GoBlondie Cosmetics

As if there weren’t enough pretty little things in the world women are keen to spend our hard-earned dollars on and here comes another one demanding immediate purchase.

GoBlondie is the beloved beauty brand of Gold Coast local Linda-Rosa Hewing and just last week she launched a whole new range of AFFORDABLE luxury cosmetics and affordable things are our favourite things. Especially if they make us better looking.

The brand itself comes with the catch cry ‘have more fun’ and again, yes, don’t mind if we do. The sultry, tongue-in-cheek range was designed in Australia and produced in Italy (where there are many good looking folks) so you know it’s quality.

The hero of the GoBlondie range is the Bouncy Foundation and don’t even get us started on how difficult it is to find a foundation that is perfect for your completely unique face type. Skin type, whatever.

The point is, this Bouncy Foundation is the business, infused with quality active ingredients and packed with Hyaluronic Acid which both hydrates and makes the skin glow. As people in our EARLY 30s, those are very important things to include in a product that goes onto your skin every single day of your life.

Plus, in the interest of never looking a day over our early 30s, we’ve researched Hyaluronic Acid A LOT and it’s very important to put on your face. We learnt more but that’s the most prominent point.

Not only that, Bouncy Foundation has no harsh chemicals, it’s not tested on animals and it’s paraben free. So all the good things.

Another fun thing to try in the recently launched range is a plumping eyelash primer and who knew that was a thing you needed in your life. But it IS girlfriends. First Base will grow, repair and freshen up your lashes readying them for the next stage of the getting good looking game.

Which is of course, Foreplay, a high definition mascara that’ll give you those lush eyelashes that dreams are made of. Not the other kind, although you never know where pretty eyes will get you.

Last but not least, All the Way is a carbon free liquid eyeliner that may very well take you all the way. Worth a try hey.

So there you have it, bust out that credit card and prepare to get (more) gorgeous.

Gold Coasters going global, love it.

Words by Kirra Smith



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