Cubby Bakehouse owners set to open new doughnut spot

Chinderella doughnut (images supplied)

In some of the very best news all year (and there’s been quite a lot considering), we bring you a story that will absolutely have you ditching that get-in-shape-for-summer plan you had going on.

Local legends and owners of of Bam Bam Bakehouse, Cubby Bakehouse and Custard Canteen, Ben and Ursula Watts have been working on a casual outdoor coffee-and-doughnut spot in the heart of Chinderah – just a few hundred metres up the road from Cubby Bakehouse.

It’s called Chinderella, and it’s the fun, cute little sister to Cubby – who you no doubt already love with all of your heart. Same.

Chinderella will be a small, casual, grab-and-go venue overlooking the Tweed River, with a handful of picnic tables sprinkled across the garden – expect lots of plants, pretty flowers, striped umbrellas and a lush green archway overhead, all centered around a refurbed doughnut van, which is where you’ll grab your goodies from.

Cubby Bakehouse (image supplied)

Chinderella is all about hot doughnuts (the cinnamon variety) and specialty coffee, underscored by a few extras like house-made sausage rolls, ice-cold smoothies and some grab-and-go goodies. The coffee is still Marvell Street (Byron Bay) with both espressos and filter on pour.

Chinderella is very casual and super laid-back (but also a little bit magical). Everything will be served takeaway – you’ll literally order from the van then plonk yourself on a picnic table, or you can grab it to go, or stroll over and enjoy it by the river.

It’s a simple concept – just doughnuts and coffee in a pretty garden – and one we absolutely adore already.

If you’ve been to any of Ben and Ursula’s venues before (and we know you have) you’ll understand that this is the news we’ve been waiting for.

Chinderella is opening this summer, date still to be confirmed but stay tuned, we’ll let you know as soon as you can get those sweet, sweet doughnuts in your mouth.

LOCATION: Chinderah, NSW

Chinderella doughnut (images supplied)



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