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Meet Jacine Greenwood-Drummond

Entrepreneur and multi-award-winning cosmetic chemist.

Jacine Drummond-Greenwood, Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)
Jacine Drummond-Greenwood, Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)

In a world often stereotyped by influencers in the beauty space, Jacine Greenwood-Drummond breaks down that image, and has achieved her success by good old fashion hard work and perseverance.

Now the multi award-winning business woman and respected cosmetic chemist is heading to New York, where her company Roccoco Botanicals has been nominated for a prestigious award. This marks the first time an Australian company has been nominated to receive an award in the international industry Cosmetics and Toiletries group’s Allēs Awards.

We chatted with Jacine about her business successes and why she loves the Gold Coast hinterland.

Jacine Drummond-Greenwood, Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)
Jacine Drummond-Greenwood, Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I have been a Gold Coast local for the past 3 years.

What do you love most about living here?
You can have the best of both worlds. Ocean, Mountains and Rainforest. I love the diversity of landscapes that you can experience on the Gold Coast. My favourite is the hinterland and I love losing myself in all that is Mount Tamborine. It is my favourite place as it unleashes my creativity.

Jacine Drummond-Greenwood, Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)
Jacine Drummond-Greenwood, Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)

Tell us about your career thus far.
I have had a few vocations as previously I had always needed mental stimulation as I got bored quickly. I have been in the Australian military for 3 years. I was a Registered Nurse. I am still a Beauty Therapist and have been in the industry for 27 years. Originally I self-taught myself cosmetic chemistry. I officially became a cosmetic chemist 5 years ago just for the piece of paper. I have a half-finished business degree. I have learnt more however from non-university training and being in the trenches of business.

Tell us about Roccoco Botanicals.
Roccoco Botanicals was born out of frustration of no products being suited for my acne-prone and sensitive skin. 50% of adult women get acne and the cosmetic industry fails to recognise this. My children then started developing eczema as well, so we then tweaked our formulas to be specific for ultra-sensitive skin as well. Most products are not suited for this. We have grown Roccoco Botanicals into 3 countries – Australia, USA and NZ. Roccoco Botanicals were listed in the AFR Fast 100 in 2021 and in the Financial Times this year in the High-Growth Asia Pacific List of Companies.

Blueberry AGE Cream - Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)
Blueberry AGE Cream - Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)

Congratulations, we hear your company Roccoco Botanicals has been nominated for a prestigious award, tell us about that.
Our Ruby crystal cleanser was nominated for the Alle Awards, which is an international competition that recognises ingenuity with formulation and research and development in cosmetics and toiletries. In the ten years the competition has been running, we are the first Australian brand to be in the finals. Judged by scientists from Chanel, Estee Lauder, and Universities. The Cosmetics & Toiletries Alle Awards honour the scientific discipline, formulating skill, resourcefulness and creativity of innovators engaged throughout the product development process. The award is the most prestigious recognition in the field of cosmetics.

Ruby Crystal Cleanser - Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)
Ruby Crystal Cleanser - Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)

What’s the most popular Roccoco Botanicals product?
Without a doubt, it is our award-winning Pore Cleansing Oil. It effortlessly removes makeup and loosens congestion in the skin whilst ensuring skin hydration is maintained. Our clients are obsessed with it. We won an award for it in 2019 in the USA for this cleanser.

What’s your personal favourite product from Roccoco Botanicals?
Oh, that is so hard, there are so many. I am obsessed with the Ruby Crystal cleanser but I love our moisturiser for acne-prone skins called Eruption Emulsion. I still at 51 get breakouts but I also get rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis as well. It is the one product that seems to target all of them and keep my skin calm and my rosacea under control. It makes my skin look and feel amazing.

