Get schooled on how to make a reel Crispy Barra Burger

Matt Stone Barramundi Virtual Masterclass (image supplied)
Matt Stone Barramundi Virtual Masterclass (image supplied)

When you consider how much seafood we Australians regularly enjoy, we’re a lucky bunch. We have it all: incredible oysters, spectacular shellfish, fantastic fish, and many more we don’t have the space to mention here.

One of the most prized delicacies of our oceans is the much-loved and enjoyed Barramundi. A uniquely flavoured fish that is enjoyed on tables countrywide. But were you aware that a staggering 60% of all Barramundi sold in Australia is, in fact, imported? And further to this, did you know around 40% of average Aussies don’t even know exactly where their seafood is sourced from? HOLD.THE.PHONE!

This insight, combined with the impact of COVID-19, has meant a challenging year for our farms, and so National Barramundi Day (Friday 22nd October) aims to shine a light on our amazing farmers and encourage Aussies to #AskForAussieBarra

Matt Stone's Barra Burger (image supplied)
Matt Stone's Barra Burger (image supplied)

To tackle (pun intended) this issue and to raise awareness, National Barramundi Day hopes to bring fish-eaters a little closer to the source of where their Barra comes from. And how asking the right questions and doing your research can provide you with a much more sustainable and ultimately Australian sourced product.

Australia’s favourite sustainable chef, Matt Stone, will be celebrating early by hosting a FREE virtual masterclass from his very own venue, Future Food System, in Federation Square, Melbourne on Thursday 21st October evening. He’ll be skillfully demonstrating how to break down a whole Barramundi and guiding virtual attendees through cooking his signature Crispy Barra Burger! Yep. That’s right, you can cook up restaurant-quality food in your OWN home.

It’s as simple as registering for the FREE virtual masterclass (if you are more of a watcher) or get involved with the cooking action by registering for the masterclass and also getting two portions of 200g of Australian Barramundi delivered to you for $36.62. Watch out Masterchef!

Matt Stone's Barra Burger (image supplied)
Matt Stone's Barra Burger (image supplied)

If you can’t make the virtual class, or you feel like upping the ante a little, you’ll be pleased to hear that over 100 restaurants nationwide will be doing their bit. But here on the Gold Coast, you can be a part of the movement by visiting restaurants like Rick Shores, Balboa Italian, Nonnas, The Loose Moose and Glass Dining & Lounge Bar to gourmandise in some of their Barramundi specials in light of National Barramundi Day.

So get behind the movement, and choose to support our Aussie farmers or perhaps your favourite restaurant this National Barramundi Day!

Masterclass details:
Date: Thursday 21st October
Time: 5pm – 7pm AEST
Tickets: Free – $36.62 (depending on desired involvement)
Register here: Eventbrite Registration – National Barramundi Day Masterclass hosted by Matt Stone

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Matt Stone's Barra Burger Barramundi Steaks (image supplied)
Matt Stone's Barra Burger Barramundi Steaks (image supplied)



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