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MC’s Sandwich House will be your rye or die

MC's Sandwich House (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
MC's Sandwich House (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

There’s nothing quite like a sanga. We grew up with them. We eat them every other day. We make them for our family and friends when they pop in, and we are constantly on the lookout for fresh new takes on this ever popular classic. Sandwiches are so ‘ingrained’ in our culture that when we hear a new sanga joint has opened, we are simply grilled to pieces. MC’s Sandwich House in Burleigh is the new face on the local sandwich scene, offering their tantalising take on sangas from around the globe. They’re made fresh to order and available until sold out and friends, we are not talking your stock standard cheese and vegemite school lunchbox style here. These bad boys are the ‘Bread Pitt’ of sandwiches.

MC's Sandwich House, exterior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
MC's Sandwich House, exterior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

MC Founders Jay Moricz (the M) and Josh Cumming (the C) had a simple plan; to create a place where people could come and celebrate quality sandwiches combining classic and outside of the box ingredients. Naturally ‘ole ye faithfuls like lettuce and cheese make an appearance, but they’re married up with some very ‘now’ elements which take a sanga from meh to yeah. They chose to offer five different types of sandwiches and two muffin varieties, each one mastered to perfection with a thoughtfully curated combination of contents. It’s about quality not quantity and never a truer word has been spoken.

The crowd favourite signature sangas are the Hot Chicken with jalapeño brined fried chicken, house slaw, cheddar and jalapeño honey on brioche and our fave, the Kimchi Reuben with housemade pastrami, kimchi, Russian dressing and swiss cheese on rye. We’re pretty harsh Reuben critics and it’s unanimous – we are in obsessed with this one. Vegetarians are catered for with two different offerings, one of which is the Mushroom Poh Boy with panki crumbed mushrooms, MC’s spice mix, cos lettuce and vegan hot mayo on a hoagie roll. And the truth is, just as many meat-eaters as vegos are fan-girling (or fan-boying…or fan-they-ing) over the meat-free offerings.

Kimchi Reuben Sandwich, & Strangelove Soda, MC's Sandwich House (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Kimchi Reuben Sandwich, & Strangelove Soda, MC's Sandwich House (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

Of course, the team at MC’s won’t leave you high and dry (AKA parched) coz you can also order Coffee Supreme and Strangelove Soda to wash your sandwich down. And, if you don’t want to rush back to work to eat your stellar sandwich (same), don’t coz there are a few stools lined up along the front windows. Warning though – they get snapped up fast so if you happen to see one sans person, hurl yourself at it before someone else does.

The space is styled to suit the nosh – simple, fresh and modern, with a blend of clean lines and textures, and a colour palette with white, shades of charcoal and a punchy red for a pop of colour. But there is more than meets the eye here and we love a bit of something extra with our brekkie or lunch. Out the back you’ll find Time & Space art gallery showcasing the work of local artists…for free! Adam Leng is the featured artist of the moment and well worth a sneaky look. But that’s not all, you’ll also find Love-Connection next door, a fabulous little store selling clothes, accessories, books and all the cool things. There’s nothing wrong with going out for a sandwich and returning with exactly that….plus a new outfit and some wall art, right?

MC's Sandwich House, ordering counter (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
MC's Sandwich House, ordering counter (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

So next time you’re in a sandwich state of mind but can’t be arsed making one, but also don’t want a servo sanga (coz, just, no..), MC’s is the place for you. And remember, they’re made to order and only available until sold out, so don’t dawdle or your sandwich craving will be toast.

When: 5.30am – 2pm Monday – Friday. Commencing Saturday trade 28th May.
Where: 83 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads

Words by Bianca Trathen.

Sausage Egg Cheese Sandwich & Coffee Supreme, MC's Sandwich House (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Sausage Egg Cheese Sandwich & Coffee Supreme, MC's Sandwich House (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

12 places for coffee in Burleigh

Cold Brew, BunLee Bun & Brew (image supplied)
Cold Brew, BunLee Bun & Brew (image supplied)

Imagine a life without caffeine. Horrible, right? How would one get through the day? Unthinkable. Let’s all take a moment to be grateful for caffeine.

Luckily, we locals need never think about a lack of caffeine ever in our lives because the Gold Coast has abundant options for exceptional brews.

One such neighbourhood forever capturing the imagination of coffee drinkers and lunch-goers is Burleigh. Be it a quick coffee catch-up or a grazing-style brunch with special people: you’re covered. Here’s a list of the twelve best spots to get your caffeine fix when you find yourself in one of the city’s favourite suburbs.

