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Devour stacked burgers and smoked meats at Ashmore newbie

Bonnie’s Industrial Café is now open.

It has been quite some time since we’ve brought news of a café opening on the Gold Coast but here we are with exactly that. Which makes us very happy.

Bonnie’s Industrial Café is the first cab off the rank post being homebound for what felt like a billion years and so, here’s the lowdown on the newbie you should absolutely pop into ASAP.

Found in yes, the industrial area out Ashmore way, Bonnie’s is serving up some absolutely delicious eats and as you’d expect in this day and age, they deliver said delicious eats to a few areas around the place in case you’re still not keen on leaving the house.

Tucked away on Expo Court, the café fits in perfectly with it’s surround featuring a space set with a high bench table, plenty of greenery throughout and steel barrels laden with flowers. At the front, there’s an undercover outdoor eating area that gets plenty of sunshine so you can take five out there and watch the world go by.

While you eat all of the things of course. What kind of things you ask? Well friends, cafe-style things but done extra well.

For example; a burger with the lot on a 100% butter brioche bun, a Roasted Roll of the Day with 14-hour slow cooked meat on a brioche sub with mustard, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion (YUM) or for breakfast, a Maple Bacon Hash Stack with hash browns (love you), smashed avo, rocket, maple bacon, poached eggs and Hollandaise.

All absolutely next-level.

You may also indulge in a mixed plate with your choice of 14-hour slow cooked meat (seasoned chicken, rosemary lamb or honey mustard beef) plus a salad and chips for just $14.90. The goods.

Of course, there are fresh salads and rolls to-go plus fried things like chicken tenders, potato scallops, fish and calamari.

If you’re popping in for a morning brew you’ll be sipping Cr8ive Coffee fresh out of Nerang and owned by a local family.

Owner Bonnie (obvs) moved to the Gold Coast from Melbourne chasing the warm weather with many years hospitality ownership under her belt to deliver us something very, very good that we will absolutely be returning to as often as possible.

Hooray for new venues doing epic things.

LOCATION: 2/26 Expo Court, Ashmore
HOURS: Monday to Friday 6am until 3pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Industrial Cafe

If you are the kind of person whose three favourite things are sweet, never-before-seen interiors, ballsy neon signs and next-level coffee, you’re in luck because those three things can all be found in the brand new Burleigh coffee spot that is Industrial Café.

Yes, you guys, it’s one of the coolest little spots we’ve ever laid eyes on and, as of this week, it’s open for you to lay your eyes on too. Industrial Café can be found in an off-the-beaten-track little place we like to call behind-Bermuda-Burleigh (just made that up, can you tell) which is the section of Burleigh Heads just behind Bermuda Street. Yep.

Anyway, the space is the work of one Jacqui Scorgie, the delightful lady behind one of your old Palmy faves, Department of Coffee, which sadly shut down last year but also happily because now we get this little newbie.

It can be found on Hutchinson St amongst the really quite cool warehouse spaces and behind two beautifully ornate doors brought all the way from Bali. There’s a little courtyard space out the front with greenery all about and some long tables on which to enjoy your goodies.

Inside is where the magic happens though. The polished concrete walls curve into the ceiling and it’s all one continuous wall/floor/ceiling situation the likes of which we’ve never seen before. The bench space is also polished concrete and a glass cabinet filled with baked treats is lit from behind by a sign that reads, “bitch better have my coffee”, which is truly great.

It’s all edgy and underground bunker-esque and we’re big fans. BIG.

Jacquie has sourced her coffee direct from the coffee Gods of Australia (Melbourne) and not only is Proud Mary a delicious drop, it is also completely sustainable. As are the cups it’s served in for that matter.

Food-wise, there are muffins, banana bread (love you), homemade granola and vegan bliss balls but the pièce de résistance is easily the toasties (when isn’t it the toasties).

While flavours change daily, you can expect variations such as turkey, Camembert, spinach and cranberry sauce and silverside with spinach, fresh tomato and white mustard sauce. Gimme.

Like we said, if you’re a fan of epic interiors and even better coffee, it’s high time you paid a visit to Industrial Café, it’s a real treat in more ways than one.

LOCATION: 3a, 14 Hutchinson St, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: Monday to Friday 5.30am until midday and Saturday 7am until 10am

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Refinery Coffee undergoes sleek, industrial-style revamp

It’s the new year and you know what that means Gold Coasters, new goals, new you (apparently), new clothes (because, new you), new whatever you like because we all love new things. Especially pretty ones.

