Gold Coasters launch world’s first tan removing bath bomb

Self tanning is a thing we Gold Coast gals wholeheartedly get behind and for good reason, it’s summer all the time here and everybody knows how harmful it can be to lay outside for hours on end just to perfect that perfect glow.

Self tanning is a much better option. It’s quick, easy and it looks great too.

What’s not to love?

Besides that time when your tan starts to wear off and you’re due for another round but you can’t quite find the time to fit it in and have to walk around with streaks of tan in places you’d rather there wasn’t streak of tan. Yeah, that.

Well that stage of your life is over friends, thanks to a brand new product called Tan Bomb, which is not only made by a couple of local ladies, it comes in the prettiest of packaging, it works AND you get to enjoy it while also soaking luxuriously in the bath.

It’s the perfect time.

The exciting new product was dreamt up by Amelia King (along with her product/packaging guru and business partner Candace Cronin), a local gal with a background in the beauty industry who loves fake tan as much as the next person but hates the side effects of other tan erasers on the market that leave her skin red and itchy without removing the tan properly.

Like so many of us, Amelia is also passionate about animal rights and has sensitive skin, so it was important that her product was cruelty, chemical and alcohol-free.

The Tan Bomb recipe is the work of Amelia and it’s packed with soothing Epsom salts, magnesium and almond oil so it has a therapeutic effect on the skin. Sounds heavenly.

All you need to do is run yourself a warm bath, drop a tan bomb into the water and let the beautiful aromas envelope you while you soak for 10 minutes, then simply wipe off the excess tan.

It’s beautiful, ethical and it does the job you need it to do, all in the relaxing surrounds of a bath that smells amazing.

Their debut signature Raspberry and Vanilla scented bomb is here and it’s just $16.95 for all that goodness.

Get yours here.



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