Bunlee Bun & Brew
Between munching down some epic rice paper rolls or a stacked-looking banh mi, we suggest you take a try of their cold drip coffee on tap here at BunLee. If you’ve ever had iced Vietnamese coffee — or cà phê đá, as it’s known — you’ll know how tasty it can be. It’s up to you what milk to splash into it, or if you prefer, just take it black: perfect for when you need to put that pep into your step.
Where: 2/26 James Street, Burleigh Heads

Dover's Drop (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Dover's Drop (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

Dover’s Drop
Take an award-winning local barista, throw in some fantastic coffee from carbon-neutral roasters Locale Espresso, and place it conveniently just off Reedy Creek Road and you’re looking at the exact blueprint of Dover’s Drop, a prime industrial district coffee location in Burleigh. The perfect place to pull a pit stop when you’re going about your day, but be careful: their loungey outdoor space with beanbags may keep you longer than planned, not to mention their Sourdough Crumpets!
Where: 9 Dover Drive, Burleigh Heads

Magnolia Lane
A newbie to the bustling beachside locale of Burleigh, Magnolia Lane is sandwiched between the beach and the GC Highway, meaning whether you’re zipping about town or lounging beachside, these guys have you well and truly covered for your caffeine needs. The unwavering attention taken to dialling in their machine and weighing each and every shot of coffee shows right through from your first to last sip.
Where: 6/1863 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Aptly positioned in the heart of Burleigh Heads, this is the early morning post-workout/dip in the ocean hangout spot of the ages. Crew showcases Sunshine Coast Tim Adams specialty coffee with exceptional barista skills and a cheat meal-inducing menu you cannot say no to. Hinge all of this on one hell of a people-watching location, and you have a mighty fine place to slurp your morning cup of motivation.
Where: 3 Connor Street, Burleigh Heads

All Press Coffee, Sparrow Coffee Co. (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
All Press Coffee, Sparrow Coffee Co. (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

Sparrow Coffee Co.
Laidback and easy-going Sparrow offers you a prime opportunity to get yourself a quality coffee on the go with little fuss. With another three locations across the country and their roastery of choice being Allpress, you’re guaranteed a quality cuppa every time. It’s also the perfect spot to fuel up before a workout if you go to nearby Elevation Fitness or Jetts!
Where: 2/151 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads

Where do you even begin with a place that literally falls over itself with excellent house-made food, great-tasting coffee, and a great location to watch life go by. Chloe Watt‘s creation Tarte is one of the finest cafes on our coastline: period. Give yourself some slack and indulge in any one of their off-the-charts pastries/baked goods with a perfectly poured cup of coffee as dappled light from overhead trees sprays across the pavement of Burleigh Heads — our idea of bliss.
Where: 2 West Street, Burleigh Heads

Next Door Espresso
Touted as not your average coffee shop, this aesthetically pleasing venue is awash with white and is nearly always an afternoon suntrap that, to us, screams brunch with close friends. Northern Rivers’ Moonshine Roastery are the foundation of an always great-tasting coffee served in the cutest looking handmade clay cups. Be sure to bring your credit card, as adjacent homewares store St Barts is always worth a look in also!
Where: 24 Junction Road, Burleigh Heads

Next Door Espresso Burleigh (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)
Next Door Espresso Burleigh (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)

Commune Espresso
A kickstarter in the Burleigh coffee scene, Commune Espresso has been around for as long as we can remember, and in this chasm of lost time, they’ve been serving up some of the tastiest brews around. The space itself is epic, complete with lots of outdoor relaxing areas and a ping pong table to use up that caffeine-induced energy. They also make their own almond milk; that’s how dedicated they are to delicious coffee.
Where: 1844 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Canteen Coffee & Kitchen
A firm favourite in the coffee game, Canteen has been lauded as one of Australia’s premier espresso bars. They brew their own blends, sourcing in-season beans and roasting fresh daily on demand. They offer a Signature Espresso Blend with notes of chocolate, berries, toffee and spice and Single Origins, which change weekly. They certainly know their stuff, highly recommended.
Where: 23 Park Avenue, Burleigh Heads

Nook Espresso
So good they’ve got two locations in Burleigh; Nook offers little spaces with a big passion for coffee. They’ve been slinging tasty brews since 2008, and for this, the local community loves them! Nook offers a smooth cuppa that’s consistently delicious, and the crew are stoked and always smiling to be involved in your morning coffee routine. Plus, if you head to their beachside location, you can sip away whilst overlooking world-famous surf.
Where: Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads and Stocklands Burleigh Heads

