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Elk Espresso migrates south

Just in time for summer.

Next-level isn’t enough props to give Elk Espresso, the Broadbeach fave that recently relocated to take up residence in the (now extremely fancy) Oasis Shopping Centre.

The new space, which opened today (December 15th), has doubled in size and comes complete with ocean views and a big old outdoor eating area perfect for cruisy summer breaky dates with your crew (and/or puppy pal).

Raw concrete, copper and greenery cascading from above is a similar vibe to the one you came to know and love at Elk’s OG venue. Throw in a spotted tile feature wall and two mint green coffee machines at the newbie and we’ve got ourselves a winner gang. To absolutely no-ones surprise.

As usual, the place is absolutely pumping but owner Andrew Whiting and his team are cool as cucumbers and clearly thrilled with their new digs (same, to be honest). Wonder if they need a live-in menu tester person.

A sweet new summer menu adds to the fun with dishes almost too pretty to eat. Do it though because, so so delicious.

Although every plate carried out of the kitchen is both beautiful and a taste sensation, there are two we must discuss.

First, the Pineapple Panna Cotta is all kinds of colourful magic with puffed grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and yoghurt. Those words aren’t quite adequate but trust us, it could well be the most Insta-worthy dish on the Coast.

Next up is BREAKFAST GNOCCHI and we have died and gone to heaven. Honestly gnocchi is up there with the invention of electricity as far as we’re concerned and especially Elk’s version. It comes with heirloom tomatoes, smoked bacon, chilli, basil, fetta and poached eggs and let us eat it every day.

Give us a sec to compose ourselves.

Okay we’re good. So, Elk’s big move was initiated after Andrew got word that their first home on Chelsea Ave was going to be knocked down and so, the search for the perfect new space began.

That’s it, you know the drill. Happy eating.

LOCATION: Old Burleigh Rd, Broadbeach
HOURS: 6am to 4pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

Kurrawa Surf Club 2.0

If you’re ever in need of a giant parmi, icy cold Chardonnay and 180 degree ocean views, your best bet is most likely a surf club. The Queensland institutions have long been the destination of choice for a chill night out or a Sunday arvo session where thongs are completely acceptable.

While all this is still true of everyone’s favourite beachside venues, Kurrawa Surf Club has just changed the game in a big way. You may have noticed the (huge) sleek new building that slowly but surely made its presence known on Old Burleigh Road in Broadbeach. So fancy.

The old building (where yours truly once spent quite a bit of time behind the bar) is no more but the newly opened club is somewhat of a masterpiece. Stone steps lead into the spacious dining room past a shiny new, wine-on-tap serving bar that now also offers delicious cocktails (for only $12.95 a pop).

There’s ocean views for days from EVERY corner of the club including the upstairs function room where you’re welcome to marry your beloved or celebrate hitting the big 3-0 (or any other number really) in surfy style.

Kurrawa’s food game also got a little bit more golden with the addition of a Spanish charcoal oven that pumps out all your favourite meat treats along with pant-splitting delights like Twice Cooked Pork Belly and Portuguese-style BBQ Chicken.

A burger bar is now a thing (hallelujah) with five-star options along the lines of Karaage Chicken, Crumbed Flounder and Middle Eastern Lamb. Seriously the menu is as long as your arm, better get preppin’.

Oh and there’s a hot seafood platter for two (or not) which is all the good things in the world.

Summer sure is shaping up to be a fun time gang and Broady might just be the place to be seen.

LOCATION: Beachside on Old Burleigh Road, Broadbeach
HOURS: 8am to 10.30pm Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday and 8am to 11.30pm Friday and Saturday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

HAND Coffee

In a very Melbourne-esque move, two local lads will on Monday August 28th open a hole-in-the-wall takeaway café, that’s set to bring a whole new vibe to Broadbeach.

Located next to Envy Hotel, HAND Coffee will be serving up your favourite morning beverage made with Industry Beans Coffee, a Fitzroy roasting house that has never before graced our Gold Coast shores.