Speaking of pretty new things, we come bearing breakfast news. And lunch news for that matter.

Refinery Currumbin on Currumbin Creek Rd, out in the much-loved industrial area where a number of excellent cafes, homeware stores, breweries and bakeries reside, has had quite the makeover in the last few months and it might just be your new fave brunch spot.

If you’ve visited the previous space, you’d know it was a small space slinging good coffee and a few bites to eat.

Now it’s a big, open, industrial-style space with high ceilings, a mezzanine level overlooking the ground floor and an outdoor area complete with umbrellas and sunshiny street views. The coffee bar is a light shade of blush pink, set off by white walls and a string of lights overhead and of course, a few pops of greenery for good measure.

It’s a sleek, industrial-style look with a warm, friendly vibe perfectly at home in the back streets of Currumbin.

Of course, with a big new space comes a big, new kitchen and you know what that means; a big new menu too.

It’s packed with nourishing, colourful dishes that are actual taste sensations like Buckwheat Waffles with a chai baked apple (amazing), mascarpone, honeycomb and seasonal fruits with lemon balm and spiced apple syrup. Yes indeed.

There’s also a Green Bowl with quinoa, brown rice, hummus, avocado, sauerkraut, goat’s cheese, dukkha, citrus and red vein sorrel. It may just be the best tasting one we’ve ever sampled.

For lunch the Classic Cheeseburger is the goods with a housemade beef patty, classic dill pickles, Colby jack cheese, tomato and mustard. Also excellent.

To drink there are cold-pressed juices, milkshakes, smoothies, and of course coffee – of the Blackboard variety no less.

You see, new things are so good and you’ll find plenty of them down at Refinery Coffee. Do yourself a favour.

LOCATION: 1/37 Currumbin Creek Rd, Currumbin
HOURS: Monday to Friday 5.30am until 2.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 6am until 2pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Next Door Espresso moves into St Barts new Burleigh space

We are people who are quite passionate about several things in life but at the very top of that list is good coffee, mouthwatering eats and life-changing homewares (probably in that order honestly).

Which is why it brings us great pleasure to report on the latest Gold Coast happening, this weeks’ opening of Next Door Espresso slash St Barts homewares and interior design showroom in Burleigh Heads.

If there is a dream-come-true combination on the Coast, it is this one friends because you can both peruse the absolutely mind-blowing art, furniture and general homewares goodness the team at St Barts are famous for curating, then sit yourself down for one of the best coffees around while also sampling fresh, delicious eats and congratulating yourself on a day well spent.

Perfect, no?

Found on Junction Rd in Burleigh, the new space opened on Monday September 16th and if you’ve ever visited Next Door Espresso’s Tweed Heads venue, you’ll know you’re in for a treat.

The eatery section of the space is surrounded by white, Bessel block walls and decked out with timber tables, rattan lounge chairs, a beautiful concrete coffee bar and dotted with greenery, making it the perfect post-shopping relaxation zone.

On the menu you’ll find brunch goodies along the lines of Spiced Bircher, the prettiest of Acai bowls, Avo Toast, a Field of Greens bowl filled with yes, greens but also quinoa, avocado, lemon, seeds and feta (so yummy) and toasties (love you).

The coffee is organic by Federal brewers Moonshine who are really very good at what they do. One of the best cuppas around.

There’s also a seven-spice Chai you should definitely taste, cold-pressed juices and organic Mayde Tea (local too).


St Barts
St Barts

Now let’s talk homewares because St Barts have created something very special that you’ve no doubt experienced at their flagship store at The Brickworks. The new Burleigh space is a double storey masterpiece filled with luxury homewares, furniture, fashion and artworks. All of which will have you wandering around in wide-eyed awe.

Upstairs, St Barts sister brand FINEPRINT co are showcasing limited edition prints alongside art by local creatives and we would like one of everything for our homes please.

It’s the perfect place to go should you need to fill your home with stunning pieces that last a lifetime (which you obviously do) or pick out the prettiest of gifts for a friend.

Speaking of perfect, how good is this collaboration between Next Door Espresso and St Barts, we see lots of both in our futures friends.

Pop in and show them some love, prepare to stay awhile.

LOCATION: 24 Junction Rd, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: Next Door Espresso – 7am until 3pm daily, St Barts – 9am to 5pm weekdays and 9am to 2pm Saturday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

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