Nook Espresso, Burleigh (Image supplied)
Nook Espresso, Burleigh (Image supplied)

Quest Coffee Roasters
The smell wafting out of Quest alone should draw you in and, once you’re in, you may never want to leave. The space is half micro-roastery, half sitting-down-to-enjoy-your-coffee space, and it’s an absolute must-visit if you’re a lover of excellent brews. They roast premium Arabica beans on James Street, and if you’re in the market, you can purchase their green and roasted beans or a blend. Make sure you have a chat with the team; they love to discuss all things coffee.
Where: 20 James Street, Burleigh Heads

The original Seadog emerged on the local coffee scene with a bang and is an actual hole in the wall, which was once an ATM. Stop by and let affable owner Brodie Green and his gang serve you up their very own roasts; one going by the name Sunrise Blend – with tasting notes of Milo! When they’re not actively supporting charities with free coffee giveaways, you’ll find them at their second venue beside Burleigh Bowls Club, eternally bathed in sunshine and salt air. Two great locations for coffee in Burleigh!
Where: 50 James St, Burleigh Heads or Burleigh Bowls Club — entrance via Memorial Park

Words by Alex Mitchenson.

Seadog in the Park (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Seadog in the Park (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

20 reasons locals love Burleigh Heads

Oh Burleigh you little beauty, what’s not to love right? Since the dawn of time (or the dawn of the GC at least) Burleigh has been one of the most-loved suburbs amongst a slew of strong contenders.

Sure, the beach is beautiful and James Street boasts all the best eats and acai bowls galore but it’s more than that, Burleigh has a soul of its own born of cruisy, barefoot, salty seabreeze vibes you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Gushing aside, here are 20 solid reasons why the locals love it and you should too (or else). And yes, we understand there are many more, hold your horses for list 2.0.

Restaurant Labart
The fine dining venue is only a couple of years old, but in that time has become one of the Gold Coast’s premier dining destinations. Tucked away on West Street, the five-star, seasonal produce-led restaurant is an absolute must-visit and your dining experience there is one you won’t long forget. The produce is sustainable and the wine list is filled with some of the most stunning natural wines in the world. The service is impeccable too, but in a fun, not-too-formal way. We LOVE.
Where: 2A/8 West Street, Burleigh Heads 

It’s the good time, slightly fancy Australiana bar of your dreams and it is perfectly at home in Burleigh Heads. Rosella’s very quickly became a firm local favourite when it opened last year and with both a drinks and food menu made up entirely of Australian produce, we are in love. There are cocktails made with Nutri Grain, some of the tastiest toasties around and all the very best Aussie beers. It’s refined, beautifully decked out and created by a couple of absolute legends. Love.
Where: 6/1734 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Mr Hizola’s
Yum, contemporary Cantonese food, we love you. Mr Hizola’s is dishing up the goods in the form of tasty share-style dishes and we are here for it. Particularly the sizzling steak dish that is all kinds of delicious and an array of epic cocktails to match. Mr Hizola’s is by the gang who brought you Hideaway Kitchen and Bar, Nightjar (see below), Bine, Soho Place and Nightcap, so it’s fair to say they know what’s up.
Where: 1730 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Hill
Well hasn’t this simple little piece of Mother Nature become a local legend. No matter the day of the week (but particularly Sunday arvos) “the hill” as it’s affectionately known is packed with picnic rugs, ball games and groups of revelers basking in the sunshine. Looking out over the ocean and with the city in the distance, it’s the perfect spot for a late afternoon lemonade or early morning coffee date with the crew. If you’re feeling energetic, take a stroll around the hill to Talle Creek for some Insta-worthy scenery.
Where: The south end of The Esplanade, Burleigh Heads

It’s the good old-fashioned party bar Burleigh has welcomed with open arms and there’s absolutely no doubt that all the best things go down behind Nightjar’s spray painted roller door. Inspired by wanderluster Sailor Jerry and with very few rules, the back alley bar is home to epic live jams, crazy cocktails and guaranteed good times.
Where: Justin Lane, Burleigh Heads 

Iku Yakitori Bar
Yakitori translates to chicken on a stick, simple enough to describe, but much more intricate in nature. As for Iku, ask the crew when you stop in. Also found in Burleigh’s bustling back alley, Iku is even better than you’d imagine it to be. Skewers are the name of the game and no part of the chicken is left behind. There’s also veggo ones and some ridiculous edamame dip and plenty of tasty cocktails too.
Where: Justin Lane, Burleigh Heads 