Eruption Emulsion - Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)
Eruption Emulsion - Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)

What are your Gold Coast favourites…
Café/coffee spot: The Mountain Brew Coffee
Restaurant: Rubi Red
Bar or place for a drink: The Roosevelt Lounge
Beach: Tallebudgera Creek

How do you choose to spend your weekends?
I love staying at home on our acreage property with my husband, our children and our 11 pets. I normally travel a lot so I enjoy being home when I get the chance. Our property backs onto the river, so sailing on our boat or even just having a wine on the boat is always amazing. My husband and I go down together to just have couple time on the boat.

Jacine Drummond-Greenwood, Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)
Jacine Drummond-Greenwood, Roccoco Botanicals (image supplied)

Evette Hess

Evette Hess (image supplied)
Evette Hess (image supplied)

If you haven’t heard of esmi Skincare in one form or the other, what have you been doing? Since its inception, the brand has developed quite the cult following with its cruelty-free, Australian-made, high quality and 100% ethical skincare products. We had the opportunity to sit down with the Gold Coast woman behind the brand, Evette Hess, and speak all things from beauty career to her local loves.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I’ve been on the Gold Coast since my family moved from South Africa in 2004.

What do you love most about living here?
I honestly love EVERYTHING about the Gold Coast, I think it’s the best place to live. The beaches, the weather, that we can swim all year around, everyone is down to earth and it’s also become a hub for new businesses which I really enjoy seeing. It also has a really relaxed atmosphere which is my vibe for sure. You have to live where you can work and enjoy your life at the same time. I’m a massive advocate for this country and the Gold Coast, we are so incredibly fortunate to live here and have all the opportunities in the world at our feet.

Tell us about your career thus far.
I became a beauty therapist in 2006, then went on to teaching beauty therapy, which then lead to me having a job doing advanced skin treatments. All along I fell more in love with people, making them feel good and trying to find solutions for vulnerabilities they were facing daily. I found that treating things like skin issues really required a great skincare AND makeup routine to go hand in hand with these treatments to see benefits. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything that really hit the mark for recommending to my clients, so I decided to create a product that I thought they would find useful. Fast forward to 2021 and we have created over 200 products for our customers now.

esmi Skincare (image supplied)
esmi Skincare (image supplied)

What’s your proudest entrepreneurial moment?
I am so proud of the business and the culture we have at Makeup Cartel. I am proud every day, and I feel incredibly fortunate and lucky that I get to work with the team I work with. They are all amazing at what they do, they are first and foremost amazing humans. So, I am humbled daily by the people that choose to give so much of themselves to our business and that they love what they do. It means everything to me. I am also incredibly proud we are able to encourage, support and add value to people’s lives in a very real way. It’s something I have always enjoyed doing (in Beauty Therapy) but it was always limited to one person at a time – now with esmi and poni cosmetics we can make a real difference in people’s lives through giving them the support and encouragement to believe that real beauty lives inside of us. By providing them a product that encourages self-care, self-love and achieving results they can see resulting in a more confident person.

Tell us about esmi.
esmi is a Vegan, Australian Made, Cruelty-free skincare product. The brand is all about exceptional customer care, making every customer feel like the pieces of gold they are. esmi is about a value exchange where after all our bills are paid, customers consciously choose to spend what is left to ‘treat’ themselves on our product, so we better make it worth their while. esmi is about breaking the wheel of traditional ‘beauty’ products and business society (men in high buildings) telling us what is beautiful. Having a daughter of my own, today has become more important than ever to instil the self-worth and self-love that starts from her behaviour and treatment of others (not appearance) to prepare her for her future.

esmi Skincare (image supplied)
esmi Skincare (image supplied)

What’s by far the most popular esmi product?
We have a few, the Uncomplicated Cleanser, Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum and 24K Gold Nourishing oil.

What’s your personal favourite product from esmi?
This would be like asking which is your favourite child – it’s impossible.

Tell us your favourites on the Coast…
Café for breakfast:
There are a few but I love Le Jardin in Main Beach
Coffee spot: Paper Cup in Southport
Restaurant for dinner: I love Mamasan, Rick Shores and Etsu
Bar or pub for a drink: Rick Shores
How does your weekend usually look? It varies depending on the weather, if the weather is nice, the beach for sure, visiting friends, or if it’s cooler then we might head to Tamborine to a winery or stay home.

