EatClub is the new ‘must-have’ app for your Gold Coast night out

EatClub App (image supplied)
EatClub App (image supplied)

One of the greatest and most simple pleasures in life is eating out. There’s next to no effort involved, the menu always showcases a broader and more vibrant selection than your fridge, and when it’s all over, there isn’t a single dish to be washed in sight.

It’s no secret the world of hospitality took quite a hit last year, but with some of the most creative people at their helm, it’s an industry that is consistently pivoting. Some of this is due to the introduction of new, fast-paced technologies allowing eateries to operate at a slicker rate. Waiters’ orders to the kitchen are no longer on paper and you’re absolutely not getting in anywhere on a Saturday night without a pre-booked online reservation. But how about finally something for you, the customer?

Look no further than the exciting restaurant-based app EatClub. In conjunction with legendary celebrity chef Marco Pierre White who mentored both Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal, not to mention regularly appearing on MasterChef Australia, it’s safe to say whatever Marco does involving food is worth paying attention to!

What is EatClub though? EatClub enables diners (ie smart cookies like you) to access deals touting up to 50% off their bill during off-peak or slower periods at local restaurants, a real win-win for you and restaurants alike! There’s even an interactive real-time map allowing you to scope out what and more precisely, where on the Gold Coast there’s a deal, fairly nifty, eh? Already active in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and now our own GC, the world-first app has already garnered 1.5 million downloads and has a staggering 1,500 Australian restaurants available to you.

Marco Pierre White - Co-founder of EatClub (image supplied)
Marco Pierre White - Co-founder of EatClub (image supplied)

If you’re looking for something new, EatClub actively encourages you to discover new restaurants across the Gold Coast with a fresh deal. Foundation partners include famed burger bar Brooklyn Depot, De Vito Waterfront (with the singing chef), Gringo Loco Cantina for a Mexican feast, Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers, Muso Ramen Bar, Cycho’s Wings, Som Tam Gai, Sofia’s Restaurant & Bar and Shiraz Authentic Persian Restaurant. It appears that this is just the start of a Gold Coast food tech and budget friendly revolution.

EatClub is not only changing the way Australians choose to dine, but also motivating you to to eat out more often (we all lost some socialising time last year, so let’s make up for it!).

Instead of ordering home-delivery that never tastes quite the same as kitchen-fresh, EatClub wants you to get a good deal, get out there and discover great new local restaurants!

So jump on your phone, download EatClub and scroll through to find the best deals closest to you! After all folks, there is only so much couch dinner and The Bachelor/Bachelorette one can take. We have a beautiful city and world-class dining options — EatClub will only allow you to enjoy them more often!

Words by Alex Mitcheson.



Sofia's Restaurant and Bar (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Sofia's Restaurant and Bar (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)


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