Virtue Massage

Located amidst the biggest cultural hub where art meets soul, Virtue Massage in Surfers Paradise is your path to rediscovery, tranquility, and harmony among your mind, body and soul. Virtue Massage is a place  of serenity, luxurious ambience and world-class massage featuring expert masseuse professionals and quality services.

From Thai massage to deep tissue massage Virtue Massage has you covered. The most popular treatment is a Thai Massage which uses no oil works its spell from ancient principles, yoga postures, and acupressure. Likewise, Deep Tissue Massage aims to work on deeper layers of muscle tissue in order to release chronic patterns of tension in the body.

Don’t forget your feet with their well-loved reflexology massage. This technique involves applying pressure to certain points on foot depending upon the desired outcome whether it is to boost blood circulation or eliminate toxins.

Virtue Massage features a wide range of treatments that can fit people across the spectrum of society.

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