We love Japanese food A LOT. So many tasty, perfectly prepared options, so many sweet, flavour-packed sauces, so much goodness. Happily, a new Japanese eatery opened in Nobby’s a couple of weeks ago, giving us even more of our favourite cuisine to fill our tummies with.

Found on Chairlift Ave, Aburibi is a low-lit space reminiscent of a secret, back alley venue that serves only the very best.

Vintage photographs of Japanese culture line one wall and the intimate space is

lined with textured wallpaper giving it an edgy, perfectly-at-home-in-Nobbys vibe.

The menu primarily showcases charcoal chicken, a preferred method of cooking in Japan but there are plenty of dishes you’ll definitely want to try.

It’s a tapas style of menu designed to be paired with the many tasty tipples available at the bar so you know you’re in for a good time.

There is no reason in the world to not begin your dining experience with the Pasta Sticks, which are indeed sticks of deep fried pasta with Aburibi’s original seasoning. Of course you’ll also want to sample their signature grilled Yakitori (chicken) and you may choose from thighs, wings and meatballs. Taste sensations.

Next up, you’ll want to order some share plates and obviously Karaage chicken is the go, as are a few plates of Gyoza and perhaps some Camembert Cheese Tempura because is there anything better in the world than deep-fried cheese? No there is not.

All the regular delights are available too, including Aburi Salmon, thinly sliced Wagyu Beef and slow cooked pork belly.

For mains, we would always (every single day) order Teriyaki Salmon plus the Mixed Fried Seafood dish also looks the goods.

For dessert, give the Matcha ice cream a go, or perhaps the Black Sesame. Maybe both.

There’s also a set menu, if choosing isn’t your thing. You may choose from the $40 and $55 (per person) options, both of which include a selection of the most popular dishes so you can sample a few.

Drinks-wise, the cocktail menu is made up of a few Japanese favourites including an Umesyu Highball with plum wine, whisky, soda water and fresh lemon and a Mongo Sour with syochu, frozen mango nectar and soda water. Of course, there are a few sakes to sip too.

So, if you, like us could eat Japanese food (and sip Japanese cocktails) all day long, you best get yourself in to Aburibi at the earliest available opportunity.

We’ll probably be there too.

LOCATION: Shop 8, 28 Chairlift Ave, Nobby Beach
HOURS: 5.30pm until 9pm Monday to Saturday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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