Celebrity Ink™ Surfers Paradise

A tattoo is a mark of experience, and Celebrity Ink helps people tell their story in a unique way. As a leader in the tattoo industry, Celebrity Ink have created the largest tattoo brand name in the world and established the only global tattoo franchise group.

From humble beginnings in May 2013 as a small tattoo studio in Thailand with just two artists, the word spread and they have now grown to a team of over 300 with 20+ locations.

Celebrity Ink have elevated the tattoo culture with comfortable, open and modern studio spaces. These studios welcome tattoo lovers, as well as attract curious passers-by to stop and look inside.

Their services include outstanding tattooing, piercings, cosmetic tattooing, barber services and merchandise.

Much more than your average tattoo studio – Celebrity Ink is a trusted worldwide brand through extraordinary studios, and quality in-studio experiences!

With an eye on the future, Celebrity Ink is currently developing further expansion plans, with a vision to create a Reality TV Show, New Online Magazine, Merchandise Range and much more!