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Good paninis and great salads await in Florida Gardens

FG Cornerstore exterior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
FG Cornerstore exterior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

Community has been a bit of a buzzword in recent times. It’s little wonder with our current global situation — people are beginning to lower their gaze for distant things, and therefore readily take in their current environment. Coming together over great food and drink, underpinned by a true, and friendly sense of localism has created pouches of community-driven hospitality venues across the city.

One little suburb, Florida Gardens within Broadbeach Waters, is where friendly residents and a tranquil ambience are the norm. A place that now has a community-focussed cafe-come-corner store offering up delicious goods… and you’re all welcome!

The venue sits on the corner of a strip of shops, and with its leafy outlook, welcomes you in to stay awhile in their fabulous interior or take a seat outside in dappled sunshine. Great care has been taken to produce a clean and calm space with rich wood hues, neutral tones, and great attention to detail everywhere you look.

FG OG Panini, FG Cornerstore (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
FG OG Panini, FG Cornerstore (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

The essence the owners of this space want to capture is the unique charm of Florida Gardens. Some residents have lived in this tiny enclave for decades, it’s the kind of place where popping round to your neighbour for a cup of sugar is a legitimate undertaking and not just a cliche. With this in mind, FG Cornerstore is precisely that: a place where locals can grab premium staple produce and gourmet items they might not find elsewhere.

Think decadent chocolate spreads, jams, salts from around the world. Daily bread from Gold Coast fave Pixel Bakehouse is available, and if you’re the type of person who loves routine, tell them what bread and what day you’d like it, and they can make it a consistent thing. Small town feels, just a hop, skip, and jump from Surfers Paradise? Who knew?

The menu is put together with mountains of care and attention and will develop over time. You’ll find tastes and savours of honest style Mediterranean style foods, with bowls of salads such as the Nonna Adelia potato and egg salad which you simply have to try — or take home! There’s also a fine collection of paninis with fillings you won’t find every day, like the FG OG with Coppa, Sopressa Salami, house-made pesto, and the Fresh As stuffed with Olasgasti Tuna, wasabi mayo, and pickled cucumber.

FG Cornerstore interior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
FG Cornerstore interior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

Expect no shortcuts taken with drinks either; with all your coffee and tea needs taken care of along with crowd favourites like your hot choccies and chais also available. And should you feel like a health-driven libation, you’re covered with a gorgeous selection of cold-pressed juices and kombuchas to treat those hot summer mornings.

The plan is to let the space integrate itself into the community, allowing the venue to be a catalyst for conversations and new relationships. Plans are on the horizon to open for evenings and long weekend lunches with a pending liquor license application awaiting approval. So watch this space!

And should we mention it’s just a turn or two off the Gold Coast Highway — convenient right?!

When: Mon, Thurs, Fri 6.30am – 1pm and Weekends 7am – 1pm
Where: Shop 7, 1 Naranga Avenue, Broadbeach Waters

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

FG Cornerstore exterior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
FG Cornerstore exterior (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

16 reasons locals love Broadbeach

Fat Freddy's (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)
Fat Freddy's (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)

It’s the suburb just south of Surfers Paradise that’s home to an ever-growing array of epic eateries, good time spots and world-class shopping and that’s only the beginning.Over the past few years Broadbeach has become one of the Coast’s most beautiful and beloved spots to spend time and here are 16 reasons why. Love ya Broady.

Elk Espresso
One of the Gold Coast’s most beloved brunch spots, Elk Espresso can be found in Broadbeach on a corner block overlooking Kurrawa Park and absolutely packed with people every single day. Andrew and the team are serving up a seasonal menu packed with epic eats that are both delicious and Insta-worthy and some of the best coffee around. There’s a reason it’s always packed.
Where: The Oasis Shopping Centre, Broadbeach

The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub
The Coast’s newest bar and club opened in Broadbeach recently with a cabaret-style show that has received rave reviews ever since. The show is up of mind-blowing dance and acrobatics with a pumping soundtrack and all inside one of the most beautiful venues we have. After the show, there’s the after party and everyone’s invited. Don’t miss out on the The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub.
Where: Surf Pde, Broadbeach

Fat Freddy’s Beach Bar and Diner
The latest restaurant to open in beautiful Broadbeach is Fat Freddy’s and it’s a very good time. Serving up American-style eats like hot dogs, chicken ribs and towering burgers in some of the best flavours we’ve ever sampled, the newbie is fast becoming one of the hottest spots in town. Wash the deliciousness down with a boozy milkshake and a beer or two and you’ve got yourself a good time. Perfect for a Sunday session with the gang.
Where: 2663 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach (entry via Surf Pde)

