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  • Byron Gourmet Pies

    2 Centennial Court
    Arts & Industry Estate
    Byron Bay NSW

    Monday to Friday - 9am to 4pm
    Closed Saturday & Sunday

Byron Gourmet Pies

Last updated 24th November, 2023

Byron Gourmet Pies believe that convenience foods needn’t be unhealthy and that gourmet food doesn’t have to be expensive. Producing easy to prepare, healthy and delicious tasting foods for everyone to enjoy, this is precisely what the team at Byron Gourmet Pies do every day!

With recipes adapted from the culinary genius of a French pastry chef, Byron Gourmet Pies has grown to sell meat, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan/spelt, pies and rolls through stores and wholesalers in various parts of Australia.

Over time, they have expanded their offering to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and to meet the dietary needs of those who can’t tolerate wheat and gluten. What hasn’t changed, however, is their commitment to sourcing only the best ingredients for their pies and rolls, many of which are organic and produced locally.

No preservatives or artificial ingredients can compare to those sourced from local farms, brought to their facilities fresh and used straight away. From Australian extra virgin olive oil to organic flours and fresh herbs and ground spices, you will taste the difference.

With favourites like steak or chicken to internationally inspired Mexican beef or Thai chicken, vegetarian-friendly curried lentil, ratatouille or spinach and pesto, Byron Gourmet Pies has a roll or pie to satisfy every palate.

Check out their selection of pies and rolls online and you’re sure to find many that satisfy your craving for a flaky savoury pie or roll as well as your dietary needs.



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