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A bottomless margarita brunch has dropped on the Coast

Marg our words, it's happy hour.

Well hasn’t this year just flown? I feel like everyone says that every year, but here we are in JULY and that 2020 plan is looking less and less likely to get off the ground.

But as we slowly creep out of the woodwork to our new normal, thankfully there are some people who absolutely charged through and now we have some pretty cool things happening across the Coast!

Case in point, a bottomless margaraita brunch is happening girlfriends! I never thought this day would come, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and it comes in the form of a fancy salt rimmed glass with a wedge of lime.

Brought to you by the team at Mr. in Nobby Beach who have been working tirelessly the past few months and have obvs not slowed down in their ingenious concepts.

So what are the deets? Happening every Sunday, grab your most fun-loving mates and snag a table for two hours (12pm-2pm or 2.30pm-4.30pm), consume unlimited margaritas and a delectable brunch for just $99 per person.

I’m sure you can work out the exceptional value here… but let me entertain you further with what you’ll get…

Your brunch dishes include a Bug Roll (I know, hold your squeal, there’s more), Fried Chicken with lime, soy and ginger (come at me), Prawn Fried Rice and an Asian Salad (just for decoration I think).

I’m not sure what your Sunday usually looks like, but it’s certainly putting my usual recovery drive-thru fried chicken and chips (with extra salt) to shame.

For the sake of this article, we’ll say, go for the food, but really, let’s get down to business here… this is a bottomless margi’s brunch… and there’s quite a few to choose from.

Definitely start your journey with the Traditional, a classic for all the margarita lovers out there. Then you can sample your way through the Red Ruby Grapefruit, Chilli & Mango, Passionfruit & Coconut or Pineapple. You’re sure to find a new fave (personally, I’ll be grabbing the Chilli & Mango and then proceed to convince all my ‘can’t consume spicy’ friends that it’s not hot, when I just enjoy watching them writhe in agony).

So if you haven’t seen your friends in a while, this is the big glowing neon sign shining in your face to give them a call and book in for a catch-up on Sunday at Mr.

LOCATION: 28 Chairlift Ave, Nobby Beach
HOURS: Wed & Thu 5pm until late, Fri – Sat 12pm until late, Sun 12pm until 4.30pm

Words by Carly Snodgrass
Mr. Images by Brittani Johnson


It’s been too long between new venues opening in Nobby’s Beach, so we are super pumped for the latest addition, simply titled, Mr.
Opening on Friday 15th November, this sleek, new share-style dining venue is everything we expected it to be from the unstoppable sister duo and much more.

Located next-door to Shonel Alloway and Kylie Fitzgerald’s already established restaurants Forreal Kitchen & The Arc in Nobby’s Beach, Mr. is a tastefully designed intimate space with a menu that’ll suit the finer palate.

Offering both indoor and outdoor seating, the restaurant/bar will seat a maximum of 52 guests at any one time, so you’re sure to have a bespoke dinner to appreciate the luscious detail on the menu and in the design.

You’ll first spot the gold accents, darkened windows and simple gold signage outside of Mr., certainly giving nothing away for what awaits you inside, but as always is the perfect position to perch for Nobby’s Beach people watching.

Upon entry, a feast for your eyes prepares you for the scrumptious food and delectable cocktails the girls are well-known for. Dusty pink leather booths line the surrounds, with teal tiles and teal leather bar stools encompassing the dark marble-topped bar.

Reminiscent of a sassy bar you’d find in a Mad Men episode eloquently spiced up with large scale floral features that can only be the handiwork of risk takers, who absolutely nail mixing different design elements.

The casual, sophisticated yet romantic environment is the perfect setting for date nights, business dinners or solo dining atop the bar.

But let’s get down to the delights on the innovative food menu designed by chef Beau Irvine. We are without hesitation that the 24hrs fresh from the rocks and shucked to order oysters are what the people will be coming for time and time again. There are seven different oyster styles to choose from and we’ll be taking them all thanks with a glass of champagne to match.

Moving onto the small plates section of the menu, we love crowd favourites like zucchini flowers, kingfish ceviche and prawn toast to kick off your night of taste sensation.
If you’re into slightly larger portions, the Asian dish of char sui pork with lashings of a thick, rich sauce will tantalise your taste buds, but we also wouldn’t turn down the bite size Peking duck wontons or garlic Mooloolaba king prawns cooked to perfection.