Jimmy Wahs
The stunning space offers incredible Vietnamese dishes inspired by Head Chef Jakes’ trip through Vietnam and a desire to eat some of the very best street food in the world every single day. Same. It’s a refined style of dining paired with mouthwatering cocktails and a sleek, paired back vibe. Jimmy Wahs is one of the Gold Coast’s most impressive eateries and we are big fans.
Where: 1724 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Sean Scott Boutique
Gold Coast local Sean Scott is a world-renowned surf and nature photographer and his gallery on James Street is filled with his stunning images and the coolest of clothing and accessories. The gallery has been open for five years and is the perfect spot to stop in for some creative inspo or grab yourself a piece of Sean’s incredible art. Read our interview with the man himself here.
Where: 21 James Street, Burleigh Heads

Rick Shores
Literally opening out onto the sand at Burleigh beach, Rick Shores is loved (not only locally) for its stunning sunset views and those tiny little taste sensations otherwise known as Bug Rolls. If you’ve never tasted one, you’ve been wasting your life, make a booking RIGHT NOW and order them all. Wash them down with one of Rick’s signature cocktails and you’re a bonafide Burleigh-ite.
Where: Shop 3, Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Bowls Club
A relaxing little beachside club loved by young and old alike, Burleigh Bowls has been around since 1937 and is certainly a prime piece of real estate these days. Barefoot Bowls roll on from 12 to 5pm every Sunday and it’s a measly $5 per person including coaching and bowls (AKA ball whipper snappers). Live music can be heard on Sunday arvos from 2 to 6pm. Get down and support your local while sipping on a schooner.
Where: Connor Street, Burleigh Heads

The Village Markets
Our beloved boutique fashion and lifestyle market, The Village Markets, is home to hundreds of local makers and has helped to launch the international careers of countless creatives. Head down for an early morning coffee and breakfast while wandering through the stalls until it’s time for lunch. Oh and there’s always live music if you need a breather. It’s the best way to spend a sunny Sunday
Where: Burleigh Heads State School, Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Baker
The baked goods that come out of this friendly little bakery are honestly something else. Owners Geoff and Lisa are passionate about baking and opened Burleigh Baker to provide us with the best tasting and most nutritious Artisan Sourdough and boy do they deliver. They use only the finest ingredients and the traditional process of fermentation. Do not buy bread anywhere else. You’re welcome.
Where: 13/50 James Street, Burleigh Heads

Freedom Float Centre
Floating in an enclosed tank of water may not seem like the most freedom-inducing activity in the world but trust us, it is. It’s the perfect place to experience the deepest of relaxation for the mind and body and literally involves floating weightlessly in a concentrated salt solution in a specially designed lightproof and soundproof pod. You’ll be shut off from the entire world. Sign us up!
Where: 105 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads

Justin Lane Rooftop
Don your finest frock and rally up your girlfriends for a Sunday session and a spot of people watching on the roof at Justin Lane. With cocktails in hand and a balmy breeze blowing in through the windows, you need never go anywhere else again. After a few hours, pop downstairs for one of Justin’s famous pizzas and that’s your Sunday sorted.
Where: 1708 – 1710 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Pavilion
Absolute beachfront views and balmy ocean breezes aside, Burleigh Pavilion is a real treat. The interior is all pastel hues with greenery dotted throughout, two distinct sides including a sit down restaurant (The Tropic) and a more casual beach bar-style situation (The Terrace) for the best of both worlds. There are tasty eats on both sides and many a refreshing cocktail. Not to mention their new baked goods-filled van. Get involved in all of that.
Where: Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Pavilion (image supplied)
Burleigh Pavilion (image supplied)

Ze Pickle
The OG of giant, gourmet burgers, Ze Pickle’s Burleigh Heads store is all the best burgery things. Opened by friends Joey, Nathan and Aaron in 2012, the concept has spread around Australia and is now loved nationwide. Paired by your favourite local craft beer or a tipple of primo tequila and you’ve got yourself a good time.
Where: Corner Park Avenue and Connor Street, Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Farmers Markets
Everyone’s favourite Saturday morning market adventure. Get up early, grab your basket and set out in search of fruit, veggies and of course, your first coffee of the weekend. These days the farmers market also boast locally made clothing and homewares, flowers, meat and seafood and delicious breaky and lunch options. There’s also live music and plenty of laughter floating around. Happy days.
Where: Burleigh Heads State School, Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

