Hymn Coffee

It is with happy tears and overly energetic typing fingers we bring you the news that Tweed Heads has jumped on the quality coffee/tasty eats/cool new venue bandwagon and you may as well pack your bags and move because things are heating up down there friends.

Hymn Coffee opened recently and it’s all glossy white tiles, raw concrete, plants aplenty and light fittings we would have stolen if no-one was looking (and stealing wasn’t illegal, obviously).

The thing that will catch your well-trained, interior appreciating eye though, isn’t a thing at all but a rather large, dried flower installation fixed to the ceiling. It’s a creative collaboration of the prettiest kind between co-owner Kelly and your fave curators of all the beautiful things, Gather Store (so you know it’s good).

The faces of Kelly and her partner KC are ones you may recognise from Palmy local Barefoot Barista. Mid last year the pair decided to go out on their own, then birthed a wee babe and opened Hymn Coffee (because two babies are better than one, right).

The menu is filled with dishes inspired by Kelly, and Head Chef Andy’s, New Zealand roots and feature familiar favourites with a refreshing twist.

For instance, the Hawker Roll is a fun (and DELICIOUS) take on the bacon and egg roll but with roti instead of a boring old bread roll. How good is roti. With the added goodness of Mum’s apple sauce, crispy onions and CONDENSED MILK MAYO, we’ve got ourselves a winner.

If heavenly bacon and egg dishes aren’t your thing (check yourself), go for the Fruit and Nut which features watermelon, little bananas, strawberries, cacao granola, whipped raw honey yoghurt, almond milk and basil. Fruity fresh.

Everything is made with seasonal, locally sourced produce and the menu will change as it sees fit.

Coffee beans are a blend called Orthodox from Melbourne coffee Gods St. ALi and is it just us or is there a theme here.

Because we love a good theme, here’s the punch line.

All your coffee drinking, epic food eating prayers have been answered, Tweed Heads.

Go now.

LOCATION: Shop 2, 99 Kennedy Drive, Tweed Heads
HOURS: 6am until 2pm every day

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.