Meet Molly Benjamin

Molly Benjamin, Ladies Finance Club (image supplied)
Molly Benjamin, Ladies Finance Club (image supplied)

Do you like money? Who doesn’t? But with the rising cost of living, it’s time to take a serious look at where yours is going and how best to save or even better, grow it! One young lady who we all have a lot to learn from is Molly Benjamin, founder of Ladies Finance Club. So you’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad and the Barefoot Investor and still can’t make sense of it? Ladies Finance Club is here to help you in whatever format works for you. We found out a bit more about Molly ahead of her nationwide roadshow, upcoming book (Girls Just Wanna Have Funds!) and what exactly she loves about the Gold Coast.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I grew up in the hinterland of the Gold Coast in Mudgeeraba surrounded by animals, as my parents ran the local veterinarian and we always had a range of different animals (including a wallaby for a short period of time). I attended All Saints Anglican School with my twin sister and older sister and after doing uni, I moved to London where I spent six years working in the finance sector. While working there I noticed that many of the women I worked with and many of my girlfriends (including myself!) were all pretty bad with money, yet guys at the same age were buying properties. So I started a business! Haha that was the short version!

Molly Benjamin, Ladies Finance Club (image supplied)
Molly Benjamin, Ladies Finance Club (image supplied)

What do you love about the Gold Coast?
The fact that you can be at the beach and then in the tropical rainforest in less than 30mins.

For those who aren’t familiar with ‘Ladies Finance Club’, can you please explain what it is?
Ladies Finance Club is all about helping women take back control of their finances and grow their wealth. We run events, online masterclasses, courses and have an online club with hundreds of women across all areas of Australia wanting to get fierce with their finances. We work with the best experts in Australia to breakdown and teach women about investing, property, budgeting, saving and getting out of debt!

Molly Benjamin, Ladies Finance Club (image supplied)
Molly Benjamin, Ladies Finance Club (image supplied)

How did the concept of ‘Ladies Finance Club’ come about?
Massive confession, I was shocking with money and was consulting for a bank in the UK in comms and events. I noticed many of the women I worked with and my girlfriends were all a bit #clueless when it came to investing, superannuation and spending, so I started running events in my living room with my galpals. We would invite someone over to talk to us about our finances and boom LFC was born. Since then, we have grown (very quickly) and had over 25,000 women through an event, webinar, masterclass or course since we launched in Australia in 2019.

Why is it so important to empower women to take control of their finances?
Well money and women stats are a bit grim. In Australia women live longer, earn less (yes there’s still a pay gap), which means women are retiring on less and have less control of their futures. A horrifying stat in Australia is that one of the largest growing demographics of homelessnessn is single women over the age of 55. I don’t want that to be the reality for the women in my life. With the cost of living going up and money in the bank account not doing much, we must look for other ways to grow our money and investing is a great way to do that! No one wants to retire into poverty, we want to be cruising the Med with our galpals! Investing isn’t just for men, or for people who are good at math, investing is for everyone! If you can do basic grade 3 math and if you can shop online – you can definitely invest! Check out our super simple course here.

Ladies Finance Club event (image supplied)
Ladies Finance Club event (image supplied)

What is your greatest achievement to date?
Last year I was awarded the Women in Finance award for Financial Wellbeing Program of the Year in Australia and that was a very proud moment! I also finished my book which will be out in Feb 2023 – Girls Just Wanna Have Funds!

If you could give anyone a bit of advice, what would it be?
Build an emergency fund (or as we like to call them OMG funds) – have 3 months’ worth of cash sitting in a spare bank account in case of an emergency! This is the first step to creating a strong financial foundation!

What are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?
We are just about to embark on a nationwide roadshow including coming to the Gold Coast (yay) in October and November. And also my book is coming out next year so I can’t wait for that!

