The perfect home pampering gift for Mother’s Day

If there is one thing this period of isolation has highlighted, it is our lack of self care. And our hair (probably too many highlights) for another. Hands up if it’s been a while since your hair has had a break and got the love and attention it deserved. Same. It’s a sad, sad time Gold Coasters.

So you can bet that someone else you know and love has been feeling the exact same way about their hair of late and luckily, there’s something you can do to help with that.

Yes, we’re talking about your beloved Mum, who has also been stuck in isolation with similarly undone hair, in desperate need of some love.

Surprise, Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday the 10th of May and here’s how you can help bring Mamas’ locks back to life before she has to venture out into the world again.

Chempro Chemists are offering you the chance to spoil Mum this Mother’s Day (and save a bit of precious cash at the same time) with 50% off selected Natio Shampoos and Conditioners.

The ranges you’ll save some dollars on include Daily Care, Colour Care and Nourish and Repair (that’s us after a few too many high buns) so that’s pretty much something for everyone.

Including you! Because with the money you save, you may as well do something about your own tortured mop, right?

ALSO and this is perhaps the most exciting part. If you spend over $42 you get a FREE compact Natio umbrella and winter is indeed coming friends. How fun.

If you’re not familiar with Natio you should know they’re an Australian-owned brand who create natural home, skin and hair care products from plant-based origins. So they’re lovely to layer yourself in.

Lather Mum in, we mean.

The point is, you should get into your nearest Chempro Chemist right now and pick some up.

Your Mum (and her hair) absolutely deserve it.


Words by Kirra Smith


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