Green Folk Botany Shop

If you ask us (and also every single scientist), there can never be enough plants. As if it wasn’t enough that they create the oxygen we need to breathe, they’re also very pretty and make your house all cosy and natural looking.

With this in mind, we bring you exciting news. Burleigh’s favourite/only back alley, Justin Lane, is getting a new store filled with all the loveliest indoor plants imaginable, because of course it is.

Green Folk Botany Shop is said to be an urban jungle atelier (which is a fancy French word we had to look up, meaning workshop) stocked with lush foliage, plants, designer pots and hand crafted vessels. Who doesn’t love a good vessel?

It will be a modern boutique akin to the plant nurseries your mum used to drag you to as a kid except beautiful and with art and books and all our favourite things really.

Green Folk’s founder Emily Cloke is a Horticulturalist and Landscape Designer and if we ask nicely maybe she’ll come and transform our entire house into a jungle style scenario.

Her adventure began with creating a bespoke range of Kokedamas and handmade concrete pots filled with unusual succulents and interior plants before opening a collaborative pop up shop in Palm Beach.

Now, she is bringing the plants to the people and the people should not be sad about it.

Emily chose Burleigh for her venture because obviously Burleigh is epic but in her words, it’s the heart of the Gold Coast, and with a cool little community vibe unlike anything else around, we are pretty sure Green Folk is going to be a hit.

Green Folk Botany Shop is due to open mid April so you’ve got a bit of time to get your life in order before you blow all your money on indoor plants.

LOCATION: Justin Lane (next door to Lockwood Bar), Burleigh Heads

Words by Kirra Smith