshine means more outdoor gatherings and time with the people we love. So we need to look our very best.

Enter beauty salons. There have been a few beautiful newbies open up on the Coast lately and so, because we want you to look after yourself (and look lovely) too, we’ve compiled a little list.

From north to south, here they are.

A cosmetic skin clinic founded by sisters Amy and Emilee Hembrow, SSKIN can be found in a boutique residential-looking property (so you’re guaranteed the utmost privacy) which transforms on entry to reveal a luxury clinic equipped to carry out cosmetic services. Offering everything from facials to dermal filler and anti wrinkle treatment, hyperdermabrasion, skin needling, peels, a rose quartz signature facial and more you will absolutely pampered by the team at SSKIN.
Where: 107 Upton Street, Bundall

Skin Divinity (Image supplied)

Skin Divinity
The beloved Byron Bay brand moved on up to Nobby Beach recently to open their second venue and what a treat for all of us. They’re a multi-award winning clinic and absolute experts when it comes to your skin. Offering brow and lash services, injectables, facials, LED Therapy, Epi Blading, teeth whitening, a nail bar, makeup application, anything and everything skin and beauty related and all within absolutely stunning surrounds. Pop into Nobby’s and give the team (and your skin) some love.
Where: 28 Chairlift Avenue, Nobby Beach

Clean Beauty Market
While the beautiful team at Clean Beauty Market aren’t new, they have moved to a new space recently and can now be found in Burleigh Heads. Not only is the space a beauty and wellness emporium selling all natural skincare, makeup, wellness, haircare and body products, it’s also a place to indulge in treatments like nourishing non-toxic facials, LED Therapy and Hyperdermabrasion. It’s the perfect place to treat yourself to some organic pampering.
Where: 1/53 James Street, Burleigh Heads

Did you know Australia’s first unfiltered Hemp Skincare is made right here on the Gold Coast? Burleigh Heads to be exact. It’s called Cannabella and it was created by a local man who wanted to create something natural for his Mum who was diagnosed with cancer and whose skin was becoming very dry and irritated due to chemotherapy. The result was Cannabella, skincare products made using 100% botanical ingredients with zero preservatives and entirely oil based. The key ingredient is unfiltered Hemp oil, used for it’s high chlorophyll content. There are face and body serums, a detox mask and a nourishing jelly and we suggest you try them all. Grab them here.

Cannabella (Image supplied)

Clean Beauty Market

In happy news for everyone with skin, a beauty emporium has opened in Nobbys Beach (land of the good vibes and beautiful people).

Not any old skincare store though, the glowy-skinned team at Clean Beauty Market are experts in non-toxic, natural and organic products that are free from animal testing. How fun.

The store, found next to Sparrow Eating House, is as pretty as you’d expect, decked out in white with blush accents and a glowing pink sign declaring “you are magic”. And magic is exactly what you’ll find once you’ve stepped inside the delightfully scented space that’s packed with countless natural makeup and skincare brands.

It’s pure heaven to be honest and it’s entirely possible you’ll spend your life savings in one visit. YOLO.

While buying all of the good-for-you skincare is always a smart idea, you can also book yourself in for some pampering. There’s makeup lessons, skin regime consultations and makeup applications for special occasions (or, you know, work on Monday).

PLUS, you and your gals can indulge in a makeover party should you so desire.

Owner Erin Norden is a Coast local and former freelance makeup artist who (sensibly, let’s be real) saw an opportunity, found the perfect space in Nobbys and made the magic happen.
Clean Beauty Market is the first (and hopefully not the last) store of its kind on the Gold Coast and it’s a solid step in the right direction for the many ladies who are choosing natural products to slather all over their skin (and the rest who should jump on that bandwagon ASAP).

Great news for the Gold Coast, the Earth and your face.

LOCATION: 1/32 Lavarack Rd, Nobbys Beach
HOURS: 9am to 5pm daily.

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

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