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To all the grills we’ve met before, we love Suzy

Suzy BBQ's exterior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Suzy BBQ's exterior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

All things Korean have certainly seen a surge in popularity of late. Whether it be catchy K-pop boybands or K-thriller Netflix series’, it seems the world can’t get enough K-action. With this in mind, four experienced and trend-savvy restauranteurs decided to jump on the K-bandwagon and launch their very own K-ool and (slightly K-ooky) Korean BBQ-style eats space. The result? Burleigh’s Suzy BBQ which is equal parts delicious, eclectic and amazing, serving up an unmissable interactive dining experience to remember.

It’s an all-round visual spectacular and unlike anything else you’ve seen around the 4220 postcode, or anywhere else on the GC. And, with the influx of multi-cultural eats experiences and abundant restaurant eye candy, this is quite the achievement.

Your attention is immediately drawn to the eye-catching corrugated iron exterior, cobblestone-esk flooring inside, primary coloured neon roof lighting, and on-fleek sage green seating. This is masterfully offset by the statement Korean pop-art poster wallpaper, and you cannot help but be wowed by its bold yet tastefully executed eccentricity. The aim is to transport diners to the bustling streets of Seoul with that exciting big Asian city vibe to absorb the unique Korean culture. Mission accomplished.

BBQ Set, Suzy BBQ (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
BBQ Set, Suzy BBQ (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

With BBQs in the center of every table, YOU are the one who cooks up your very own authentic Korean feast. Seating up to 40 people across the bar, BBQ benches and outdoor seating, it’s the perfect choice for weekend (or mid-week) hangs with your crew when you’re channelling something different packed with flavour.

And the good news keeps coming as they’re licensed until midnight…with the odd DJ making an appearance to elevate the bar feels.

Now let’s talk food and cocktails because, obvs.

We strongly suggest you start with the Pear Chips, lightly salted fried Korean pear that you will not be able to get enough of! For the rare meat lovers out there, the Yukhoe beef tartare with fresh Korean pear and quail egg is a taste sensation.

Talented Chef Mario Georgiou’s signature dish is undoubtedly the BBQ Set with pork jowl, pork belly, wagyu beef plate and bulgogi (500g) with your choice of salad and banchan (kimchi, radish, pickled onion and chilli with cold pasta). The meat is mouth-wateringly tender and the flavours are so good you never want the barbie to end.

Suzy BBQ's interior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Suzy BBQ's interior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

If you don’t want to DIY dinner, there are plenty of Korean specialties that you can order from the kitchen too. The famous Bipimbap comes with your choice of vege, chicken or beef and will fill your tummy right up! No one has ever said no to KFC (Korean Fried Chicken that is!) and you can choose from the Original or Sweet & Spicy both served with kewpie mayo.

To finish, we dare you to pass up on the Cinnamon dusted deep fried Choco Pie. To the uninitiated, a Choco Pie is a Korean snack with marshmallow filling sandwiched between two layers of cake and covered in chocolate. I die!

Naturally, Suzy also rocks an epic Korean drinks menu to make your night really pop. Choose from the likes of Plum Wine, Korea’s finest beer or Rice Wine. The real hero of the drinks menu though is the Soju (kind of like Korea’s version of sake). One of the five Soju’s on offer will perfectly accompany your Korean BBQ experience. And a special shoutout must go to Suzy’s secret weapon (from their secret menu); The Soju Bomb (just ask…).

Specialty cocktails are also featured like the crowd-pleasing Kimmys Margarita with chilli infused tequila, hitejinro soju, fresh lime, green chilli and kimchi agave. Gimme gimme.

Bibimbap, Suzy BBQ (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Bibimbap, Suzy BBQ (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

Owners Maddy Norton, Tim O’Sullivan, Lachlan Cuskelly and Stephen Filipovic have not only created an awe-inspiring space with a menu to match, but they knocked together the entire fit-out themselves…in just four weeks. In fact, the whole concept was brainstormed and brought to life in FIVE weeks. Umm, we struggle to organise a house party in this time, so it’s fair to say we’re properly impressed.

This bunch are what you’d call seasoned pros, with Maddy, Lachlan and Stephen co-owning Panchos Mexican restaurant in Mudgeeraba, Stephen the force behind Light Years in Burleigh, and Tim owning both a café in Melbourne and the Korean-based product Bae Juice.

So if you know what’s good for you, you know to get down there! Now.

Where: 1730 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads
When: 4pm – late Wednesday & Thursday & 12pm – late Friday – Sunday

Words by Bianca Trathen.

Yukhoe (beef tartare), Suzy BBQ (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Yukhoe (beef tartare), Suzy BBQ (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

10 Gold Coast spots to get your pho + ramen fix

i like ramen (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)
i like ramen (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

Oh Vietnam and Japan. Besides being two of our favourite Asian vacay destinations, they’re also responsible for two of THE most drool-inducing soupy faves eternally on our to-eat list. Pho and ramen, we salute you, never tire of your slurpy flavoursome goodness and we are getting one helluva craving right now #getinourbellies.

