Karley & Ryan McAlpin

Karley & Ryan of Zero 9 (image supplied)
Karley & Ryan of Zero 9 (image supplied)

Ever walk into a venue and really just ogle the space? Yep, us too. And is it just us or does it seem new venues across the Gold Coast have really stepped up their fit-out game recently? A few venues spring to mind when it comes to ones that deserve a feature on the ‘gram; of which include the new Surfers Pavilion, and the reinvigoration of The Star Gold Coast’s Atrium Bar. Both of which were projects of Brisbane & Gold Coast company, Zero 9 Constructions. We were fortunate enough to get to know the founders of Zero 9, Karley & Ryan McAlpin, to talk all things Commercial & Residential construction and boy do they have some big projects in the pipeline! Watch this space!

How long have you been Gold Coast locals?
Karley: All my life, I was born and bred on the GC. (Except for a few overseas adventures!)
Ryan: All my life. Born and bred in Tweed (I’ll claim that as the Gold Coast) haha

Tell us about how Zero 9 Constructions came about?
Ryan: The burning desire to do what I was doing, but better! Shopfitting had this almost ‘unspoken rule’ that you did big hours, nights, never saw your family, and quality was never valued as the space would get re-fit in 3-7 years… Why? Why can’t quality of finish, and quality of life exist in this sector? This is where we focus our values as a company, on quality, detail and professionalism. We’re not about getting a job done purely to get the job done, our values lie in providing our clients with an experience that is seamless, detailed and exceeds their expectations. That is our passion and where the business started and continues to grow.

Atruim Bar by Zero 9 Constructions (image supplied)
Atruim Bar by Zero 9 Constructions (image supplied)

Can you tell us the meaning behind “Zero 9”?
Ryan: People often assume it is the year we started the company, but there is a bit more of a love story behind it. 2009 was the year Karley and I met, in Canada, on a snow mountain. Even though we both lived on the Gold Coast, it took us both being in Canada, at the right time for us to find each other. When toying with the idea of starting the business, the name just felt so right, a year that was sentimental to us. And with that, this is where the name Zero 9 came about.

What do you love the most about being in the construction industry on the Gold Coast?
Ryan: Being part of such a dynamic, ever-evolving part of the Gold Coast. Having the ability to create new opportunities and be a part of the community growth is really special to us. Not to mention the people we work with and places we work, we’re currently working on the old Pizza Hut site at Kirra and you couldn’t find a more beautiful part of the world (not to mention how sentimental it is with all the birthday parties I had there). It truly is special to be involved in the future of the Gold Coast and shaping it for the generations to come.

Surfers Pavilion by Zero 9 Constructions (image supplied)
Surfers Pavilion by Zero 9 Constructions (image supplied)

What are your areas of expertise?
Ryan: Our brand started in the Commercial Construction industry with the development of restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, gyms, office spaces; practically we bring any space to life. Finding recent demand for our level of quality and detail in the Residential industry, the Zero 9 team has expanded into architectural home builds, renovations and extensions. Our team work collectively through the design and construction of these spaces to add value to our clients lives.

Whilst it may be hard to pick, have you got a particular favourite project of Zero 9 Constructions?
Ryan: Tough one… If I had to narrow it down to two, I would say Surfers Pavilion and Burleigh Brewing HQ. Both absolute monster projects with unique challenges and great clients!

What can we expect from Zero 9 Constructions in the next 12 months?
Ryan: Massive things!! Epic rooftop spaces, iconic GC venues, and some of the most beautiful homes the GC and Northern NSW has ever seen.

Burleigh Brewing (image supplied)
Burleigh Brewing (image supplied)

What are your Gold Coast favourites…
Café: Here Coffee at Zero 9’s Burleigh HQ (obviously), but also VERY hard to go past Tarte in Burleigh.
Coffee spot: Here Coffee at Zero 9’s Burleigh HQ (obviously)
Restaurant: Lucky Bao in Mermaid. Absolute pocket-rocket of a place that is our absolute go to!
Bar or pub for a drink: As we have four young kids, our drinking is usually done at home with a Burleigh Brewing Big Head, or a pack of Hard Fizz. If we are lucky enough to have a night off, it’s hard to beat Burleigh Pavilion for the location and atmosphere.

How do you choose to spend your weekends? 
Ryan: As mentioned above, four young ones keep us VERY occupied. (Thank goodness for the backyard pool, incredible Gold Coast weather, as well as family and friends close by!). During the glimmers of silence, you will normally find us in front of a laptop or Netflix. Basically just sitting in silence…

Where: 1/14 Rothcote Court, Burleigh Heads
Phone: 0481 279 984




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