3 reasons to re-visit Ribs and Rumps

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a new restaurant opening on the Coast every five minutes, we get it. However it’s important to remember there are MANY places that have been around a little while now worth a (re)visit. One such place is Ribs and Rumps, located on the waters edge at Marina Mirage.

In the spirit of appreciating ALL the delicious foods on offer around the Coast, we’ve collated the three top reasons to visit Ribs and Rumps.

All of the meats:
As you might expect, Ribs and Rumps specialise in all things meaty. Recently the menu has been updated to include some tasty new treats and of course, all the old favourites. If ribs (and lots of them) are your thing, opt for Ribs, Ribs & Ribs – it’s 1kg of their famous combo, pork, beef and lamb ribs, served with coleslaw and fries, mash or herb and garlic potatoes.

Cocktail jugs:
That’s right friends, never again do you need to choose a measly single serve cocktail. Ribs and Rumps have just introduced said jugs of cocktails and, as you might imagine, they are going gangbusters amongst those who don’t mind a refreshingly delicious beverage (or three). Nothing in the world sounds better than an entire jug filled with Sour Watermelon Mojito right? Right.

The view:
There are very few places on the Coast where you can eat and drink while gazing longingly at giant yachts you’ll never be able to afford. Happily, at Ribs and Rumps, you can do exactly that. The venue overlooks the marina and is usually jam packed with spectacularly shiny vessels bobbing away in the sunshine. If not, you can always just watch over the sparkly water and that’s not so bad either is it.

Sounds like it’s about time for a trip to Marina Mirage doesn’t it gang? See you there for a sunset session.

LOCATION: Marina Mirage, Seaworld Drive, Main Beach
HOURS: 11.30am to 10pm daily.



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