Pink Flamingo (image supplied)
Pink Flamingo (image supplied)

Soho Place
A London-stye bar hidden amongst it’s neighbours, Soho Place is the work of the Hideaway Kitchen and Mr Hizola’s team.It’s decked out in artistic graffiti and, as it’s a small bar (the Coast’s first) there are only tipples on the menu. The crew have created a very impressive cocktail menu and you can BYO food or order some in from around the rest of Broadbeach. The perfect pairing.
Where: Gold Coast Hwy, Broadbeach (between Queensland and Victoria Aves)

Kurrawa Surf Club
Right on the sand with 180 degree views of the big blue, Kurrawa Surf Club was rebuilt not too long ago and the change is breathtaking. The Club has always been popular amongst locals and with affordable eats and ice cold beers, what’s not to love. There are daily food specials and the place is always buzzing with revellers enjoying the very best of what the Gold Coast has to offer. Do yourself a favour.
Where: Old Burleigh Rd, Broadbeach

No Name Lane
Love you coffee, you beautiful beany beast. Particularly, stay with us, the brews at No Name Lane – home of very good Broady coffee. Everything about this place will tickle your fancy from the exposed brick walls to the cosy, get-close-to-each-other vibes. There’s a simple, tasty little menu for breaky and lunch and crew are as cool as can be.
Where: The Oracle, Elizabeth Ave, Broadbeach

Social Eating House + Bar 
Firstly, eating house is the best name for a place filled with food EVER. Who would not want to go to an eating house. No-one is who. SHE+B (for the sake of space) is serving up the goods guys. How does Sashimi of Hiramasa Kingfish, Smoked Tomato, Ginger Mayo, Dashi Enokii, Puffed Rice Cracker sound? Heavenly, you’re right. There aren’t enough words in the world, go there.
Where: 3 Oracle Blvd, Broadbeach

Social Eating House (image supplied)
Social Eating House (image supplied)

CHA CHA Japanese Restaurant 
There has probably never been a place that is more loved than Cha Cha’s. It’s authentic Japanese cuisine in a super chill setting and everyone who goes there is guaranteed a jolly old time. The food is so good and so affordable and there’s a banquet menu and best of all – it’s BYO (if that wasn’t already capital letter we would have made it so).
Where: 2705 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach

Aloha Bar and Dining 
Happy tropical vibes abound in this cute little tiki bar in the heart of Broady. There’s eats along the lines of crispy wonton tacos and Poke bowls and cocktails that are guaranteed to make you smile. The live music is a favourite amongst the regulars and the fitout is as cute as can be. Aloha indeed.
Where: 18 Main Place, Broadbeach

Blues on Broadbeach
Obviously we understand that this guaranteed good time isn’t a permanent fixture in our beloved Broadbeach however, it’s more than worthy of a mention. It’s the Coast’s premiere music festival and, best, it’s all free. How is something so good so devoid of payment. Because Broadbeach, that’s why. If you’ve never been, put in your annual leave RIGHT NOW.
Where: Various Broadbeach venues

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant 
Is there anything better than having the absolute bejesus scared out of you before you’ve even set foot inside a venue? Debatable but not to worry. Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant is beautifully disturbing and filled with otherworldly creatures intent on ensuring your eyes stay wide open throughout the entire show. There’s a ghost train, creepy cocktails, dinner and guaranteed ghouly hilarity.
Where: Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach

Pacific Fair
How pretty is Paccers these days. From water fountains to five star restaurants, there is nothing you cannot find within the recently renovated walls. They aren’t even done yet, there are still stores and food outlets to open and honestly, if there was accommodation there you’d probably move in tomorrow it’s that good. From the highest of high ends to everyone’s favourite homewares store (Kmart) you WILL manage to blow your entire pay packet at Pacific Fair. Soz.
Where: Gold Coast Hwy and Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach

The Star Gold Coast
If you haven’t experienced a night at The Star Gold Coast worth relaying to your grandchildren, are you even a Gold Coast local? Never fear, with all the fun new things happening there these days, you’ll get your chance. Five-star (get it) restaurants, live music, Garden Kitchen & Bar, there are so many things to love. Plus, there’s a rooftop bar/pool in the way of nineteen at The Star. Get it gang.
Where: Casino Drive, Broadbeach

Garden Kitchen & Bar Exterior (image supplied)
Garden Kitchen & Bar Exterior (image supplied)

Broadbeach Bowls Club 
Who doesn’t love a game of good old barefoot bowls with a schooner waiting at each end? Rhetorical obviously. Broadbeach Bowls Club has been around as long as you (longer probs) and loved by locals for just as long. The beers are cold, the ocean breeze is salty and there’s a dinner special almost every day.
Where:169 Surf Pde, Broadbeach

MLK Espresso
Hands down one of the most sweetest spots on the Coast for brunch dates and coffee stops. The goodness starts with the Superfood Salad (it has haloumi), continues with Nutella Martinis and from there, it’s all gravy. The menu – packed with goodness. The coffee – brewed to perfection. The location – listen to those waves a-crashin. The crew – cool as cucumbers (and friendly too). It’s a must visit Coasties.
Where: 2 Queensland Ave, Broadbeach

The Loose Moose
A US-style bar that’s always got a crowd, The Loose Moose is THE place to be for after work drinks or if you’re in need of some mouthwatering comfort food. Think juicy burgers, spicy chicken wings and yummy cocktails to match, not to mention constant good vibes and pumping music. It’s always a fun time at The Loose Moose, put your party pants on and gather the gang.
Where: The Oasis Shopping Centre, Broadbeach

Words by Kirra Smith


The Annual 2021 Cafe Round Up

Eggs Benedict, Espresso Moto Mermaid (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Eggs Benedict, Espresso Moto Mermaid (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

We all might remember 2021 for less than average reasons — but hold that thought. As far as the Gold Coast’s cafe scene is concerned, last year was a tidy little period for some epic joints popping up.

And because we know caffeine and tasty food is a pillar of our fair city, we think you’ll agree a roundup of the best cafe opens of 2021 is going to make for some good reading.

Espresso Moto Mermaid Beach
Not only content with a successful and popular cafe in Palm Beach, the crew behind Espresso Moto’s fun and dedicated efforts thought Mermaid Beach was lacking their presence. And they haven’t looked back since: incredible eats and Allpress coffee for the win!
Where: 1/88 Markeri St, Mermaid Waters

Barefoot Barista Currumbin
Already an institution of incredible eats and damn fine coffee in Palm Beach, the crew here decided that Currumbin Beach needed the same. Wander in straight off the beach and enjoy the spoils, folks.
Where: Shop 1/794 Pacific Pde, Currumbin

Breakfast menu items, Funnybone Coffee (image supplied)
Breakfast menu items, Funnybone Coffee (image supplied)

Helensvale’s The Surrounds Leisure centre cemented its position as a valid lifestyle hub when this modern and minimalistic styled space opened last January. With the brains behind Tugun’s much loved Good Day Coffee behind the venture — and superb Blackboard coffee flowing — this is a cafe that finally gifted the northern Gold Coast a quality spot to sit, sip and relax.
Where: 6 Emerald Dr, Helensvale

Hudson & Rosie’s Table
An ultra-healthy, fine-tuned Asian influenced menu is more than enough reason to visit this Highland Park venue. Oh, and they have some of the best looking and smiliest staff around!
Where: Shop 16/106 Alexander Dr, Highland Park

Main Street Providore
Next time you’ve fulfilled your promise of an early morning hinterland hike, then you should drop by this little hole in the wall delight. Allpress coffee and hand-baked treats aplenty.
Where: Shop 1A/11 Main St, Tamborine Mountain

Seadog in the Park (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

Seadog in the Park
Loveable coffee aficionado Brodie Green caused a sensation when he opened the now much-lauded original Seadog on James Street. A couple of years later, he decided his expert coffee skills needed a tad more greenery and space to be fully enjoyed, and voilà, Burleigh’s best open-air cafe, was born.
Where: Burleigh Heads Bowls Club, 1 Connor Street, Burleigh Heads

Dover’s Drop
Burleigh town is a busy spot these days. Make an effort to seek out this cargo container style kiosk just off Reedy Creek Road and enjoy great coffee, freshly toasted sourdough crumpets, and a bean bag to lounge in the sun!
Where: 7-9 Dover Dr, Burleigh Heads

Papercup Carrara
With more than enough adaptations of acai bowls to keep anyone coming back for more, this small but kiddo friendly space is the perfect place to stay a while — or if you’re in a hurry, grab and go.
Where: 2 Coelia Ct, Carrara

Well Bread & Pastry exterior (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Well Bread & Pastry exterior (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

Well Bread & Pastry
If freshly baked breads and all things delicious don’t tempt you to drop by this Palm Beach gem, then their precisely poured Paradox Roasters coffee will. Order something delish, pull up a seat at their window bar, and watch the world go by without a care.
Where: 6 Fifth Ave, Palm Beach

Zinc Cafe
Kingscliff is an easy and great little road trip from the Gold Coast if you fancy a change of scenery but without a big drive. Just off the sand, Zinc is the perfect place to hit up once you get there, plus you can also snag yourself a table on the adjoining surf clubs balcony for the ultimate view.
Where: 61 Marine Pde, Kingscliff

Cuppa on 41
This tucked-away cafe on Cavill Avenue is a real find. The whole ethos is about community: taking hospitality trainees on as staff and donating leftover food to homeless shelters. Easy on the pocket, there’s great coffee and freshly baked biscuits every day!
Where: 41 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise

Picnic Real Food Bar located in North Stores - Mount Tamborine (Image by Christine Sharp)
Picnic Real Food Bar located in North Stores, Mount Tamborine (Image by Christine Sharp)

Picnic Real Food Bar
Lauded chef and author Brenda Fawdon is the brains behind this cafe come treasure trove of beautiful local produce and sublime coffee. You may think it’s a little out of town, but believe us, it’s worth it.
Where: 46 Main St, Tamborine Mountain

Sweet Bambino
An inventive menu offering in the cosy suburb of Paradise Point. Nestle in with Social Espresso coffee — and a cheeky sweet version of French toast — on relaxed street-side seating and watch the world go by.
Where: 1/46 The Esplanade, Paradise Point

Olive Coffee
This cute as a button cafe is a great place to get into some honest tucker whilst in Surfers Paradise. Besides delectable toasties and sip-worthy frappes, there’s also a charming collection of consumer goods for you to take home.
Where: 3/3046 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise 

Magnolia Lane courtyard (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Magnolia Lane courtyard (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

Magnolia Lane
Sometimes simple things done really, really well are the best type of things. Drop into Magnolia Lane for delectable breakfast favourites like Chilli Scrambled Eggs or a spot of lunch — once you’ve topped up your tan on the gorgeous nearby Burleigh beach, of course.
Where: Shop 6/1863 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads

Raijin Palm Beach
Tucked away on a back street of Palm Beach, this is a cafe with a sophisticated and pioneering Japanese style food menu. You have got to try their Souffle Pancakes, fluffy and lighter than air; they must be tried to be believed.
Where: 2 Fifth Ave, Palm Beach

Canvas Palm Beach
This Nobby Beach institution decided 2021 was the year to expand and move their way down south. This new space is a haven for arty bits and pieces as well as gifts. And let’s not forget a brimming menu and coffee till late.
Where: Shop 3/1328 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach

Aperitivo Cafe & Panini Bar front counter (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Aperitivo Cafe & Panini Bar front counter (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

Genuine Italian style paninis have found their way to Currumbin — and for that, you should be extremely thankful. Daily fresh baked bread and tasty treats collide with superb speciality coffee from Niccolo of Melbourne.
Where: 8 Thrower Dr, Currumbin 

Santa Barbara Speciality Coffee
This Hope Island newbie snuck in right at the end of 2021 and is as aesthetically pleasing as it is brilliant at providing excellent coffee.You also have a chance to grab some appetising provisions before spending a beautiful day on the water.
Where: Shop 1/7/9 Pinnaroo St, Hope Island

A venue with Osaka’s swagger and Tokyo’s charisma, Japanese comfort food comes thick and fast here with a wide selection of tasty —caffeinated and non-caffeinated — iced drinks to boot.
Where: 9/2669 Gold Coast Hwy, Broadbeach

Chilli Crab Scrambled Egg on Croissant, Hazel Espresso (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Chilli Crab Scrambled Egg on Croissant, Hazel Espresso (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

Hazel Espresso
In Southport’s China Town, leafy Davenport Street is where you’ll find this cute cafe that packs a big punch in contemporary Asian fused breakfast/lunch dishes. Order the Chilli Crab Scrambled Eggs and the one-off Hanoi Egg Coffee for an inimitable way to start your day!
Where: 9 Davenport St, Southport

Saint Coffee Collective
Hop off the tram at the Gold Coast University Hospital in Southport and get yourself straight into some expertly poured coffee. Courtesy of Supreme Coffee and barista maestro, Hal Cozens.
Where: Kiosk 1, Gold Coast University Hospital Station, Cnr Hospital Blvd and Parklands Dr, Southport

Sparrow Coffee Nobby Beach
Not to be content with four already seriously successful cafes, Sparrow decided Nobby Beach was missing their brand of top-notch coffee. Download their app and pre-order coffee for pickup: perfect when you’re against the clock.
Where: Shop 3/2215 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Sparrow Coffee Co. Nobby Beach, interior (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Sparrow Coffee Co. Nobby Beach, interior (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

12 Gold Coast spots for coffee with a view

Cafe Catalina, The Broadwater (Image supplied)

There are very few things in the world better than coffee but the experience of consuming the magical liquid can of course be enhanced.

How can it be better I hear you ask? Well, by the location at which you’re consuming it for one thing and drinking more than one cup at a time for another.

In honour of International Coffee Day (October 1st), we’ve collated twelve spots where you can enjoy your cuppa with a view

Quay Street Bar & Cafe
Within the stunning Marine Village at Sanctuary Cove, Quay Street Bar & Cafe is the perfect spot for coffee with a view and a spot of breakfast of course. It’s pet friendly and there’s plenty of high chairs for the babies too.
Where: 48a Quay Street, Sanctuary Cove

Café Catalina
Found on the Broadwater up Southport way, Café Catalina overlooks well, the Broadwater and all the fancy yachts you can never afford. They also have tasty eats and you can take your doggo for a puppychino if that’s his/her thing.
Where: 10/11 Broadwater Parklands, Gold Coast Highway, Southport

Overlooking Surfers Paradise beach and with abundant people watching opportunities, Sandbar is the perfect spot for a coffee or two. In the last year, they’ve had quite the revamp so you can go from breaky to lunch and from coffee to cocktails.
Where: 52 The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise

Nook Espresso, Burleigh (Image supplied)
Nook Espresso, Burleigh (Image supplied)

Lakeview Espresso
A hidden gem in Burleigh Waters, these guys serve up a mean iced latte and the very best of breakfast dishes. Enjoy those delightful things overlooking the lake and usually with a playful pup or two in sight (they’re welcome for breakfast too).
Where: 100 Burleigh Street, Burleigh Waters

Nook Espresso
As Sunday afternoon Burleigh Hill dwellers would say, there’s nothing quite like a beverage overlooking the ocean in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Nook is a takeaway only coffee spot but there are plenty of spots nearby to admire the view and the cuppas are gooooood.
Where: 43 Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads 

Neptune Kiosk
Overlooking the sparkly goodness that is Talle Creek is Bam Bam Bakehouse’s little sister Neptune. She (pretty sure she’s a she) serves epic freshly baked goodies from Bam Bam (he’s a boy) plus of course the caffeiney goods every single day. Stroll on by and pick one up or take a seat and stare at the serenity (unless it’s the weekend then – chaos).
Where: 1527 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach 

Dune Café
Watch the paddleboarders cruise by on Currumbin Creek at hidden paradise Dune Café. It’s nestled inside the park (which is epic by the way) and close to the dog beach and with delicious breakfasts and all the laidback vibes, it’s the perfect spot for a coffee or three.
Where: 945 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach

Saltwater at Currumbin
One of the Coast’s best kept secrets is Saltwater at Currumbin, right on the creek and the perfect spot for a relaxing early morning brew. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can hire a paddle board next door afterwards and cruise through the waterways for the perfect Gold Coast morning. Grab some lunch from Saltwater on the way back too, the food is very good.
Where: Shop 1, 2-4 Thrower Drive, Currumbin

The Salt Mill
Home of the most ridiculous acai bowl selection, Salt Mill serves up some of the best coffees around while also being just a hop, skip and a jump from Currumbin Beach. It’s a little space with a whole lot of soul and it’s extremely loved by those who live close by and visitors from further suburbs.
Where: 784 Pacific Parade, Currumbin

Neptune Kiosk, Tallebudgera Creek (Image supplied)

Kirramisu Café and Restaurant
Just across the way from beautiful Kirra beach is cleverly named venue Kirramisu. Tuck into a tasty feast while sipping on some caffeine and watching the waves roll by. Stay awhile and soak up that salt air then pop over the road for a refreshing dip. How good is life.
Where: 2/28 Musgrave Street, Kirra

Greenmount Kiosk
There’s no doubt Greenmount is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and where better to enjoy a cuppa than overlooking it? Greenmount Kiosk is the perfect spot for that with plenty of tables outside in the sunshine and even more pups to pat. They’ve got some delicious eats too.
Where: Corner of Marine Parade & Hill Street, Coolangatta

Café dbar
One of the best spots on the Coast for surf watching is Café dbar. The cute café doubles as a little art, fashion and homewares store and with two levels, provides plenty of prime viewing positions. You could easily spend the whole day here watching the waves and sipping on lattes.
Where: 275 Boundary Street, Coolangatta 

Words by Kirra Smith

Kirramisu Cafe, Kirra (Image supplied)
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