And if you’re sharing in a group (or by yourself, no judgment here) the soft shell crab risotto will not leave you wanting, beef flank for your weekly iron intake and fancy confit duck legs will keep the whole team happy.

Not to forget the sides, but can we make special mention of the mac and cheese as an inclusion? We’re so glad to see this on the menu, we’re not ashamed to pretend we don’t love it, as a side, or you know, just by itself.

We hope you’ve left room for dessert because if you miss the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mousse cake, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice.

We know that not everyone is a dessert person, so may we interest you in one of the amazing cocktails on offer, of course we can… With three pages of the menu dedicated to cocktails, Mr. knows what the people want.

The 8 Year cocktail is listed on the Mr. inspired menu and it consists of chilli infused bacardi 8 year old with joseph carton apricot liqueur, lime juice, angustora bitters with a dash of house made ginger and chilli syrup, which is really just a fancy way of describing a smooth firecracker in your mouth.

If you’re more of a martini-style peep, may we suggest the Coco Chanel, a stunning blend of vodka, kahlua and liqor 43 with vanilla sugar syrup that is then shaken and double strained into a chilli martini glass, finished with a persian chocolate fairy floss float… see half the fun isn’t even in the name.

LOCATION: 28 Chairlift Ave, Nobby Beach
HOURS: Wed & Thu 5pm until late, Fri – Sun 12pm until late

Words by Carly Snodgrass
Photos by Brittani Johnson

Bine Bar & Dining

Party all night at Nobby’s new dive bar, Nightcap

If there was one thing Nobby’s was missing (and these days there’s probably only one thing), it was a dance-til-you-drop, graffiti-covered dive bar with very few rules.

SURPRISE, that thing is missing no longer thanks to the team who gifted us Nightjar in Burleigh (you see where we’re going with this don’t you), Bine Beer Bar, Mr Hizola’s, Soho Place Bar and Hideaway Kitchen & Bar.

Yes Gold Coasters, Nightcap is now open in Nobby’s and you can expect a very similar vibe to that of older (but absolutely not wiser) sister-venue Nightjar.


Which, if you’ve not yet had the pleasure, is somewhat of an anything goes-style situation with bulk debauchery, reveling and late night regret. So all the best things.

Nightcap, found on the highway in Nobby’s is marked with a neon red sign and an inconspicuous (of course) door leading into a space filled with album covers and records which could probably you entertain for hours, but the real entertainment is awaiting you on the other side of a wall that somehow blocks out every single ounce of noise coming from within.

And within is where it’s at folks. As you’d expect, having no doubt frequented Nightjar on several occasions, the walls are covered in neon lights (love) and graffiti-style artwork with a stage for bands in one corner and a very dark booth for whatever you like really, in another.

The bar is decked out with many a bottle of the good stuff obvs but also a few fun things you should keep an eye out for while waiting in line for a tequila shot or two.

On the cocktail menu are tasty treats like the OG Margi, an ACDC Espresso, The Red Hot Chilli Pepper and the Dead Mans Espresso, among others and having sampled the lot, we can highly recommend each and every one.

The bar crew are VERY well versed in the art of cocktail making, again amongst other things, so do yourself a favour and get involved in those. Of course, there are also beers on tap and in bottles and all of the shots on offer.

If you’re a spiced rum fan (which you should be), the Dead Mans Fingers is really very good and you should mix that right up with some fresh apple juice.

Live music is the name of the game at Nightcap and there’s something on every night with new bands getting the chance to take the stage too. It’s a bit of an easygoing, rock music vibe which is fun and very good for dancing the night away.

Of course there are parties aplenty to be enjoyed at Nightcap – a Bad Santa party is coming up on Sunday the 22nd of December with $5 Dead Mans basics, $15 Dead Mans cocktails, live music and plenty of said debauchery no doubt.

Get in there for a good time, it’s our new fave drinking hole and we’re pretty sure it’ll be yours too.

LOCATION: 2245 Gold Coast Hwy, Nobby Beach
HOURS: 6pm until midnight daily 

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

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