Customise your dream holiday with new travel portal

Booking holidays is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Sure, the holidays themselves are a good time but the research, the anticipation, and the infinite possibility, that’s where the real gold is.

Truthfully though, it can also be somewhat of a nightmare. No doubt we’ve all got a holiday horror story along the lines of accommodation being a three hour walk away from all the best things a destination has to offer, unbeknownst to us because we simply booked it because of the Insta-worthy interiors (just us, cool). new travel portal called JumpOn.

It’s the work of Gold Coast tourism leader and entrepreneur Graeme Hollonds who saw a gap in the market for a travel booking platform based on searching for things travellers want to be close to.

As of just last week though, booking both Insta-worthy and convenient accommodation need never be a nightmare again thanks to a brand

Heading to the Yarra Valley for a wine-soaked soiree with the girls? Find accommodation right near all the wineries you want to visit. Bringing the family to the Gold Coast for an adventure-filled weekend (GREAT IDEA), book something close to all the action.

Unlike all the travel platforms you use now, JumpOn features neutral listings (not commission based) allowing your search to be completely customisable based on your preferences and not somebody else’s back pocket.

Sounds simple but is revolutionary.

You can also select more than one thing you’d like to be close to on your travels. Keen on bars, the beach, day spas and five-star eateries (same)? JumpOn can not only offer ideas for accommodation providers but also places to go if you aren’t quite sure on the destination but know exactly what you want to do once you get there.

How good.

Plus they’ll suggest others things you can do while you’re there that you may not have even considered yet.

Basically all you need to do is think about things you love to do, type them into JumpOn and receive a myriad of suggestions on beautiful places throughout Australia you can do them.

Booking holidays made simpler. Best.

Check it out at jumpon.online

Words by Kirra Smith


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