How to handle aches and pain you don’t want or need

Becoming an adult is a good time. Hangovers last four days now, you crave an afternoon nap every single day and your body hurts everywhere, all the time for reasons unknown to you. How good.

If you have no pain, enjoy those days while they last and if you ache all over (same), never fear help has arrived.

So obviously there are many types of pain one can experience and since bodies are complex things, there are lots of spots the pain can occur.

Acute pain is a type of pain that typically lasts less than three to six months. It’s directly related to soft tissue damage such as a sprained ankle or a paper cut. It only lasts a short time and gradually resolves as the injured tissues heal.

It’s different from chronic pain in that it’s generally sharper and more severe pain.

Chronic pain is also called persistent pain and it’s the kind that continues beyond the time usually expected for a painful condition or injury to heal, usually about three months.

It occurs because the nerves and spinal cord become over-sensitive and magnify messages even when there is nothing wrong. When the nerve messages reach the brain, the brain thinks there’s a problem and reacts by feeling pain.

Not ideal but how interesting is the human body.

Those are the two major types of pain and the most common. One in five Australians suffers from chronic pain and although it’s likely you’re aware if you’re one of them, there are ways to check.

Which brings us to the purpose of this tale and that is FREE pain assessments in store at Chempro with no appointments necessary.

In store pharmacists will conduct a pain assessment right there and then create a pain management plan that will literally free you from pain for the rest of time.

So go in and have a chat with a friendly pharmacist, they’ll evaluate your symptoms to get a clearer understanding of your pain. There are many alternative treatments that may be available to help you.

Once again, all for free.

See people over 30, there’s hope on the horizon for us yet.

Get into your nearest Chempro Chemist today.

Words by Kirra Smith




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