Kelly Quilter

She’s the Gold Coast Mama who knows what it means to work from home and have children to teach at the same time. So much so that Kelly Quilter created a downloadable guide filled with learning materials to help other local parents do the same.

We sat down for a chat with Kelly about how the $18 program came about and why parents can expect to have some fun with kids while maybe learning a thing or two themselves.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
34 years, since I was two years old!

What do you love most about living here?
I love the weather, the beautiful beaches, fabulous restaurants and that there are always community events on and things to do (when we are not in lockdown). After travelling the world, I realised there is no better place to raise kids.

Tell us about your program Teacher for a Day…
Teacher for a Day: Lockdown Edition is an $18, 50-page downloadable guide of learning materials. It was developed to make the home learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. The book is kitted out with both highly educational and fun real-world resources, including comprehensive subject-based activities that can be adapted for a variety of ages. Some activities include gardening and cooking, creative art classes and STEM based learning activities like building bridges with household items. The resource even includes a ‘lazy parenting’ section for the days that parents are too busy to fly their Super Mum or Dad cape.

How did you come up with the idea?
When there was speculation that schools could close, I knew there would be a lot of parents overwhelmed by the idea of adding home learning to their ‘to do’ lists. Being a teacher and a mum, I thought I could share some of my tricks and tips to make the experience as pain-free and enjoyable as possible. Having previously published teaching resources for relief teachers, I decided to adapt these for parents as the principles are ultimately the same.

What has been your experience in the lead up to creating this product?
After returning from Thailand and needing to quarantine for 2 weeks, I juggled mum life whilst writing this Lockdown Edition. I would write during my toddler’s nap time and spend weekends and late nights working on it once the kids were in bed. It is times like those I wish I drank coffee!

How have you found it at home with your own children during this time?
It has been tough at times. With three kids aged, six, four and one it can be tricky meeting all their needs whilst implementing the school curriculum. I have been relying on my Lockdown, Primary School and Early Childhood editions, a lot! I find my son finishes set schoolwork after only a few hours and then seeks other fun activities to kill time whilst stuck in isolation. Also, my son’s teacher is very supportive and flexible with the work he does and is happy for the activities to vary from the set tasks if he is still learning and being challenged. So, we have been pulling a heap of activities for him from both the Teacher for a Day: Lockdown Edition and Primary School Edition. I have also been using the Early Childhood Edition for my younger daughters to set up easy and engaging activities to entertain them whilst I’m helping my son with his schoolwork – this has saved my sanity on many occasions!

Any tips for surviving at home with the kids?
Plan activities that may also help you out. For example, get them to help you in the garden or teach them how to make the bed. Also, do not be afraid to let your children get ‘bored’, their imaginations are endless after all.

Where can we find your program?
Teacher for a Day: Lockdown Edition
plus all my other teaching resources can be purchased online at teacherforaday.com

Tell us your favourites on the Coast:
Restaurant for dinner: Jimmy Wah’s for delicious Vietnamese!
Cafe for breakfast: The Milkman’s Daughter do the best breakfast, even for this non-vegetarian.
Coffee spot: I’m one of those weirdos that don’t drink coffee, but my hubby loves the coffee at DGCB in Miami.
How does your weekend usually look: Lots of bike rides with the kids to the beach since we have been in lockdown but usually we love to take weekend drives to explore the many wonderful places around the Gold Coast.



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