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3 delicious dishes to try at Daymaker Espresso

But maybe eat everything.

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the happy news that Daymaker Espresso had opened it’s industrial-style doors in Miami and here’s some more to make your day (#sorrynotsorry).

As of a few short days ago, the local legends introduced their impressive food menu and it was well worth the (really quite short) wait.

Offering breakfast and lunch dishes, ALL of which cater for all of you (from vegans to carnivores) it’s a concept quite new to the Coast and one that will definitely delight your tastebuds no matter your dining persuasion.

Owners Dylan and Andrew have created a menu we’ve deemed ‘choose your own adventure’ because every dish has both a vegan and non-vegan option and of course, extras can be added to flesh things out (haha).

ANYWAY. Here are the three dishes we strongly encourage you to devour.

The Rosti
So potato rosti is one of the greatest things there is and Daymaker’s version is even better that. It’s served with confit tomatoes, spiced avocado mousse, grilled asparagus with a poached egg and hollandaise or no egg and vegan hollandaise if that’s your jam. An all time brekky favourite.

Everyday Avo
It’s anything but an everyday occurrence in your life believe us. Made with crushed avo on sourdough and topped with fresh watercress, pickled shallots, sliced radish and extra virgin olive oil. Hello new love of your life.

Beetroot Salad
A lunchtime dish that is indeed a salad, but not as you know it. It’s got mixed leaves, avo and beetroot puree, pickled shallots, almond feta(!) and a house vinaigrette. A combination for the ages kids.

While, of course, there are many a delicious dishes to sample, start with these guys because you may just be overwhelmed by choice upon spying the menu.

Brunch time.

LOCATION: 44 Pacific Ave, Miami
HOURS: From 5.30am to 3pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Daymaker Espresso

If we had to fabricate a fact about the Gold Coast, it would be that Miami is the smallest suburb in our seaside city. Where does it begin and end? Nobody knows. Something you do know though, is that size does not maketh the suburb and little Miami is definitely growing in one very important way – the opening of cool coffee joints way.

Lengthy introductions aside, we do speak the truth, Daymaker Espresso opened very recently and it will indeed make your day.

The sleek new space can be found on Pacific Ave next to the Pacific Ave Fruit and Meat Market and what a space it is.

Dark, moody (same) and minimalistic (not same), it’s all wooden furniture, benches and panels with black metal seating, a polished concrete floor, overhanging greenery and a concrete feature wall with even more greenery. So pretty much all our favourite things rolled into one.

An impressive coffee bar is also made with polished concrete and apparently it’s one huge piece just built right in there. People and their cleverness hey.

The coffee is the goods, brought to you all the way from Hawthorne in Melbourne, where all the coffee-obsessed kids can be found.

Owners Dylan and Andrew, who you will have seen in your PREVIOUS favourite coffee shops, are quite obviously coffee connoisseurs so they chose their absolute fave, which nobody else on the Coast is serving. Praise the coffee Gods.

At the moment you can grab yourself some small food goodies like croissants and various other baked thangs from Burleigh Baker and soon enough there’ll be a full breakfast and lunch menu.

Which will, food lovers, fully cater to everyone from the vegans to the meat lovers and be a small, seasonal menu that we are very excited about.

Happy days Miami folk. And the rest of you to be honest, well worth a little trip to taste that delicious, delicious coffee.

LOCATION: 44 Pacific Ave, Miami
HOURS: From 5.30am to 12pm daily (until the food arrives)

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Forreal Kitchen

Allow us to begin by sharing the news that deep fried Gaytimes are a thing and you can eat them at Nobby’s newbie Forreal Kitchen (previously Barchino).

The end.

Jks. Seriously though, did other people know this and keep what may be the most delicious food in the world a secret. Let’s hope not hey.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Last week Nobby’s welcomed another new eatery to the fray and we may never have seen a more balanced and extensive menu in all our food eating lives.

The premise of Forreal Kitchen is this: life is all about balance and good food is one of the greatest pleasures there is, therefore we should enjoy both the healthy and not-so-healthy but oh-so-delicious varieties in order to stay sane (and happy). Makes perfect sense to us because Deep Fried Gaytimes.

The interior is all kinds of colourful cuteness with bright pink, patterned wallpaper on one side and literal leaves sprouting from the other. Greenery hangs from every available space and rattan light shades round out the cosy, natural, indoor jungle feels.

So besides the previously mentioned Deep Fried Gaytimes, what can you eat? Well pals, a little bit of everything.

Of course, there are smoothie bowls – nine varieties to be precise – and if you’re in one of those healthy moods (apparently it’s a thing) go for the Gracefully Green with spinach, green matcha, banana, pineapple, coconut milk, avocado and served with Paleo muesli, flowers and toasted coconut.

For lunch there’s (so many good things) the Forreal Boy with crispy prawns served on a crusty French Roll with apple slaw and crispy fries. Yep there is.

There are also share plates along the lines of a Big Fat Beef and Maple sausage with jalapeno relish and Asian Greens in Miso Caramel. People’s culinary imaginations actually blow our minds.

You can drink cocktails, match wines to your breakfast (STOP IT) or order a smoothie called Are You Forreal, which is a secret rainbow concoction not for the faint of heart.

Green shots are a thing too if your attempt to balance all those other goodies gets out of hand.

The place is seriously one of a kind and the girls have actually thought of everything.

Get on it guys.

LOCATION: 28 Chairlift Ave, Nobby Beach (underneath Santorini)
HOURS: From 6am to 3pm daily (open for breakfast and lunch)

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

JUST OPENED: Okazu Sushi Bar

Look out Gold Coast, Nobby’s Beach is back on the new venue scene in a big way with the opening of three new foodie establishments over the last month and even more to come.

Okazu Sushi Bar snuck in a couple of weeks ago (underneath Mexicali) bringing Japanese soul food to the people via a sleek new space that is pretty much the epitome of Nobby’s cool.

It’s intimate, as you’d expect from a sushi bar, with a huge traditional mural decorating one wall and of course, everyone’s new favourite venue accessory, a neon sign reading ‘you make miso happy’ shining out from the other. The seating is minimal, it’s more of a ‘pop in, soak up the good vibes and grab some healthy eats to go’ kind of deal.

To that end, the food is perfect if you’re into the fresh, good for you and extremely tasty type that’s easy to inhale on the beach, in the office or at home in front of Netflix. Choose your own sushi adventure.

Grab yourself a (quite large and very filling) sushi roll, made fresh daily with flavours such as Chilli Calamari and spicy mayonnaise, Japanese BBQ Crispy Chicken and Smoked Tofu and Asparagus. YUM.

An array of bowls are beautifully presented and filled with nourishing healthy goodness. We love the teriyaki beef, spicy squid and sautéed vegetable best.

The pièce de résistance however is Okonomiyaki, a cabbage-based savoury pancake from the heart of Osaka with your choice of toppings from seafood, CHEESE, vegetarian and teriyaki chicken and beef.

Oh and there’s popcorn chicken, miso soup and edamame which are reasons in themselves to go wait at the door until opening time.

Okazu is modern Japanese food, in keeping with tradition found within a stunning space and created by a team that wants you to feel like part of their family every time you step in the door.

Which you will, a lot.

On ya Nobby’s.

HOURS: From 11.30am to 8pm daily
LOCATION: 1/2223 Gold Coast Hwy, Nobby’s Beach (underneath Mexicali)

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.


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