Thankfully, there are several Asian gems right here in our GC ‘hood who can help us get our ‘phomen’ (pho and ramen) fix, so let’s do this – from north to south.

Pho Vietnamese Kitchen (image supplied)
Pho Vietnamese Kitchen (image supplied)

Pho Vietnamese Kitchen
With a name like this, there really is no mistaking what you’re going to find here. With authentic flavours from the Saigon region, it’s the place to stop in when you’re mid-shop and in need of a healthy, yummy energy hit to recharge the batteries. There’s pho-a-plenty, plus other Viet wonders like their scrumptious grilled pork vermicelli noodles salad. Yummo.
Where: Westfield Coomera, 103 Foxwell Road, Coomera or Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Hooker Boulevard, Broadbeach Waters

Can Tho Kitchen
A northern GC institution, Can Tho Kitchen has it all. Ridiculously delish meals, share platters, awesome service, and a super cool fit out and ambience which one may not expect from a northern GC suburban restaurant. Booking out regularly, people travel from far and wide to experience this husband-and-wife team’s traditional home kitchen recipes. Oh and the cocktails – legendary (and yes, we speak from experience).
Where: 5/465 Oxley Drive, Runaway Bay

Can Tho Kitchen (image supplied)
Can Tho Kitchen (image supplied)

Phở Việt (8 Street Harbour Town)
The Harbour Town Eats precinct offers its fair share of high-quality multi-cultural eats, and this is one of their bangers. Fresh, delicious and always consistent, it’s a sure-fire winner every day of the week (literally). The Tofu Pho Noodle Soup is a fave, as is the Combination Pho with rare beef brisket, chicken and beef balls.
Where: 147-189 Brisbane Road, Biggera Waters

Ramen Danbo
If you’re a ramen fan in Southport or Surfers, let us give you some advice; get yourself a hit of Ramen Danbo stat. Their Tonkotsu broth is all time and is the secret base making the ramen so next level lush. But don’t just take our word for it!
Where: Kiosk 8.01, Chop Chop Cavill Lane, 6 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise or Shop 24, Mercato on Ferry, 59-73 Meron Street, Southport

Ramen Danbo (image supplied)
Ramen Danbo (image supplied)

Muso Ramen + Gyoza
Muso is oh-so famous for its ramen and gyoza goodness and is conveniently located in not one, but three suburbs. In other words, there’s really no excuse whatsoever not to chow down and fuel your ramen addiction. Cooked to perfection and nailing all the authentic flavours, it’s the best you’ll try outside of Tokyo.
Where: Shop1/58 Brooke Avenue, Southport or 2b/2484 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach or Shop 4248c “The Kitchens” Robina Town Centre

O-Me-Ly Vietnamese Restaurant
Pho doesn’t get any better than this! A humble fave that has stood the test of time, O-Me-Ly is a long time local hit for darn good reason. The Chicken Rice Noodle Pho is amazing, as are the Rice Paper Rolls which are the pinnacle of fresh, clean eating. Next time in you’re in Broady and channelling an unpretentious feed with flavour-o-plenty, this is the place.
Where: 15-24 Queensland Avenue, Broadbeach

Muso Ramen + Gyoza (image supplied)
Muso Ramen + Gyoza (image supplied)

I like ramen
This is legit Australia’s very first plant-based ramen shop, and that in itself deserves a hearty round of applause. The perfect spot for a bowl and brew, founders Bobby and Dom have hatched a vegan beauty here with the tastiest ramen you ever did eat. Also serving up some special Japanese whiskeys, signature cocktails and a range of our natty wines, what’s not to love?
Where: 2251 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach

Goukai Ramen
If you’re fanging for ramen, a rice bowl, karaage, gyoza or a famous Goukai roll, make your way to this Burleigh hot pot spot. Known for their sensational food – and cool staff sporting equally cool baseball caps which BTW, you can buy one too – this hidden gem never disappoints. If you like a bit of spice, here’s the hot (pardon the pun) tip: order the Red Hot Spicy Ramen.
Where: 3/1837 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Goukai Ramen (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)
Goukai Ramen (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)

RaRa Ramen
If it’s authentic hand-crafted ramen you want, it’s precisely what you’ll find at RaRa Ramen. With a few RaRa’s getting around NSW, it was high time we northerners were also privy to the jaw-droppingly delicious authentic Japanese flavours. With handmade noodles, broths and some serious know-how on the art of ramen, this one is a must.
Where: 21a/50 James Street, Burleigh Heads

My Saigon Tuckshop
If only our school had a tuckshop like this! Looking for a cheap and REALLY cheerful Vietnamese hit? Call off the search – you’ve found it! My Saigon Tuckshop serves up the best-tasting pho with change left over to sample the other delectable offerings, like their infamous Banh Mi or the food of the moment, Rice Paper Rolls.
Where: 1/45 Taree Street, Burleigh Heads

Words by Bianca Trathen.

