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5 must-sees at Gold Coast Open House 2019

Get your fill of local heritage and awe-inspiring architecture.

The time of year when we get to peek inside people’s homes and beautiful architectural buildings across the Coast without getting into trouble for being creepy is upon us once again Gold Coasters.

That’s right friends, in just a few short weeks, iconic Gold Coast buildings and some absolutely mind-blowing homes will throw open their doors so you can waltz on in and learn a thing or two about our local heritage and marvel at some insane architecture.

On Saturday 19th October 2019, the fifth annual Gold Coast Open House unlocks places and spaces right across the city. From heritage gems to sports venues and inspiring buildings, homes, churches, schools, universities, museums, art galleries, TV and radio stations, public utilities and workplaces, all of which reflect our city’s unique architecture and urban design.

Keith Williams House

We’ve chosen five spaces to chat about so you get a look into what’s on offer when Gold Coast Open House rolls around.

Gold Coast Mosque
We have quite honestly never set foot inside a mosque but what an honour it is to be able to do so thanks to Gold Coast Open House. The building, with a large green dome the most prominent design feature, was built in 1996 and if you choose to tour through the space, you’ll get to peek inside the prayer room complete with an intricate chandelier conveying transcendental symbolism. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn a bit more about a culture that we don’t often have access to, so highly recommend getting on board for this one.
Where: 144 Allied Drive, Arundel

Southport Bathing Pavilion
A beautiful building on the beach at Southport, the bathing pavilion was built in 1934 as a change room for people visiting the Broadwater beach. The Pavilion is historically significant as it demonstrates the development of the Gold Coast as a seaside resort in the 1930s and reflects a new culture associated with beach going. Pop in to learn about some interesting Gold Coast history and check out the gallery for some old school local imagery. Don’t miss this spot.
Where: Marine Pde, Southport

Gold Coast Mosque

Surfworld Gold Coast
A museum dedicated to surfing is the perfect Gold Coast thing and if you’ve not yet had to pleasure of setting foot inside Surfworld, down Currumbin Way, now’s your chance. The museum has one of Australia’s, if not the world’s, greatest surfboard collections, including the Caballito de Totora which is the earliest known wave riding craft used to fish and catch waves. It’s a really cool place to check out and we highly recommend adding it to your list.
Where: 35 Tomewin St, Currumbin

Keith Williams House
Talk about a house you want to sticky beak at. Tourism entrepreneur, the late Keith Williams built this beauty in 1984 and it is unlike anything we’ve seen before. The three-storey rendered brick mansion was designed by Brisbane architect Roger Parkin in grand southern Californian style and it boasts a timbered billiards room and eight-seat cinema to name but a few small features. Overlooking the canals and with room for you and all your friends, go and pretend you’re living the high life just for a day.
Where: Commodore Dr, Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast Little Theatre
Dating back to 1950, Gold Coast Little Theatre (GCLT) is the Gold Coast’s oldest community theatre. In the early days, plays and musicals were staged in what is now known as Molly’s – two World War II Army Huts that sit one on top of the other. The main theatre building, which opened in 1983 has intimate seating for up to 150 guests. There are whisperings of a ghost, so keep your eyes peeled for that little guy (or gal).
Where: 21A Scarborough St, Southport 

Words by Kirra Smith

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