• Fox & Hounds, 7 Elevation Drive, Wongawallan, Mount Tamborine QLD 4210


  • PRICE: $95


    6:00pm - 9:45pm

Doctor Who – Murder in the Marketplace

The Fox and Hounds sees one of the most memorable evenings in its long, intriguing history!

Limited to just 18 characters, this very special event will have Dr Who fans in their element.

Transported from England, across the globe to Australia, through use of a H2O scoop by a Judoon Police Chief, you find yourself embroiled in an investigation into black market activity that rapidly changes into a murder investigation!

Nobody is safe, and everybody is searching for answers! Not least of all one of the universe’s most prominent figures 6 times over. Yes, The Doctor is here, more than just once! Whatever has led to this situation, you can bet it’s complicated when nearly half of his incarnations feel the need to poke their nose in.

From villainous rogues with a score to settle, to lost souls willing to do anything to survive, will you be victim, murderer, super-sleuth, or all of the above. Anything’s possible where time travel is involved!

$95 pp including a 4 course dinner and welcome cocktail on arrival.

Bookings are essential so get in quick. Can be booked exclusively by appointment – 5665 7582.