D Point Ten Southport

D Point Ten can be found on Stevens Street in Southport, pumping out the freshest of donuts in all the best flavours!

Think Gaytime goodness, Ferrero Rocher, Passionfruit (LOVE), Oreo, Tim Tam, Salted Caramel, Strawberry with M & M’s, the list goes on.

Owners Henry Kim and Dean Jeong met while working together a few years ago and dreamed a few donut dreams. They began wholesaling their goodies from a commercial kitchen not long after and when the Southport space became available, they went for it. The pair are in store at 3am every morning whipping up their creations!

The shop got it’s name from starting out with 10 flavours, plus promising customers they’d only keep donuts for 10 hours to ensure freshness and of course, producing 10 out of 10 goods.


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