How to survive summer on the Gold Coast

Oh summer on the Gold Coast how we love you so. Balmy afternoon BBQs, bikinis all day (covered by a rashie, see below), frosty cold beverages, what’s not to love? Nothing is what.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, the sweltering season has well and truly arrived and in celebration of that happy time, and the fact that we’ve got a few things to say (as always) here we are gathered together again.

So, while summer is the very best time one can possibly have on the Gold Coast, it does come with a few potential risks but never fear, we’ve got you covered with a few tips and tricks to ensure you beat the heat and come out the other side in style.

In no particular order, here are said tips and tricks.

Yes caps lock because, important. Seems like a no brainer but it is in fact a decision requiring a brain. Not only do you need sunscreen whilst spending long summer days on the beach (about which we will nag you below), you must also wear sunscreen on regular days. Even if you’ll only be outside for a minute and even if you’re wearing makeup and even if you don’t really like the smell of sunscreen. We care not. Go for SPF50+ and get the very best quality brand you can find.

Do not, under any circumstances sunbake under the intense Aussie sun for a period of time that is longer than two seconds just to get a tan. Not cool. Buy yourself a sweet umbrella, practice putting that guy up in your backyard before you venture out in public (trust us) and, after swimming, apply fake tan so it seems as though you’ve spent an entire day soaking up sun beams but you have in fact, not. There are so many brands of fake tan these days that look absolutely stunning and you may choose your own adventure on that one but DON’T SUNBAKE. Sorry, passionate.

They say you should drink eight glasses of water per day but in summer up that to at least 12. We made that up but it seems legit because summer is a very hot time which means you sweat more, which means you lose liquid, which means you need to drink more water, geddit? Also, buy a reusable drink bottle and carry it around with you everywhere you go. That way, there can be no excuse to not be hydrated and you don’t need to spend heaps of cashola on drinks every day. You may also sip Hydralyte if, for some silly reason, you ignored our warnings and got yourself some sunstroke.

We know, it’s the Gold Coast, nobody covers up in summer (ever) but those people aren’t smart like you and they don’t know how important it is to beat the sun at its own game. Which is burning people. But we won’t let that happen will we? Get yourself a hat, one of those cool Cancer Council rashies with the hilarious Christmas patterns on it (they’re cool we promise) and you’re good to go. To the beach that is, maybe not out for brunch. Your call though.

Okay we’re done but don’t forget how important it is to take extra care when out in the sun over summer. Your local Chempro has all your summer essential needs covered, including sunscreen, fake tan and Hydralyte, pop in and grab what you need so we don’t have to scold you if we see you out and about not heeding our advice.

Happy summer.

Words by Kirra Smith




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