David Fleays Wildlife Park
Nestled in the heart of Burleigh Heads, David Fleay’s is a wildlife park with a difference. Stroll through the tranquil surroundings to experience some of Queensland’s most iconic natural habitats and meet the resident wildlife — all in just one day. Explore the park solo or join the dedicated Park Rangers at the daily wildlife shows.
Where: Corner of West Burleigh Road and Loman Lane in West Burleigh

Burleigh Brewing Co.
If there’s one thing Burleigh deserves (the big legend), it’s a brewery and Burleigh Brewing Co. certainly delivers. After opening in 2006, Burleigh Brewing Co. has produced nine delicious drops with delightful names such as ‘My Wife’s Bitter’ and ‘FIGJAM’ – perfectly Burleigh. Get a sixer for Netflix and chill or head into the brewery from Wednesday to Sunday afternoons to get amongst it. There’s live tunes too, what a combination.
Where: 2 Ern Harley Drive, Burleigh Heads

Lockwood Bar
A somewhat hidden little speakeasy in the heart of Burleigh Heads, Lockwood Bar specialise in all of the very best varieties of whiskey along with many a local tipple transformed into tasty cocktails. It’s a laidback, jazz bar kind of vibe, low lit, often with live music and once you’re inside, you likely won’t want to leave. We dig it.
Where: Justin Lane, Burleigh Heads

Words by Kirra Smith

Après Surf joins the Burleigh lineup

Après Surf bar (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Après Surf bar (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

It’s a fairly sad time when you notice things you love disappear from your life. We’re not talking about that illustrious Tinder match or the awesome pair of shoes which worked with everything: we’re talking about those unforgettable hospitality haunts where you’re always guaranteed to have a great time.

One such institution which falls perfectly into this category was Mermaid Beach’s laidback, no-frills lounge room style bar, Après Surf. For those who may have frequented the venue, you’ll know all too well the ambiance was as laid back as they come (nearly horizontal, in fact). Backed by a slew of interesting and moreish cocktails, frosty beers, and a finely put-together ensemble of all the best American diner-style eats you could imagine.

Unfortunately, the building they were situated in was designated for demolition. Meaning the guys were forced to pack up their stuff and let the contagious party demeanour of Après Surf go dormant for a while — until now, that is.

Beer & Pork Katsu Sando, Après Surf (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Beer & Pork Katsu Sando, Après Surf (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

Nothing much has changed for the crew behind this fun time venture, apart from their new location in the centre of Burleigh Heads, just off the highway. Prime position, no less, for you to wander in off the beach or to hide away after a tough day at the office and forget the world for a little while.

This space isn’t an entirely new version. In fact, almost all of the fittings such as chairs, tables, and wooden panels have been repurposed from the old venue. Cast your eyes around the vintage paraphernalia and quirky Australiana antiquities; for the keen-eyed amongst you, you may recognise a few touches from their Mermaid Beach bar.

Now shacked up in Burleigh, the bar is a little more extensive as they aim to satisfy a steady league of thirsty and hungry souls with their unique easy-going and be-yourself atmosphere!

To satisfy a Queensland style of thirst, the guys have an array of the frostiest beers on tap from the likes of Balter and Young Henry’s. Should you be in the mood for a cocktail of some description, then their small selection of adapted signatures such as a Negroni Blanc and Après Zombie will undoubtedly catch your eye (may we strongly suggest the Caramello Limencello, it’s an Inside Gold Coast favourite). And should you feel like something in particular, keep in the bar tenders’ good books and strike up a conversation about how your favourite cocktail of all time isn’t on their menu — they’ll have you covered!

Caramello Limencello, Après Surf (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Caramello Limencello, Après Surf (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

There’s a variety of tasty eats available across a sizeable menu which find itself split into the sections of Small Bites, Mains, Burgers, and Desserts. Smaller plates like the Truffle Fries and Classic Buffalo Wings are the perfect accompaniment to an ice-cold beer, whereas the house-made Nasi Goreng, Fish Burger, Pork Katsu Sando and Après Beef & Bacon Burger are all great reasons to skip kitchen duties at home.

After having only just opened, the venue is still finding its feet a little. Specials, specific event nights etc., are still in the pipeline but shouldn’t take the gang long to figure out, so keep your eyes peeled for more info as it comes up.

Whether you’ve been for a surf or not, if you find yourself with sand between your toes and a hankering for some great drinks and sensational food, Après Surf is the calling you cannot ignore.

Hours: Open every day (except Tuesday) 5pm – late
Where: Shop 1, 1837, Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Fish Burger and Truffle Fries, Après Surf (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Fish Burger and Truffle Fries, Après Surf (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
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