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The Arc at Nobby’s

The Nobby Beach favourite's next-level makeover.

Nobby’s, home of the never-ending good vibes, has pulled through for us again with the recent makeover of longtime favourite Nobby’s Arc.

The much-loved drinking hole has been taken over by the gals at Forreal Kitchen next door and the makeover is akin to 1998 Jared Leto vs. 2018 Jared Leto (Google it, trust us). In a word, stunning.

The Arc we know and love has been around for quite some time and from the time it first swung open its’ doors, it was absolutely packed every night. That certainly won’t change with the new look; in fact it’s upped the ante of the Nobby’s nighttime scene if you ask us.

The low-lit vibe you came to know and love still exists but now comes with a hint of sleek sophistication in the form of velvet lounge chairs down one side and a fun new neon sign that is our actual life motto reading ‘bad ideas, good times’. Seriously.

Fancy matte black and gold seating sets the scene and actual mini palm trees (pretty sure that’s not what they’re technically called) are dotted throughout. Oh and two magical round light bulb cluster situations are our new favourite thing.

The team has completely revamped the menu too. If you’ve been to Forreal Kitchen you’ll know they don’t do menus by halves. A chef has been brought in to spice things up but don’t fret, the wood fired pizzas Nobby’s Arc are known for are still on offer (except better) along with dishes like Spicy Braised Pork Belly (which is so very delicious).

There are plenty of small plates to share including Prickly Ash Dusted Calamari and Miso Chicken and they’re all the best of the best.

Wash those down with a next-level cocktail from the revamped (and yes extended) menu and you’ll be a happy little Vegemite.

We recommend the Spicy Blue because it has tequila, jalapenos, blueberry jalapeno sugar syrup, lemon juice, chilli and coriander and it is one of THE BEST cocktails we’ve ever sampled. Which is saying a lot because, well, you know us.

Next up go the Velvet Dream with Lillet Blanc, gin, St Germaine elderflower liqueur and pink grapefruit juice and oh my, what a treat.

Not only are there all the new things, all your favourite old things are still on offer including comedy night on Wednesday’s, Furphy Friday’s – where you can get $5 schooners, $9 pints and $10 spritzers.

Let’s talk about the spritzers for a second. There are five varieties including the Damselfly which includes champagne, gin, St Germaine elderflower liqueur, blood orange syrup and Angostura bitters. For $10 (usually $16). Bye money.

Sunday arvo sessions have never looked so good.

See you there for a Spritzer or three.

LOCATION: Shop 4, 28 Chairlift Ave, Nobby Beach
HOURS: 3pm until midnight Wednesday to Friday and 12pm to 12am Saturday and Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

© 2024 All Rights Reserved.