Cychos Buffalo Wings

Let it be known that if it were socially acceptable (and good for the waistline), we would eat fried chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Burgers, wings, burgers with wings in them, just keep those tasty little goodies coming all day long.

Conveniently, Southport newbie Cychos Buffalo Wings are on hand to provide us with that exact lifestyle and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Now if you’re thinking, wait a minute guys, I’ve heard that name before, you are correct. Cychos itself is not a newbie so much, but the restaurant aspect of it is. The buffalo wing and burger dream team have been around for over four years in the form of a VERY in demand food truck. Which is where you’ve no doubt sampled their eats before.

As we said though, they are so in demand that Gold Coast locals have been hounding them for a space they can visit all the time and it’s really good to know we aren’t the only ones.

Cychos Buffalo Wings can be found in Australia Fair Metro and is the work of Cyrus Blaton and his wife Hanzel, passionate Gold Coast locals of 11 years who met as flight attendants while traversing the globe.

Which is important because not only did their travels lead them to one another, but also to the MANY delicious flavours of their world-class wings.

From Buffalo (the traditional American-style and our firm favourite) to Miso Orange – Japanese-inspired, Chinese Bourbon, Filo Adobo and Vietnamese Chicken, you can taste a whole world of buffalo wings, all from the comfort of a little side booth in our bustling CBD, Southport.

They’re all taste sensations and you should treat yourself to every single flavour. Plus, if you pay $25, you get UNLIMITED wings for one hour including French fries and rice. How many can you do?

Burger-wise, we recommend the Buffalo Chicken (obviously) because it has a deep fried buffalo chicken fillet with Cycho’s buffalo sauce, smoked cheddar cheese and coleslaw on a milk bun. SO good.

The Cycho Burger is also very yummy with a hand-pressed premium patty, grilled mushrooms, lettuce, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese and smoked spiced mayo on a milk bun. We gave both a good nudge.

If you need more sides, there’s loaded fries in four varieties and you may also eat sliders if you aren’t quite full yet.

There are a couple of beers on tap, a selection of wines and (the perfect accompaniment to any burger situation) exceptional milkshakes to wash it all down.

For dessert, deep-fried ice cream with Corn Flakes. Yes please.

From a food truck with three flavours to a stand-alone venue with some of the tastiest burgers and wings around – you’ve done good Cychos, thank you for bringing us the things we love most.

Get in there and show ‘em some love.

LOCATION: 6 Young Street, Southport
HOURS: Daily from 11.30am until 9pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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