Where to find the best Christmas celebrations on the Coast

It’s one of the very best times of year Gold Coasters; the twinkling trees are up, the gift wrap is out in force at stores you didn’t know sold gift wrap and the frantic energy is ramping up, all in anticipation of a day filled with eating, laughing and unwrapping.

Yes, it’s almost Christmas time and we are absolutely here for it. If there’s one part of Christmas Day we are absolutely not here for though, it is the cooking of all the things and (obviously moreso) the cleaning of even more things.

It’s a waste of good time that could otherwise be spent sipping frosty beverages and laying on the couch in a food coma.

Which has been made possible thanks to The Star Gold Coast, who have put together an array of enticing celebrations so you can simply arrive, eat delicious dishes and go home to lay on the couch in said food coma.

Let’s begin.

Option one consists of a festive Christmas buffet (music to our ears) in The Star Gold Coast’s beautifully themed ballroom. You get a three-hour beverage package, the kids get a gift and the big guy in the red suit will make an appearance too. There’ll be a live band and roving entertainment and it sounds WAY better than anything that would happen at our house.

Tickets are $266.50 per person for adults and children (5-12 years) are $108.05 per person. So there’s that.

You’re next choice is also a buffet (because buffets are life) at Harvest Buffet, complete with the freshest seafood, hot and cold meats, pizza, pasta, salads, soups, desserts, all of the things. The three-hour beverage package includes local beers and wines and there will also be a visit from Santa. Busy guy.

You may attend for lunch or dinner, or both, should you be a bottomless pit, and prices are $236.67pp for adults and children 5-12 years are $102.90pp, 3-4 years are $56.60pp and under two years are free. At dinner, adults are 195.50pp, children 5-12 years are $97.75pp, 3-4 years are $51.45pp and under two years are free.

The last, but certainly not least option is an Asian set menu at Imperial at The Star and it’s a beauty. Focusing on highlighting traditional flavours, ingredients and cooking styles from different regions of China, internationally trained Executive Chef of Asian Cuisine – Chef Song Yao Su – has developed a menu that you’ll remember for many Christmases to come.

That’s a lunchtime only option and for adults it will be $113.20pp, children 5-12 years are $77.17pp, 3-4 years are $41.15pp and under two years are free.

So. If you’re after the best Christmas time on the Coast, we’ve just given you three excellent options so you know what to do.

Find more information here and happy relaxing on a day when nobody else is relaxing.

You’re welcome.


Words by Kirra Smith



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