There’s an important health check you probably haven’t had

These days it seems like there’s about 850 things we need to do each day to ensure optimal health mentally, physically and spiritually. Wellness websites tout apple cider vinegar shots, meditating for six hours a day, burning oil to help you sleep (not the cooking kind), all of the things we had never even heard of a few short years ago.

Of course, many of those things can help with your general health and wellbeing, prevention is indeed better than a cure and we absolutely support living your very best life, whatever that means to you but there are important health-related steps you should be taking, we bet you probably aren’t.

Here we are though, to give you a gentle nudge in that direction.

We’re talking about health checks and today in particular, diabetes checks. Now we know what you’re thinking, I’m too young to have a diabetes but YOU’RE NOT friends.

Read on please.

First of all (in case you’re not aware) diabetes is a chronic (long term) condition in which the levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood are too high. This can be because the pancreas is not producing enough insulin or there’s a problem with how the body’s cells are responding to it.

The two main types of diabetes are type 1 and type 2 – one of which is insulin dependent (type 1) and of which is not (type 2). Type 1 is more commonly seen in people under 30 years of age and Type 2 in those over 40 (although onset can be earlier) and also, anyone of any age can get either so there’s no real need for that entire paragraph.

The point is you’re not immune.

While we’re obviously not experts on the causes of diabetes, the disease often occurs due to consuming too much sugar which, as we said, can’t be broken down and stays in the system.

Sidenote: sugar can be found in SO MANY foods and often ones you wouldn’t think of so it’s important to be aware of where it’s hiding. That’s a good start.

But it’s equally and/or even more important to have your health checked. Which brings us back to the very-far-away-now introduction to this story.

Health checks. You know where you can get a quick, no fuss, FREE health check? Chempro Chemists that’s where.

Not only a chemist filled with any kind of health, beauty and wellness goodie you could possibly need, Chempro Chemists are a leading health care service provider and the only friendly neighbourhood chemist who offer such a thing.

It’s obviously handy in so many ways. The first of which is convenience, just getting a quick health check when you pick up your next prescription or run out of mascara. The second of which is not having to pay because there are so many other exciting things to spend your cash on in a chemist and the third of which is peace of mind.

Easy as that guys.

So you see, health checks are something we need to do more of, along with preventative health care and also consuming less sugar-filled goodies.

Make your health a priority Gold Coasters, it’s as simple as walking into a Chempro Chemist and asking the question.

Words by Kirra Smith.




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