The Shooting Centre

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to pull the trigger on a powerful pistol wonder no more.

The Shooting Centre provides guns ranging from a light, simple to shoot 22mm Ruger to the slightly heavier 9mm Glock and beyond.

The ultimate option is the .44 Magnum – a full powered handgun that will put a decent sized hole in your target (if you can manage to hold it steady).

The weight and recoil of each is unique so shooters are able to experience the real feeling of shooting a gun and you get to keep your paper target so you can see just how good (or bad) your aim really is and keep score for next time.

An instructor will stay by your side the entire time teaching you how to properly and safely grip each gun, load the bullets and how to aim properly for maximum bragging rights.

The Shooting Centre has been a favourite amongst both professionals and amateurs for many years due to their passionate club members and strict safety procedures.

All firearms used within the gallery are less than one year old and each one is tethered to a steel rope and padlocked both for safety and to assist with straight shooting (which is harder than it sounds).

It’s an adrenaline pumping experience and a definite must-do next time you need to let off some steam.

HOURS: 10am to 6pm daily

LOCATION: 1/76 Ferry Road, Southport

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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