Milena Straczynski

When Blanc de Blanc came to the Coast during Bleach* Festival earlier this year, it was met with rave reviews. Now, the Aurora Spiegeltent and the shows’ cast of extremely talented (and unfairly good looking) performers are back for a second round and you should all buy tickets right now.

We sat down for a chat with one of the (many) stars of the show, Milena Straczynski, about what we can expect this time around (which is all the amazing things). 

Welcome back to the Gold Coast, what do you love about performing here?
Upon my return to Gold Coast the first thing I saw from the window of my hotel room was dolphins in the water, just doesn’t get better than that. The weather is beautiful and reminds me of my home in Miami, Florida. Being on the road with Blanc de Blanc makes me a little homesick and this is the next best thing!

Have you had any time off to explore and if so, what’s been your favourite place?
I did indeed get a little time off! I spent it with my “partner in crime” from Blanc de Blanc, Hampus Jansson. We indulged in simple pleasures and swam in the ocean.

For those who haven’t seen Blanc de Blanc yet, what can they expect from the show?
I believe that laughter is the best remedy! For anyone who hasn’t seen Blanc de Blanc, this is their chance to drink a glass of champagne and let loose. They will have fun, they’ll laugh, weep and they will definitely want to get up and dance!

How does this show differ to the last one we were lucky enough to have here?
This season we have some exciting new artists to join in the fun with us. One of them is Zelia Rose, who was a winner of the Burlesque Hall of Fame and just finished a tour with Dita Von Teese herself!

What’s your role in the show?
I do a bit of everything in Blanc de Blanc – a little dancing, a little singing but mainly aerial acts. I perform an aerial duo act with my other half, Hampus, which is my absolute favorite moment in the show, as well as my very first aerial soloist act, created, conceptualised and choreographed by Masha Terentieva on a flying hotel cart.

How did you come to be involved in Blanc de Blanc?
I met Scott Maidment about two years ago in New York, when he was working on Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour and looking for artists for a show called Fear and Delight. Since then, this company has become my family.

What do you love most about performing?
What I love most is entertaining people and giving them a chance to escape reality and touch them in some way. To me, being a performer is being able to give someone an experience. In Blanc de Blanc, the intention is pure entertainment and joy.

What’s the best piece of life advice you’ve ever received?
The best piece of advice I have ever received is to have the courage to live the life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you!



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