Molly Benjamin, Ladies Finance Club (image supplied)
Molly Benjamin, Ladies Finance Club (image supplied)

What are your Gold Coast favourites…
Café/Coffee spot: Tarte in Burleigh 
Restaurant: Locally in Mudgeeraba my family and I love Wine Barrel and I am also a huge fan of Rick Shores -it’s definitely our special occasion place – although when I was a kid where The Tropic is now used to be a buffet called Choices and I loved it haha showing my age!
Bar or place for a drink: Burleigh Pavillion – cant beat a water view
Beach: Burleigh it’s the one I grew up with, I love the nature walk and love running (or attempting to run it), clearly I am very biased here towards Burleigh haha!

How do you choose to spend your weekends?
I’m away from the Gold Coast a lot with work so it’s great to hang out with the family at home and our adorable dogs. I love popping up to Harbour Town for a bargain, playing squash in Nerang, catching up with Mum for Yum Cha in Robina Town Centre and of course hanging out at Burleigh!

Molly Benjamin, Ladies Finance Club (image supplied)
Molly Benjamin, Ladies Finance Club (image supplied)

4 new Gold Coast beauty experiences

Emilee Hembrow and Amy Hembrow in SSKIN (Image by Jazna Creative via Instagram)

If you’re anything like us, over the last few months taking care of yourself has become VERY high on your to do list. Things like exercising more, eating well and looking after our skin are the new black and we’re all about it.

Not to mention winter has left the building and bulk sunshine means more outdoor gatherings and time with the people we love. So we need to look our very best.

Enter beauty salons. There have been a few beautiful newbies open up on the Coast lately and so, because we want you to look after yourself (and look lovely) too, we’ve compiled a little list.

From north to south, here they are.

A cosmetic skin clinic founded by sisters Amy and Emilee Hembrow, SSKIN can be found in a boutique residential-looking property (so you’re guaranteed the utmost privacy) which transforms on entry to reveal a luxury clinic equipped to carry out cosmetic services. Offering everything from facials to dermal filler and anti wrinkle treatment, hyperdermabrasion, skin needling, peels, a rose quartz signature facial and more you will absolutely pampered by the team at SSKIN.
Where: 107 Upton Street, Bundall

Skin Divinity (Image supplied)

Skin Divinity
The beloved Byron Bay brand moved on up to Nobby Beach recently to open their second venue and what a treat for all of us. They’re a multi-award winning clinic and absolute experts when it comes to your skin. Offering brow and lash services, injectables, facials, LED Therapy, Epi Blading, teeth whitening, a nail bar, makeup application, anything and everything skin and beauty related and all within absolutely stunning surrounds. Pop into Nobby’s and give the team (and your skin) some love.
Where: 28 Chairlift Avenue, Nobby Beach

Clean Beauty Market
While the beautiful team at Clean Beauty Market aren’t new, they have moved to a new space recently and can now be found in Burleigh Heads. Not only is the space a beauty and wellness emporium selling all natural skincare, makeup, wellness, haircare and body products, it’s also a place to indulge in treatments like nourishing non-toxic facials, LED Therapy and Hyperdermabrasion. It’s the perfect place to treat yourself to some organic pampering.
Where: 1/53 James Street, Burleigh Heads

Did you know Australia’s first unfiltered Hemp Skincare is made right here on the Gold Coast? Burleigh Heads to be exact. It’s called Cannabella and it was created by a local man who wanted to create something natural for his Mum who was diagnosed with cancer and whose skin was becoming very dry and irritated due to chemotherapy. The result was Cannabella, skincare products made using 100% botanical ingredients with zero preservatives and entirely oil based. The key ingredient is unfiltered Hemp oil, used for it’s high chlorophyll content. There are face and body serums, a detox mask and a nourishing jelly and we suggest you try them all. Grab them here.

Cannabella (Image supplied)
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