Rally the troops! A quick guide to supporting our local community

Hello friends. As we all no doubt know, life is a wild, unpredictable adventure at the best of times and one that has absolutely no rules as to how to best navigate it. Make it up as you go has been the mantra for adult life for as long as we’ve been doing it and most of the time, that’s perfectly okay (except those times we believe drinking 10 margaritas in one night won’t have any consequences—not so).

But that mantra and many other ways of being have gone out the window in the wake of the global pandemic we’re currently experiencing. Everybody is looking to one another to understand what to do and how best to keep moving forward in a situation that none of us have ever experienced before.

Now while we’re obviously not experts on the ‘how to best live your life right now’ side of things (see aforementioned bulk margarita drinking choice), we thought we’d pull together a few ideas on how you can continue to support local businesses while things are up in the air.

Buy online
If leaving the house is something you can’t or aren’t willing to do, you can still support local businesses by shopping online. If you need skincare, homewares, clothing, any of things you normally invest in or would buy online anyway, consider buying from local brands rather than the bigger businesses. Eventually we’ll all be able to do fun things together again so may as well have a few good outfits ready to go when that time rolls around.

Order in
There are SO MANY cafes and restaurants on the Coast who (obviously) rely on people being there. While we still can eat out at the moment if we so choose, if you’d rather not, you can order takeaway from a huge number of venues with some opting to deliver food to you, some creating take home dinner packs rather than have people in at the venue and some bringing the food out to your car (after you’ve ordered over the phone) if you’d rather not go inside. Of there’s UberEATS and the like too but ordering direct is the best option if you can.

Pretty much all restaurants and businesses on the Gold Coast have gift vouchers available to purchase (but for yourself). Restaurants, cafes, activities, all the places. So if you can’t go out and enjoy yourselves for a little while, you could buy a voucher so local businesses still get money now and you have something to look forward to later. Win, win.

Help each other
Hopefully this goes without saying but besides the above, let’s show as much compassion for one another as possible shall we? This experience is hard for everyone in their own way so check in on your mates, don’t bulk buy so there’s enough for everyone, don’t assume you know how other people are going, check in (or phone in) on elderly people to see if they need anything, share what you have if there’s excess, make things better for those around you, spread good vibes, not negativity.

We’ll do what we can to support local businesses, including posting special offers and ideas on Instagram to keep you updated. Take care friends.

Words by Kirra Smith


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