Sweet Lou’s Saloon

Listen up y’all. Southerners have moved into Cooly and they’re bringing all those smokey, BBQ-inspired flavours you’ve come to know and love.

Sweet Lou’s Saloon can be found underneath The Strand with beach views and salty breezes aplenty.

It’s an intimate little space with mostly sidewalk (unsure of the Aussie word and must keep typing) seating and a few artfully placed southern-style trinkets, including a sweet saxophone, to remind you of what you’re about to experience.

Which is, team, New Orleans-esque grub of the (mostly) share plate variety along with southern-flavoured burgers, ribs of course, loaded fries – all the delicious bulking-for-summer things.

Standouts include the Buffalo Cauliflower with blue cheese sauce (only $5 – move aside), Chargrilled Corn Cobs with chipotle aioli and Mac n Cheese Croquets with Jack Daniels glaze.

Sticky Ribs are extra meaty and extra saucy (stop it) and washed down with an authentic Mint Tulip, you’ll be one happy clam.

Sweet Lou’s is the baby (literally) of Blake Read who was in fact born in Macon, Georgia and moved to Sydney as a youngster. The venue is named after Blake’s little girl Lou Lou and isn’t that the sweetest.

He’s also the guy behind the Beach Burrito phenomenon but a few indulgent trips to New Orleans put the idea for Sweet Lou’s into his mind (the venue not the child, although maybe both).

His family home was filled with Blues music and smoke from backyard southern BBQs and aren’t we happy his parents made the life choice to hole up in the US for a time.

Cooly’s coming on strong in the foodie department, get down there for a good old fashioned feast.

Sidenote: Did you know cattywampus is a word people in the South actually use? Example: The storm knocked the boat cattywampus and it started to take on water. Stay tuned for its appearance in a future story.

LOCATION: Shop 2, 72-80 Marine Pde, Coolangatta
HOURS: 5.30pm until late daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith