7 free Gold Coast activities to get your heart pumping

They say summer bodies are made in winter and that’s probably all well and good in places that actually experience seasons but here on the Gold Coast, we really need summer bodies all year round.

Which is both a lot of pressure on both our inner comfort food and red wine loving selves and potentially on our wallets.

Luckily our good friends at the Gold Coast City Council have the answer in the form of free active classes for all ages across the Gold Coast

Here’s a few to try, should your winter body be getting the best of you or you know, just because exercise is good for you and you should do it regardless.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi is a lovely place to start when it’s time to get moving (and especially if it’s been awhile). It’s a healing martial art combining slow movements with Qi (energy) circulation, breathing and stretching techniques and it makes you feel so very good. Free Tai Chi classes run every single day across the Coast in various locations and it’s good for all ages and levels of fitness.

If you’re keen to up the ante slightly, yoga is where it’s at and again, any fitness level and age can get involved. Basically yoga connects movement to breath but don’t be fooled, things can definitely get sweaty and there are poses you’ll need to work your way up to. You’ll feel both like you’ve had a workout and super relaxed and that’s pretty much all you need right? Free classes run every day across the Coast.

From Zumba to Rock ‘n Roll classes and very good time called Lights Out and Dance (so nobody can see you, guys), there’s SO many fun classes to get your heart pumping and there’s nothing quite like a good old dance to put a smile on your face. Go solo or gather up the girls and make a night of it, this one’s good for body, mind and soul. Classes can again be found across the Coast and there’s definitely one in your suburb or very close by.

Strength training meets stretching meets weights and you get all of the toned body parts. How good. There are free classes for specific things like lower back care plus general Pilates classes for all levels and it will not only push you physically but also improve your posture and make you feel so very good within your body. You’ll become more aware of your body and do a good amount of sweating while you’re at it. Classes can be found across the Coast at various times.

Aqua classes
You know what’s a very good time? Exercising in the water because a) you are buoyant and b) that makes it feel as though you’re not working very hard but YOU ARE and it’s very good for you. Deep water running is a thing you can do, it’s both amusing and will put you through your paces and there’s also just general aqua fitness involving weights and the like. It’s perfect if your joints are an issue or if you just really like being immersed in cooling liquids. 

Strength training
Covering quite a lot of bases is strength training involving everything from 30-minute intense group sessions to hour-long sessions and performance training. These classes mean business and you’ll certainly feel the burn after having completed one. Classes run every day of the week in local beaches and parks and you can do a quick little session if you don’t have much time or spend a bit of time getting stronger a few times a week. Take some friends to share in your pain or pleasure or whatever.

This is a big group of activities ranging from walking to hiking, running, croquet (who knew) and all enjoyed in groups of new friends and old across the Coast. It’s a good way to meet new friends and get some exercise while you’re at it. There are actually lots of running and walking clubs across the Coast, so you can find one near you, or far away if you want to venture out, and make it a healthy habit.

There are also specific exercise classes for families and Mums and bubs and you can find the entire timetable, grouped by type of exercise here.

Happy exercising!

Words by Kirra Smith



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