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6 bucket list destinations to visit from the Gold Coast

From snow-capped mountains to bright city lights, we’ve got you covered.

Roy's Peak by Felix Lam

The concept of an endless summer is somewhat of a reality to us Gold Coasters and while we’re all quite stoked to be living it, sometimes the beautiful chaos of the big city calls, or we get the urge to snuggle up by the fire with a glass of red and a blanket of snow outside.

Luckily, our little slice of paradise now has the world at our fingertips and it’s easier than ever to tick off a few of those life-changing bucket-list trips.

Perhaps you’re not aware of just how many epic international destinations you can get to from our sparkly shores. Well friends, we’re here today to enlighten you – you can explore all of Gold Coast Airport’s bucket list destination on their destinations page here.

Booking fingers at the ready.

New Zealand
Oh NZ how we love you.If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of spending time with our stunning neighbours, we suggest you move it to the top of the list.New Zealand is one of the most mind-blowing natural destinations in the world with its snowcapped mountains (and Instagram hot spot Roy’s Peak),exceptional eats and a vista desperate to be explored via campervan. It’s also home to the longest place name in the world! And only a four-hour flight away, get it on your bucket list, stat!

Where the city buzz meets harmonious countryside, Japan is a must-do experience and should sit amongst the top on your bucket list. If you’re on a mission to have a truly unique holiday, Japan is unmissable with its penchant for vending-machine-everything, wasabi-flavoured Kit Kats and the super colourful Kawaii Monster Cafe. Outside the frenzy of the cities you’ll find temples, abundant wildlife and of course, the towering majesty of Mount Fuji. The trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Hakone Open-Air Museum worth every piece of real estate on your social media feed. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Singapore by Will Truettner

Before setting foot in Singapore, one must make time to explore Changi Airport; it’s a world in itself! Eat, explore, sleep, repeat is the mantra of anyone and everyone who has ever set foot on the sparkly island state that is a world unto itself. It’s hailed as a rich tapestry of arts and culture, a foodie paradise, a mecca for both fashionistas and those who love locally made wares and THE place to go for nonstop thrills. Sign us up. Singapore is also known as a city in a garden so don’t go thinking you can’t stretch out in a lush green park when in need of a recharge. There’s also an incredible lineup of festivals and sporting events throughout the year making Singapore more than a stopover destination. What more could you want? Bucket list, tick!

Phuket is full of some of the best-kept secrets in Thailand. At least they were a secret, until now! Sweeping white sand beaches leading to the clearest of turquoise waters are set amongst a backdrop of lush green rainforests. Not only physical beauty though, perfect Phuket is adored for its authentic, flavour-filled food including incredible curries and seafood dishes that pair perfectly with all of the beachside relaxing you’ll be doing. Hikers, climbers and waterfall lovers will be right at home as will adrenaline junkies who love white water rafting, kayaking and quad biking. If being horizontal is more your thing (yes, hi) beachside cocktails in the sunshine are always a good idea. Let’s go.

Kuala Lumpur
If the sweet, chaotic sounds of the city are calling your name, look no further than KL. It’s an eclectic melting pot of culture and class and if it’s not already on that bucket list of yours, stop right now and write it down. The city boasts a charm like no other having incorporated the flavours of the world into everything from the food to the architecture. Of course Kuala Lumpur also pays homage to its own rich history with countless galleries and museums dotted throughout for your exploring pleasure. The shopping is exceptional, the nightlife is electric and you might just find yourself on a worldwide adventure, all in the space of one holiday. A definite must-visit.

Seoul by Pauline Mae de Leon

Seoul is a city bursting with unique charm and ready to be explored when direct flights launch in December from the Gold Coast. With all the colour and charisma of Buenos Aires, but culture and culinary delights of nearby neighbor, Japan, Seoul is very much a hidden gem. When in South Korea, one must try sweetened Soju, devour a Korean Cheeseburger (essentially barbecued meat wrapped in lettuce but oh, so yummy!) and get muddy at Daecheon beach – your skin will thank us later. And if you hold a foreign passport, take a detour to the DMZ, the demilitarized zone, and dip a toe into North Korea – an unforgettable day trip.

Impressive right? This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to must-do experiences around the world; you can of course get to pretty much anywhere on your bucket list from Gold Coast Airport these days including Europe, other parts of Asia and the USA.

Of course, once you’ve stamped all the pages on your passport, you can fly on home to the Gold Coast, a bucket list destination in itself.

What a place.

No doubt you’ve booked at least three holidays now and same, we’re all in this together.

To explore every bucketlist destination you can fly to from Gold Coast Airport, check out their destinations page here.


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