Jayde Chandler

She’s a former Gold Coast gal who has come full circle, recently securing representation at Mermaid Beach art gallery 19 Karen and if you’ve ever laid eyes on the stunning work of Jayde Chandler, you’ll understand why.

We sat down for a chat with Jayde about what it’s like to fulfil a lifelong dream from the unforgiving Queensland Outback and her advice for anyone looking to take their work to the next level.

Do you get to visit the Gold Coast often?
We have always been lucky enough to get down to the Gold Coast a couple of times a year to visit family which is lovely. It is such a familiar destination to me after completing five years of boarding school at St Hilda’s School, Southport. 

What do you love most about coming here?
It’s always the beaches for me! Coming from outback Queensland means that visiting the glorious Gold Coast beaches are an absolute must do. Now that I have four children of my own, I love sharing favourite spots for some much needed vitamin sea! That and the dining scene, so many great places to eat I can’t name them all!

You recently gained representation at 19 Karen on the Gold Coast, how did that feel?
I am so excited to have gained representation by 19 Karen Gallery. It is an incredible honour to be under the curation of highly respected art collector and curator, Terri Lew. The Gallery is Queensland’s largest Contemporary Art Gallery and is so highly regarded with an amazing selection of Australian and International artists both emerging and established. I am thrilled to be welcomed into the family and eager to see what opportunities lay ahead.

Talk to us about your art, how do you describe it?
I am a self taught contemporary artist, mostly identifying as an abstract expressionist of sorts. I use a mixture of acrylics, impasto and oil sticks to create, multilayered, highly textural translations of the landscapes I have lived in and loved. From a tree lined gully at the back of the property to the hinterlands of Byron Bay, I use symbolic references, to tell a story with vibrant and joyous colours. My work focuses on the perfection of imperfections and I embrace every lump and bump through the use of a combination of palette knives and brushes and at times even my fingers. I aim to spark joy and bring raw personality into my collectors homes, drawing much inspiration from the beauty of nature and a childhood based in the outback.

What was your journey to becoming an artist?
I began painting almost two years ago to fulfil a life-long desire to create and share beauty. I had previously studied interior design but was looking for more freedom and painting had always been something I had wanted to try. It was also a form of escapism and release to help manage the stress of the ongoing drought in Western Queensland. I accepted the challenge from my husband to auction the first piece I ever painted to raise money for drought relief and when it received such a wonderful response I gained the courage to pursue my dreams.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to turn professional with their art?
Just press enter! The hardest part of beginning anything new is actually starting. People tend to put things off or make excuses when everything isn’t perfect or they are afraid that what they produce might not be good enough. You have to start somewhere. Be courageous and just begin, even if it is terrible. You will learn so much about yourself and your practice on the way to where you want to be. It is terribly frightening baring your soul to the world to be judged but what do you have to lose? There is always so much more to be gained by having a go. Create, create, create. If it’s your passion, work your arse off and give it everything you’ve got. You will never regret giving it your best shot. 

How is the rest of 2020 looking for you?
I had a big start to 2020 with my first solo exhibition at Wild Canary Art in Brisbane and have just contributed to Inverell Art Gallery’s Annual Contemporary Art Exhibition. Up next is Merricks General Wine Store’s Annual Traders Fair in Victoria, opening Friday 29th May – 26th July. My priority for the rest of the year is completing all of my commissions and getting fresh new works to galleries and stockists across the country.

Will we be seeing more of you on the Coast from now on?
Hopefully I will be able to visit the Gold Coast more often to hand deliver works to 19 Karen. What a fabulous excuse to visit!



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