RSPCA Cupcake Day 2019 on The Gold Coast

Are you ready to get your bake on? RSPCA Cupcake Day will be returning on Monday, August 19! Grab your apron and preheat those ovens – it’s time to take a stand against animal cruelty!

It doesn’t matter if its doughnuts, lamingtons or traditional cupcakes you’re enjoying, the money you raise for Cupcake Day will be helping rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need all over the country.

Cupcake Day is the sweetest opportunity to get together and raise money for animals in need! Whether you’re celebrating Cupcake Day at school, work or at home, it’s the purrfect opportunity to whip out your utensils and bake to fight animal cruelty.

To donate or register to have your very own Cupcake Day event, click here.