RaRa Ramen dish (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
RaRa Ramen dish (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

BunLee Bun & Brew

8 of the best Chinese restaurants on the Gold Coast

Mr Hizola's (image supplied)
Mr Hizola's (image supplied)

Stick your hand up if you have a love for Chinese food! And who can blame you, being one of the richest and most diverse collections of foods you can experience — and on any night of the week for that matter! The most important aspects that make Chinese food so enjoyable are the abundant use of lavish and vibrant ingredients, creating diversified colour palettes and aromatic flavours which are impossible not to enjoy.

With a myriad of sub-styles and particular regions of China, all having their specific dishes, it equates to so many options for you, the diner. Therefore, claiming you don’t like Chinese food might imply you merely haven’t given it enough of a chance!

Whether you’re a seasoned Chow Mein fanatic or an amateur Peking Duck lover, our rundown of the best places to find Chinese cuisine on the Gold Coast will arm you with serious options next time you feel like pulling out your chopsticks.

Ally Chow (image supplied)
Ally Chow (image supplied)

Mr Hizolas
This street-side eatery is an informal affair and right at home on the bustling Gold Coast Highway in Burleigh Heads. The share style menu showcases delicious flavours which can be enjoyed by everyone — no food envy here. The menu is cleverly constructed with the offerings grouped under small dishes, big dishes, dim sum, noodles & rice. So very handy when you need to single out exactly what you are after, especially when your waiter is there with pen in hand! Having difficulty choosing? Choose the Emperor’s Feast and let them take care of it all for you.
Where: 1730 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Ally Chow
If you ever needed proof of Nobby Beach’s budding restaurant scene, then Ally Chow is a staple part of that motion. Stylish décor and a delectably distracting drinks list aren’t the final say here; you’ll find a moreish modern twist of Chinese (along with other Asian cuisines) with such plates as the Tempura Moreton Bay Bug Bao and Kingfish Ceviche on Betel Leaf, which are both sure to blow anyone’s tastebuds away.
Where: 2215 Gold Coast Highway, Nobby Beach

Mei Wei Dumplings
It’s no surprise to learn Mei Wei translates to delicious after you’ve taken your first bite at this quick and easy dumpling restaurant. A more straightforward affair than The Imperial, this place packs some seriously incredible flavours. Watch your chefs work their magic through an open-style kitchen before devouring heavenly dumplings. Our pick are the Shao Mai prawn and pork dumplings — or any of their other wok or BBQ dishes for that matter. Plus there’s a scrumptious selection of bubble teas available!
Where: The Star Gold Coast, Broadbeach

Grand Dynasty (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)
Grand Dynasty (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)

Grand Dynasty
Genuine yum cha eats await you at this Broadbeach favourite and you don’t have to wait until later in the day either, as they serve up lunch and dinner five days a week! Settle in and start things off with authentic dishes such as Sang Choy Bow before taking on Pork Spare Ribs with Peking Sauce or a Mongolian Beef Hot Pot. Do yourself a favour, though and save enough space for dessert: Banana fritters and Deep-fried ice cream, anyone? Done and done!
Where: 54 Victoria Avenue, Oasis Shopping Centre, Broadbeach

Yum Cha Cuisine
This award-winning franchise has you and your gang fully taken care of for Chinese delights when you find yourself on the go. With locations at Robina Town Centre, Pacific Fair, and Harbour Town: fuelling yourself up on Cantonese style small plates has never been so easy, and you can be sure it will help you carry on your (very deserved) shopping spree!
Where: Various locations

Hideaway Kitchen & Bar
It’s tough to look past this central Gold Coast venue as not one of the finest go-to places for guaranteed good food and top tipples. Although they are pretty upfront in being an Asian-fusion style restaurant, this doesn’t stop China’s tasty flavours from finding their way onto your plate. Need proof? Look no further than their Duck Breast Pancakes with Canton Sauce or the Szechuan Lamb Zian-Bing dumplings. You’ll thank us later.
Where:  2657 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach

Hideaway Kitchen & Bar (image supplied)
Hideaway Kitchen & Bar (image supplied)

Miami Rice
One of the Gold Coast’s most highly revered Chinese restaurants — literally for decades! Ran by father and daughter duo Alan and Shoko Yap, this family business has an extensive collection of regular locals dropping by to be spoilt with mouth-watering Chinese and Malaysian-inspired dishes such as Sambal King Prawns and Malaysian Butter Chicken. So many people can’t be wrong, right?
Where: 2007 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Dragon Cove
Situated in Sanctuary Cove’s Marine Village and with marina-side views, Dragon Cove ticks all over the boxes when it comes to an elegant fit-out and refined atmosphere. It doesn’t stop here though. A thoroughly flavour-packed menu has Chinese classics dished up with a side of contemporary style. You MUST try the Teppan Black Pepper Beef – it’s simply incredible. Overall you’ll find a variety of dishes to satisfy any level of hunger and deciding when to drop by shouldn’t be an issue as they serve lunch and dinner six days a week.
Where: 1 Masthead Way, Sanctuary Cove

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Dragon Cove Sanctuary Cove (image supplied)
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