Luke Dempsey-Ceh and Mitch Kavic, both of whom have done the rounds of many of your favourite local cafes, went on a taste testing mission to Australia’s home of coffee and cool kids (tough gig hey) and brought home the best of the best, and something a little bit different, for your drinking pleasure.

Their venture came about when they realised Broadbeach is somewhat lacking when it comes to specialty coffee, particularly in the Broadbeach Mall.

They were made aware of the unique space, previously a florist, and jumped at the opportunity to combine their experience and set up shop under some stairs.

The name HAND, because we know you’re curious creatures, stands for Have A Nice Day, which you will, once you sample the sweet toffee apple tastes that are sure to flood your tastebuds upon first sip.

You’ll also be able to grab yourself a jaffle, some banana bread and protein balls for a snack on the go once things are up and running.

There’ll be a seating area in the coming months and no doubt plenty of good vibes from Broadbeach folk who love a quality cup of joe.

LOCATION: Shop 1A, Niecon Tower, Victoria Ave, Broadbeach
HOURS: Monday to Friday 7am to 3pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.


Old Tom Restaurant and Bar

Broadbeach is set to pay homage to the days of old with the launch of a new Prohibition-style bar. You’ll be taken back in time as soon as you set foot inside the dimly lit, London public house-esque establishment dedicated to gin and fine dining.

Old Tom Restaurant and Bar will open in the heart of Broadbeach mall, formerly occupied by Hank Dining & Bar.

You’d be forgiven for expecting to see groups of men in ankle-length overcoats huddled over smoking pipes and arguing about politics. Alas, hidden behind a towering, lantern-lit façade and guarded by a carved tomcat, what you’ll actually find is a luxurious dining room, marble flooring and a library of classic English books.

What’s with the cat you say? In 1736 a Gin Act was established in an attempt to stop people excessively drinking gin by adding a tax. In order to avoid this pesky tax, public houses (pubs) would have a tomcat carving outside the business. Patrons would place a coin in the cat’s mouth to receive a shot of gin and contribute to paying the tax. What a time to be alive.

Back to Old Tom. As you may have gathered, the drinks menu will feature heavily around gin. In happy news,  there’s many new brands, flavours and even colours of said spirit lately and we cannot wait to sample every single one.

Behind the bar the big guns have been called in, in the form of world-class bartender Tom (probably not a coincidence) Angel (also not a coincidence). The former Kyomi godsend will lead the way with a passion for cutting edge cocktails.

Old Tom’s Summer Cup is everything you want for a Sunday arvo sesh with Four Pillars rare dry gin, nectarine, lime, roobioos tea and ginger beer.

The Ginacillin is made with Brookie’s gin, lemon, honey and a ginger and mezcal foam with ginger ash on top. It’s actually to die for friends.

The formal dining room will offer a set three, six and nine course menu of modern Australian dishes while the lounge and library will have a more relaxed bar snack and share plate menu.

The Southern Squid Puttanesca looks the goods with line caught calamari cooked in dashi (made from locally foraged kelp) and with nasturtium capers, kim chi purslane and smoked, cured egg yolk.

We’re also partial to the Duck Porridge with dry aged Maremma duck cooked in soft jus gras, paperbark smoked prune puree, puffed buckwheat, wilted beach mustard and oxalis leaves. Sounds intense, tastes amazing.

Fun fact: Maremma ducks are farmed in Taralga, NSW and are the epitome of free-range ducks, allowed to roam around and forage for bugs and leaves as they please.

Check out Broadbeach coming up with the goods. Old Tom Restaurant and Bar opens Friday November 24th.

LOCATION: Shop 12-15 Victoria Ave, Broadbeach
HOURS: Tuesday to Thursday 5.30pm – late. Friday 12pm – late. Saturday 12pm – late, Sunday 10am – 3pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

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