Epic vintage store Strange Days opens in Palm Beach

Very good news fresh out of Palmy Gold Coasters, a new store has moved in recently and it’s one you’re going to absolutely LOVE. It’s called Strange Days and if that’s not the most fitting name for anything at the moment, we don’t know what is.

Anyway, Strange Days is the work of a gal new to the Coast (and her tiny puppy Bowie) who noticed that we’re quite lacking in the way of epic vintage stores, so brought her expertise and two years worth of sourcing perfect pieces to Palm Beach.

You can find the newbie on the Gold Coast Highway, across from Balboa Italian and you’re going to want to give yourself a bit of time to peruse all the goods. Sylvie planned to open a little sooner, but as with all 2020 plans, got waylaid by you know what and instead travelled to small country towns in her van to find more vintage gold.

And vintage gold it is, friends. The entire store has a bit of a rock ‘n roll, western vibe, reminiscent of Sylvie’s (enviable) style but don’t go thinking you won’t find anything you love.

With everything from vintage jeans to jackets, cool tees, leather handbags, boots, bandanas, fur coats, overalls, velvet shorts (somebody please buy those) and pretty blouses, you are absolutely guaranteed to find at least 23 things you can’t leave without.

If you’re not much of a vintage dresser but keen to add something to your collection, everything can be dressed down/up to suit your style.

Besides clothes, there are vintage records, a few homewares, posters and the like so you can add a touch of old school charm to your house too.

Now not only is vintage fashion cool because it’s interesting and unlike anything you can find in fast fashion stores (obviously), it’s also far better for the world because it means everything is passed on, rather than going into waste where it doesn’t break down for like a million years.

Not to mention all the prices are very affordable, which is often not a thing you can say about vintage stores.

Strange Days (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

Right, so we’re big fans obviously and you will be too. Pop on down to Palmy, say g’day to Sylvie and grab yourself something amazing nobody else has that you can keep forever.

How good. Love you Strange Days (the store, not the actual strange days, those can go now).


LOCATION: 1/1142 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach
HOURS: Monday to Friday 10am until 5pm and Sunday 10am until 4pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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